Dominican Republic Shows How An Operation Wetback II Can Be Done

It helps though if a country is not bound by legalities. The Dominican Republic is in a perilous situation, it shares the island of Hispaniola with the failed state of Haiti. Consequently the Dominican Republic is in danger of being overrun by mass illegal immigration from desperate migrants seeking work and welfare. Haiti is one of the worst governed nations in the world, perhaps the worst. Of course, Haitians are responsible for their terrible situation. Haitians executed both their White overlords, then their mulatto rulers, the results of which were the routine collapse of ruling governments. Only the intervention of the United States Marine Corps, effectively a military run state for a number of years, then governance by a competent but brutal rule by the infamous Papa Doc Duvalier, then Baby Doc Duvalier. But once democracy was brought to the Haitian part of Hispaniola, it became a permanently failed black state.

The Very White President Luis Rodolfo Abinader Corona

The situation of mass illegal immigration was unacceptable to Dominican people, and since Dominican politicians don’t hate their own nation and people, nor want them replaced with a hostile racial, ethnic, and linguistic population, the Dominican leaders have reacted, and legal niceties be damned.

The Globohomo press is outraged and shameless baby waving has ensued.

Impoverished Haiti, beset by spreading gang violence, worsening hunger and now cholera, is hemorrhaging refugees.
Its nearest neighbor is responding by tightening its border and stepping up deportations…

The Dominican Republic, with a population of 11 million, is home to more than 500,000 Haitians. The country, more stable and prosperous than its neighbor, deported more than 170,000 people in 2022, government data shows; most were Haitians. That was more than double the number from the year before.

In January, authorities picked up the pace, removing 23,500 more.

“Never before has any government done so much to protect the integrity of the Dominican Republic along its border,” President Luis Abinader told the country’s National Assembly last month, to applause.

Dominican Republic Sending Children, Pregnant Migrants Back To Haiti, By Widlore Mérancourt and Amanda Coletta, WaPo, March 16, 2023

The Dominican government is apparently violating it’s own laws and certain international treaties and conventions, but the Dominican government cares for for the survival of the Dominican people and nation.

They have included hundreds of pregnant women and unaccompanied minors, advocates say, in apparent violation of international conventions and bilateral agreements…

It’s disproportionately affecting “older women, pregnant women, postpartum women and children,” she said, even though they’re supposed to be protected from deportation by Dominican legislation, binational agreements and international conventions.

And the usual claims of racism are involved, as though Dominicans care about such attacks. Dominicans still respect Whiteness and prefer White presenting people, such as Sammy Sosa.

Most of the children had been detained, he says, sometimes for longer than a week. Some had been separated from their parents. Among the deportees, Fortuné says, was a 16-year-old Black girl who had been stopped on her way to school, despite being a Dominican citizen — evidence, he says, of “a racism component” in the removals.

Dominicans Prefer White Over Black, Especially If It Involves Haitians

Besides a political class that does not hate the nation it rules, the Dominican Republic also benefits from the ability to ignore any inconvenient legalities when it comes to deportations, similar to 1950s America, when deportation law was clear and unencumbered by any appeals process. Essentially what President President Luis Abinader is doing today is what President Dwight D. Eisenhower did with Operation Wetback, by sending law enforcement to identify, arrest, and deport illegal aliens without interference by the courts.

And it also highlights the problems that President Trump or President DeSantis will have in the next Presidential term. While both are running on campaigns of mass deportations, that will not be possible in the current legal climate, unless one is willing to go full Andrew Jackson. Instead, the legal regime needs to be changed to enable mass deportations.

Now, there are things a President could do. Force Immigration Judges (IJ) in the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) to actually do their jobs. That means instead of endlessly delaying hearings, actually force illegal aliens and their attorneys to present their case on the first day in court and make a decision that same day. That means the next Administration needs to actually supervise the work of the EOIR and force IJs to do their jobs. There was a half-hearted attempt under Jeff Sessions, but even that was ineffectual. Instead of minor increases in work performance and nice court-like work settings, judges need to be assigned directly to the border, to detention facilities, and to complete cases assigned to them expeditiously.

However, that will not be enough, without an expanded Expedited Removal legal framework, removing 30 million or so illegal aliens will take too long. For the United States to act like the Dominican Republic, a new legal regime of immediate deportation needs to be established, as it existed in the 1950s.

More Evidence On The Failure Of The Biden Plan

Joe Biden thought he could fool the public on immigration. First, his plan was denial, there is no disaster at the border and that lasted for two years. Now the Biden Plan is to solve the zerg rush at the border by either paroling or releasing illegal aliens who appear at the border. The strategy was to reduce the public appearance of illegal immigration by legalizing it or concealing it in the bureaucratic system. That now has failed.

That system fell apart at the weekend as thousands of illegal aliens rushed the bridges over the Rio Grande and stormed Ports-of-Entry (POE) located in El Paso. The locus of the attack appears to be Venezuelans who have been unable to access the Biden Amnesty through the smart phone application, CBP One and obtain their illegal Biden Parole Amnesty.

More evidence of the failure has come out, detailing how Venezuelans are leading the attack on the border.

Jackson Solis, a 23-year-old Venezuelan, was among those who came to the bridge on Sunday to see if the rumor was true.

“We all ran and they put a fence with barbed wire around us. They threw tear gas at us,” he said.

Solis told AFP he had been waiting six months to try to schedule an appointment to apply for asylum in the United States, where he wants to work. Appointments must now be booked through a Customs and Border Protection mobile app that was introduced this year as asylum seekers were required to apply in advance rather than upon arrival.

Rumor Sends Hundreds Of Migrants Rushing For U.S. Border At El Paso, unattributed, CBS News/Yahoo News, March 13, 2023

If the Biden Regime thought that CBP One would end the zerg rush and put immigration on the back burner, they should think again. Record numbers of illegal aliens are transiting the Darien Gap from Columbia to Panama, then onward to Mexico to storm the border again.

Panamanian Police Provide Escort To Illegal Aliens Crossing The Darien Gap

As the number of migrants arriving at Panama’s southern border by traveling through a perilous jungle area known as the Darien Gap has sharply increased, officials met Thursday to roll out a plan to bus migrants close to the country’s northern border.

The decision comes less than a month after dozens were killed in the deadliest migration accident in Panama’s history when a bus headed north fell off a cliff.

Now, officials will temporarily provide buses to transport migrants arriving from the Darien Gap to the Chiriqui province, which borders Costa Rica.

According to government, almost 58,000 migrants mostly from Haiti, Venezuela and Ecuador entered Panama in the first two months of the year through the Darien Gap, a lawless stretch of mountainous jungle.

As Darien Arrivals Grow, Panama Moves Migrants North, unattributed, Reuters/Yahoo News, March 10, 2023

Note that two of the three mentioned nationalities, Haitians and Venezuelans are covered by the Biden Regime Parole Amnesty, but the illegal aliens have decided to make the attempt to enter illegally despite the amnesty. Clearly, the Parole Amnesty is not preventing the zerg rush from continuing.

It looks like immigration will be a major issue in 2024. The only question is will the Republicans use it to their advantage. It looks like Kevin McCarthy is doing nothing to stem the flow by adding language ending the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty to the budget and debt ceiling bills.

It will be up to President Trump and Governor DeSantis to make this an issue.

Biden Border Plan Is In Collapse

The Biden Border plan is to shift illegal immigration from mass numbers of illegal aliens rushing the border to paroling or releasing those same illegal aliens into the United States with employment authorization and access to welfare, preparing the illegals for eventual de facto or legislative amnesty. The legislative amnesty is off the table with the Republican House, but the de facto amnesty remains in play.

All this is allowed by the Jewish Cuban Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas

The Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty hangs by a thread though. The numbers of illegal aliens continues to increase, the parole or catch-and-release amnesty has been declared illegal by a Federal District Court judge in Texas, so the only way for the Biden Regime to survive the border crisis is to lie.

The Lügenpresse is only too happy to run cover for the lies. Just a few days ago the Lying Press, Associated Press in this case, touted that the numbers of border crossers is down significantly, as if the announcements of the parole amnesty convinced millions of illegal aliens enroute through Central America or flying into Mexico from Africa, Asia, and South America were just going to return home and try and use the app to enter, rather than try their luck at the border. Actually luck has nothing to do with it, coyotes who work for the cartels have guaranteed entry to the United States, no matter how many attempts it takes.

A sharp drop in illegal border crossings since December could blunt a Republican point of attack against President Joe Biden as the Democratic leader moves to reshape a broken asylum system that has dogged him and his predecessors.

A new poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research shows some support for changing the number of immigrants and asylum-seekers allowed into the country. About 4 in 10 U.S. adults say the level of immigration and asylum-seekers should be lowered, while about 2 in 10 say they should be higher, according to the poll. About a third want the numbers to remain the same.

The decrease in border crossings followed Biden’s announcement in early January that Mexico would take back Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans and Venezuelans under a pandemic-era rule that denies migrants the right to seek asylum as part of an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19. At the same time, the U.S. agreed to admit up to 30,000 a month of those four nationalities on humanitarian parole if they apply online, enter at an airport and find a financial sponsor.

Plunge In Border Crossings Could Blunt GOP Attack On Biden, by Elliot Spagat, AP, March 7, 2023

Instead, the reality is that the Fiscal Year 2023 is heading to break the record of illegal immigration from the last two fiscal years where over 5 million illegal aliens entered or attempted to enter the United States, with most being released into the United States.

Migrant encounters at the southern border have already surpassed the one million mark for Fiscal Year 2023, multiple Customs and Border Protection (CBP) sources tell Fox News, marking an unprecedented pace for encounters.

As of Friday, the total migrant encounters at the border were at 1,008,217 for the fiscal year, which began in October. Of those, 87.8% were single adults. Just 328,454 were expelled under Title 42 — the pandemic-era protocol that allows border agents to rapidly expel border crossers.

There were more than 1.7 million encounters overall in FY 2021 and over 2.3 million in FY 2022. The first months of FY 2023 have outpaced those of the prior fiscal year. This time last year, numbers for FY22 through March 1 were 839,819 — well under the 1 million mark.

Meanwhile, there have been 354,522 known “gotaways” — illegal immigrants who have evaded Border Patrol agents but have been detected on another form of surveillance. In FY 2022, there were nearly 600,000 gotaways.

Migrant Encounters At Southern Border Hit 1,000,000 Mark For FY 2023, Outpacing Prior Year: Sources, by Adam Shaw, Fox News, February 25, 2023

One may argue that the last few days have educated the illegal aliens and the numbers are dropping. But sadly for the Biden Regime and the Lying Press, reality has struck, and badly. Illegal aliens for whom the CBP One app is not available or not working have decided they are coming in, by hook or by crook, but mostly by violence. In fact, they are reverting to the common tactic that appeared during the early Clinton Regime, rushing the Ports-of-Entry (POE), the facilities where pedestrians and motor vehicles enter the United States from Mexico. Such tactics began in the 90s, but occasionally happened more recently as well under the Obama Regime and the Trump Administration.

Mass Attack On The Border. Note the Mexican Cop Doing Nothing

Sources on the Juarez side of the Paso Del Norte International Bridge tell ABC-7, dozens of migrants are pulling apart barriers and moving concertina wire to make entry into the U.S.

The number of people prompted the closure of the bridge while law enforcement secured the area.

The Mexican National Guard was called to the bridge to help control the group.

A man who had just crossed the bridge tells ABC-7 he heard, “They’re coming, shut it down,” on the agent’s radio.

EL PASO, Texas (KVIA) – A large group of people can be seen at the Paso Del Norte International Bridge, attempting to make entry through the Mexican side of the bridge.

Large Group Of Migrants Attempt To Cross Into The U.S. And Force Closure Of The Paso Del Norte International Bridge, by Yvonne Suarez, KVIA, March 12, 2023

The attack is orchestrated and the Mexican government is allowing it to happen, as groups once repelled by U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officers (CBPO) are allowed by the Mexican government to regroup and attack again or at a different bridge.

Repeated Attacks Are Allowed By The Mexican Government

And the Biden Regime is doing nothing to force Mexico to prevent the attacks. This consists of aiding an enemy to wage an undeclared war on the United States, it is the very definition of treason.

Time to impeach Biden!

Worse yet, the Biden Regime is allowing other groups of illegal aliens to zerg rush the border by crossing the Rio Grande as well as rushing the POEs.

Enforcement Works; Operation Wetback Tunisian Style

Enforcement works, that is why the open borders radicals don’t want any enforcement. And the best enforcement is vigorous and very public. We learned that lesson during Operation Wetback under President Dwight D. Eisenhower. If more proof was needed, we can thank the President of Tunisia, Kais Saied, long may he rule. He became aware of the plan by the globalists to transform Tunisia from a mainly White Arabic speaking nation descendent from Berbers, Vandals, Phoenicians, and Libyans into a nation transformed into a nation of black immigrants. President Saied acted quickly and decreed that all illegal aliens must leave.

Hero Of The Maghreb, President Kais Saied

Tunisian officials and the military leapt into action and the deportations commenced. Patriotic Tunisians saw the danger as well, and worked to identify illegal aliens, mostly blacks, and forced the illegals out of illegally held jobs and from housing.

This was similar to what the American Operation Wetback achieved, with for every illegal alien arrested and deported, a dozen or more illegal aliens did the Mitt Romney, self-deported.

Around 300 nationals of Ivory Coast and Mali were to be flown home from Tunisia on Saturday, fearful of a wave of violence against sub-Saharan migrants since President Kais Saied delivered a controversial tirade against them last month.

In his February 21 speech, Saied ordered officials to take “urgent measures” to tackle irregular migration, claiming without evidence that “a criminal plot” was underway “to change Tunisia’s demographic makeup”.

Saied charged that migrants were behind most crime in the North African country, fueling a spate of sackings, evictions and physical attacks against the community.

Hundreds Of Fearful Sub-Saharan Migrants Flee Tunisia, unattributed, Agence France Press/France 24, March 4, 2023

Most importantly though, the Tunisian people know the threat and have acted in concert with their government, which apparently does not hate its own population.

Since Saied gave his speech, rights groups have reported a spike in vigilante violence including stabbings of sub-Saharan Africans.

Jean Bedel Gnabli, deputy head of an association for sub-Saharan migrants, said the whole community was living in fear.

“They feel like they’ve been handed over to mob justice.”

Migrants whose countries have embassies in Tunisia rushed to them seeking assistance.

The lesson here is that obviously limited numbers of government employees can only do so much. The total number of Federal law enforcement officers, much less the number of agents and officers of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in law enforcement components, is smaller than the New York City Police Department.

Even if President Trump could get a new Operation Wetback up and running, as well as create the legal framework for immediate deportation of illegal aliens, the people of the United States would be needed to assist. Think of it as a national Vigilance Committee or an immigration enforcement militia, acting to support DHS officers and agents executing their duties removing millions of illegal aliens, most of which can be sent to Mexico, mostly because Mexicans are the largest illegal alien population, but also most other illegal aliens entered from Mexico, which makes them legally and morally Mexico’s problem, not ours.

Of course, we would also expect nations with illegals here to act as above, with nations that send illegal aliens organizing commercial and charter airplanes to transport their nationals who want to self-deport.

President Saied shows how it can be done. It might not be pretty, but it must be done. Future generations will be grateful. Of course, we want to avoid violence, but I think the above claims of intimidation and violence are the creations of the Lying Press.

Operation Wetback II? Unlikely, But There Are Options For President Trump

In typical Trumpian fashion, Donald Trump has promised, once again, what he did not do during his first term, mass public deportation of large numbers of illegal aliens, an Operation Wetback II. Then it was a deportation force. It appeared that Donald Trump did not know that there was already a Federal agency, in fact, three Federal agencies, the U.S. Border Patrol (USBP), U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Special Victims Unit (ICE SVU), and ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ICE ERO). But even with three components of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), there was no Operation Wetback II instituted. At first, ICE ERO started, half-heartedly, making arrests. The USBP was already busy at the border, but was not assigned, for some strange reason, to resume interior enforcement like Area Control and City Patrol, and ICE SVU just told President Trump to f**k off. [ICE SVU Insubordinate Leadership Attacks Trump, by Federale, VDare, June 29, 2018]

I advised President Trump what options he had and how he could force the bureaucracy to implement mass deportations, but he did not listen. [President Trump Will Have Foes In Immigration Bureaucracy—But Also Friends. They Can Help Him Win, by Federale, VDare, April 25, 2016] The result was that there was no significant change in either deportations from the interior. Most was due to Deep State saboteurs like Lady DACA, Elaine Duke, Ladyboy DACA, and John Kelly. Trump is, of course, responsible for those whom he appointed to serve him, but the saboteurs also exploited his ignorance of how the bureaucracies actually work, or not work.

But then, and more importantly now, there is another problem with implementing Operation Wetback II. The original Operation Wetback was implemented by President Dwight D. Eisenhower after appointing a head of the legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) with the intent of circumventing corruption, incompetence, and sabotage by the entrenched bureaucrats, INS District Directors (DD), the highest level of manager in the field for the INS. On the borders, DDs directed all interior enforcement, either by Border Patrol Agents (BPA) or INS Special Agents (SA) and Deportation Officers (DO).

President Eisenhower appointed Jumpin’ Joe Swing, a fellow U.S. Army general, to head the INS, clean out the corruption, and conduct a program of mass deportation of illegal aliens, Operation Wetback. However, Operation Wetback had a significant advantage that President Trump’s plan for a Operation Wetback II does not have, the legal climate to actually conduct mass deportations of illegal aliens without interference from Federal kritarchs and from the legal appeals process that illegal aliens now enjoy, a legal process that was unavailable to them in the 1950s, in fact, anytime before 1983 there was essentially no appellate system for illegal aliens outside of an administrative system only used at the discretion of the Service.

After 1983, an at first extra-legal system was created by mere administrative imposition by the Attorney General, the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR), then by statutory acquiescence by Congress to whole rotten system, with the result being that a monster was created that effectively prevent the large scale deportation of illegal aliens, with each deportation being an extended exercise in multiple appeals to the EOIR and the Federal courts. All quite the opposite of what happened in the 1950s, expeditious identification, arrest, and deportation of over 1 million illegal aliens in as little as a year, with millions more frightened into leaving on their own accord, self-deportation.

With kritarchy, both from the Federal bench and the EOIR, there is no chance of an Operation Wetback II, unless Donald Trump will be the new Andrew Jackson, ignoring any court orders thwarting mass roundups and deportation of illegal aliens.

Or a newly reelected President Trump taking the necessary action to obtain statutory changes to the current system, abolishing the EOIR and prohibiting review of deportation orders by the Federal kritarchy. That will be difficult, though recommended for the Constitution grants authority over immigration to the Article I power, Congress. Only a statute can guarantee that administrative and judicial sabotage are prevented. And the course is to expand Expedited Removal to all aliens other than Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR), green card holders.

Donald Trump needs to buckle down though. He needs more than rhetoric; he needs to build the public case for abolishing the convoluted appeals process that has millions of illegal aliens in an appeals system and he needs to take the action he can to force the bureaucracy to get into the field and make arrests, lots of arrests, he did it before, but it needs statutory changes to enable a true Operation Wetback II. Sabotage will happen again, and Trump needs to be ready on the administrative side as it will be more than the kritarchs resisting his demands for more arrests.

Japan Must Have Nukes To Protect Itself From The Alliance Of Globohomo And Red China

Communist China is on the warpath against the Land of the Rising Sun, military conflict either directly between the Empire of Japan and Red China, either directly over China’s plan to conquer the Ryukyu Islands, the Okinawan chain, or over the former Imperial Japanese territory of Taiwan, all part of Red China’s ambition to establish a new East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere with itself as the center, a Middle Kingdom if you will.

Also targeting Japan is Globohomo, with its mouthpiece, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, demanding Japan knuckle under and legalize transgenderism and homosexual marriage.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., is coming under fire after she called out Japan for not being tolerant enough during a congressional trip to Asia.

Ocasio-Cortez targeted Japan in an almost 40-minute-long Instagram video, during which she said that she was shocked at “very discriminatory” comments from a member of the Japanese government on the LGBT community.

“There was a member of the Japanese administration that was caught in off-the-record comments making very discriminatory statements about LGBT people,” she explained in an Instagram video that she streamed live on Monday.

AOC Rebuked For ‘Demanding’ Japan ‘Embrace LGBTQ Alphabet Wokeness’ During Controversial Asia Trip, by Jeffry Clark, February 24, 2023

The back story is that a senior bureaucrat in the Prime Minister’s Office expressed his quite common sense distaste for homosexuals and their degeneracy.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on Saturday fired a close aide over discriminatory remarks about sexual minorities, as the Japanese leader hoped to put yet another scandal in his inner circle behind him.

Masayoshi Arai, an elite bureaucrat who served as executive secretary to the prime minister, had said he would “not want to live next door” to an LGBTQ couple and that he would “hate even to see them.” Arai quickly retracted the comments Friday after they were made public by the media.

However, Kishida told reporters Saturday that he took the issue “very seriously.” Sadanori Ito, director of the economy ministry’s personnel division, will take Arai’s post.

“The remarks were outrageous and completely out of line with the Cabinet’s approach to respecting diversity and creating an inclusive society,” Kishida said.

Kishida Fires Senior Aide Over Homophobic Comments, unattributed, The Japan Times, February 5, 2023

But at the same time Japan is refusing to legalize homosexual marriage after various attempts to impose it by using the kritarchy failed.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said the country’s ban on same-sex marriage is not discriminatory, insisting that constitutional freedom of marriage only envisions heterosexual unions, a comment that triggered criticism he is backtracking despite his recent apology and meeting with LGBTQ people.

Kishida’s governing Liberal Democratic Party, known for its conservative family values and reluctance to promote gender equality and sexual diversity, is virtually the main opposition to legalization of same-sex marriage and other measures of equality for LGBTQ people.

Asked by an opposition lawmaker at Tuesday’s parliamentary budget committee if he thinks a same-sex marriage ban constitutes discrimination, Kishida said “I don’t think disallowing same-sex couples to marry is unjust discrimination by the state.”

Japan PM: Ban On Same-Sex Marriage Not Discrimination, by Mari Yamaguchi, Associated Press/ABC News, March 1, 2023

Those in the know about how Japanese politics works realize that the resignation of the senior bureaucrat was not a real resignation, but a reassignment, and an apology for embarrassing one’s daimyo, not a surrender to Globohomo. Japan is quietly resisting Globohomo, but quietly because Japan knows the power of the Jewish controlled international media. They received a lesson on Globohomo power when a major Japanese magazine, Marco Polo, was shut down under for challenging the Neo-Liberal party line on the Second World War.

Japan does not want to surrender, but it also does not want to provoke that particular enemy while they are dealing with Red China. It is also considered rude in Japanese culture to publicly disagree, with even an enemy, so Bureaucrat Arai publicly committed seppuku to give his Shogun maneuvering room in the dual conflict Japan has with Globohomo and Red China. Remember, the Chinese have never forgiven Japan for when the Emperor of Japan addressed the Chinese Emperor as an equal in the famous letter from the Land of the Rising Sun to the Land of the Setting Sun. Nor have the Jews forgiven Japan for siding with National Socialist Germany in the late unpleasantness.

There is a reason Japan is being ever so Japanese at the moment, Japan’s military is inadequate to defend itself against the immediate military threat, Red China, and the long-term threat, Globohomo. Japan has turned to American defense contractors to improve its capacity against China, mainly F-35 fifth generation stealth fighters and conventionally armed Tomahawk cruise missiles, but also building its own sixth generation stealth fighter as well as expanding its Imperial Navy with the first of many and larger aircraft carriers, as well as indigenous intermediate range ballistic missiles (IRBM).

However, to defeat Globohomo and Red China, Japan needs the bomb. Conventionally armed ballistic and cruise missiles are no threat to the Chinese army, only the Chinese navy is vulnerable to any weapon Japan has or plans for the near future. Red China has a large cache of nuclear weapons, as does North Korea. South Korea is already working on obtaining nuclear weapons and given Korea’s large nuclear power industry, should be able to quickly build working nuclear weapons. Japan must match both Koreas, and have enough nuclear weapons to stave off any attack or threat of attack by Red China. Think Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) that keep the Cold War from going nuclear hot.

And the bomb will prevent what happened to Saddam Hussein, Ukraine, and Muhammar Khaddaffi. No color revolution if you have nukes.

Fortunately, nuclear weapons are relatively cheap, and Japan only needs IRBMs launched from land, as well as cruise and ballistic missiles launched mainly, though not exclusively, from submarines. In addition to submarines, cruise missiles can be launched from surface ships, which can be massed outside of the range of the Peoples Liberation Army Navy (PLAN), well east of the Home Islands, think ships and submarines located in the Iwo Jima area, all able to hit all the population centers of Han China, which are all conveniently located well within range of a renewed Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) dominating the Pacific Ocean from Guam to Iwo Jima to the Marshal Islands. That is much too large an area for the PLAN to patrol, much less fight in effectively.

Besides nuclear weapons, Japan does need something else, children. The population crisis continues, and Japan would be well advised to subsidize and encourage marriage and childbearing, as Hungary has shown can be successfully done. Consider it the Sailer Strategy of Affordable Family Formation, all for Emperor and Nation.

For the moment though, Japan walks a dangerous course between the Scylla or Red China and Charybdis Globohomo, it must deal with both cultural extinction threatened by Globohomo and the physical extermination threatened by Red China. Neither is acceptable to the Japanese. Shogun Kishida has a dangerous course, he should look to his predecessor, Shogun Abe for the course to be taken.

Biden Regime Ostensibly Adopting Trump Asylum Policies, Open Borders Advocates Don’t Get The Plan

The Biden Regime has been caught with their pants down on the border. There is nothing but bad news as fraudulent claims that their pivot to enforcement and a crackdown on the border is “producing results” dominate the news. Instead, the first two quarters of Fiscal Year 2023 have record numbers of illegal aliens crossing the border, over 1 million arrested, surrendered, or got away.

In fact, the whole plan is a bait-and-switch, illegal aliens turned away or discouraged from attempting illegal entry are either just being admitted, most of those who are not Venezuelan, Nicaraguan, Cuban, or Haitian, while that quartet are being advised to wait in their home countries, in safe third countries, or in Mexico for the parole amnesty.

The boob-bait-for-bubbas is that the Biden Regime is adopting the Safe Third Country protocol for asylum applicants, whereby if an alien enters the United States and then claims asylum, but traveled through a safe third country, like Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Brazil, Colombia, etc., that alien will be denied asylum and then removed, usually back to Mexico if they entered through there.

The Biden administration is barreling towards a legal fight with immigration groups after rolling out a new asylum policy similar to a Trump-era directive already struck down by the courts.

The tussle between the administration and its would-be allies on immigration has been brewing for years, but it hit a head Tuesday, when the administration unveiled a proposed rule taking two big hits at the asylum system.

The proposal from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) seeks to geographically contain asylum-seekers by pushing them to pursue protection in another country along their journey.

It also restricts where those who arrive at the U.S. border can make the claim — barring the process for those crossing between ports while also imposing new limitations for those who present themselves at official points of entry.

Advocates Say Biden’s Asylum Rule Is A Trump Deja Vu, by Rebecca Beitsch, The Hill/Yahoo News, February 25, 2023

It appears that the radical open borders advocates don’t get the program. Either they are not that bright, or are just mau mauing the flak catchers. The end result of the Biden Parole Amnesty is that all those who want to get in, will get in, it is just that members of the quartet must go through the motions of applying for parole. But, the Biden Regime has reserved to itself the right to allow in even quartet members who enter illegally if they can’t find a sponsor, or otherwise have extenuating circumstances.

It may be that the lawsuits filed by the open borders advocates will be counter productive. This could spur the courts to see the scam that the Biden Regime is running with their parole amnesty, which is already under legal assault.

Worse yet, the open borders advocates are on poor legal footing on the issue. The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) clearly states that the President has the authority to place conditions and restrictions on all classes of aliens seeking admission, including refugees.

(f) Suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by President
Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate. Whenever the Attorney General finds that a commercial airline has failed to comply with regulations of the Attorney General relating to requirements of airlines for the detection of fraudulent documents used by passengers traveling to the United States (including the training of personnel in such detection), the Attorney General may suspend the entry of some or all aliens transported to the United States by such airline.

Title 8 United States Code, Aliens And Nationality, Section 1182, Inadmissible Aliens, unattributed,, undated

But the radical left open borders advocates are not backing down and have threatened lawsuits which they think will be successful.

“The additional requirements suggested by the proposed rule would not be consistent with our domestic or international asylum laws. So if this rule is enacted, we will be back in court,” Gelernt said.

But the real motive behind their lawsuit is not protecting legitimate asylum seekers, of which 99% are fraudulent, but opening up the borders to more third world immigration.

Advocates and many Democrats view asylum as a legitimate tool for migrants to seek refuge in the United States, whether or not they fit the traditional definition of asylum-seekers and refugees.

And there is the key phrase, “whether or not they fit the traditional definition of asylum-seekers and refugees.” By “traditional definition” they admit that those claiming asylum do not meet the legal definition of asylee or refugee. That is the crux of the issue. The open borders advocates want fraudulent asylees and refugees admitted to the United States. Since the legal definition of an asylee or a refugee is not met, that being an alien who is fleeing a fear of persecution by the government of their country of nationality or last residence, they effectively want open borders. It is an admission that refugee and asylum programs are nothing more than legal fictions disguising an open border.

Super Bowl LVIII Has Come And Gone And ICE SVU Took Credit And Did Nothing

Another Super Bowl has come and gone with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Special Victims Unit (SVU) taking all the credit for doing nothing other than enforcing the National Football League’s (NFL) intellectual property, i.e. arresting illegal vendors selling knock-off NFL merchandise. Of course, there were no immigration arrests, but ICE SVU is focused like a laser on poaching arrests from locals and publicity from the United States Secret Service (USSS).

It is not commonly known, but the USSS, known as the SS among their law enforcement friends, is responsible for managing security for important national events, including the Super Bowl. However, since ICE SVU does not want to arrest any of the 20-30 million illegal aliens in the United States, they need something to occupy their time. Usually ICE SVU is content sitting in their offices doing whatever they do to occupy their time, usually taking credit for someone else’s arrests, but also playing battle rattle cosplay, which is likely the only thing they do. ICE SVU really likes playing dress-up.

But they actually made some arrests, poor slobs hawking knockoffs from Red China, but they were also taking credit for the work of others. Most of the sexy security support, like air assets on one hand and technical support like nuclear, chemical, and biological expertise was provided by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Air and Marine Operations (AMO), or other Federal agencies, but most of the uniformed security was provided by various Arizona law enforcement agencies.

But ICE SVU does nothing better than take credit for the work of others.

Buffoonish Scott Brown, ICE SVU Special Agent-in-Charge

Scott Brown, Special Agent-in-Charge of ICE SVU Arizona, says that Super Bowl Sunday was a good regular day. But for ICE SVU a good regular day means no immigration arrests. And Brown accomplished this, while at the same time preening for the camera, slick videos showing body armor, raid jackets, guns, and even CBP AMO’s helicopters.

That seems to be the pattern for ICE SVU, too much time on their hands, plenty of time to make videos, but not to arrest illegal aliens.

ICE SVU Cosplay

And dress up is what ICE SVU does best, even the girls.

As usual, most of what ICE SVU claimed they did was a lie. ICE SVU has no real capacity, with the exception of their SWAT teams, which are not going around raiding Mexican cartel drug dealers, but providing a duplication of SS and Federal Bureau of Investigations Hostage Rescue Team (FBI HRT), Arizona State Police SWAT teams, and Phoenix Police Department SWAT teams. There must have been more SWAT teams in the stadium than paying fans.

But back to the lies and misleading statements.

These included more than 600 personnel providing extensive air security resources; venue, cyber and infrastructure security assessments; chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosives detection technologies; intelligence analysis and threat assessments; intellectual property enforcement; and real-time situational awareness reporting for other law enforcement agencies.

Super Bowl 57: How HSI Is Leading The Way In Security, unattributed, ICE SVU Press Release, undated

It is neatly implied that ICE SVU has a team of experts in chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosives detection technologies. Well, no. That is a lie. Just as they lied about air security resources, which are provided by CBP, with the real expertise in nuclear, chemical, and biological detection and response provided by the Department of Defense (DOD) Joint Task Force-Civil Support (JTF-CS), other Department of Homeland Security (DHS) components, and the Department of Energy Nuclear Emergency Support Team (DOE NEST).

ICE SVU is so desperate to deflect from the dereliction of their duty to enforce the immigration laws of the United States that any lie or exaggeration will do. President Ron DeSantis will have work to do, fortunately I have some good advice for him on how to handle ICE SVU and other recalcitrant Deep State actors.

Biden Regime Begging Mexico To Accept Back Third Country Deportees To Support The Parole Amnesty

The Biden Regime is in a bind, the big plan is to create a parallel immigration system to the current legal immigration system but the zerg rush at the border has made the first plan, just let everyone in, too politically costly to continue. Instead, the Biden Regime is attempting to coop Mexico into the new expanded parole amnesty by asking Mexico to accept back for deportation the third-country nationals that Mexico allows to enter its territory for onward movement to the United States. Likely the Biden Regime is promising Mexico some participation of its citizens in the parole amnesty.

The problem of unsightly masses of non-Mexicans rushing the border will be solved by having Mexico accept back for deportation a portion of the illegal entrants that are not just released into the United States, while the United States makes those third-country nationals removed to Mexico eligible for the parole amnesty, ensuring that they do not remain long in Mexico.

The Biden administration is negotiating an agreement with Mexico that could allow U.S. authorities to carry out large-scale deportations of non-Mexicans back across the border for the first time, according to four current and former U.S. officials familiar with the discussions.

Biden Weighs Border Deal That Would Deport Non-Mexicans To Mexico, By Nick Miroff, Maria Sacchetti and Kevin Sieff, WaPo, February 8, 2023

But accompanying this deportation scheme will be a parallel immigration system based on parole.

With pandemic-related emergency border restrictions scheduled to expire this spring and immigration legislation stalled in Congress, Biden officials are moving to implement a new enforcement model ahead of the presidential election. Their plan would permit hundreds of thousands of migrants to enter the United States lawfully, while threatening severe consequences for those who don’t follow the rules.

The real question is why is the Biden Regime negotiating with Mexico? While Mexico has a law that says third-country nationals cannot be deported to Mexico, the United States holds the cards in this relationship. If Mexico refuses to take back third-country nationals whom enter the United States from Mexico, the United States can retaliate by closing the land border or air border to Mexicans. It is a net negative for the United States to allow Mexicans access to land border crossings, only a few border merchants in the United States benefit, while the land border crossings are the primary source of drugs and a major source of illegal immigration. Mexican nationals who live in Mexican border communities are heavily dependent on the United States for medical care, welfare, schools, and employment, most of it illegal.

The United States could unilaterally impose deportation of third-country nationals to Mexico and there is nothing Mexico can do about it. If they refuse entry, then we just refuse entry to all Mexicans with Border Crossing Cards (BCC). The Mexican government would immediately cave, and even if they did not, the United States would save hundreds of millions of dollars that go to Mexican illegals who use BCCs to illegally obtain welfare, schooling, employment, and medical care in American border communities.

But in the end, the Biden Regime is not serious about the deportations, other than a distraction from their parole amnesty. Any deportations to Mexico will only be a cover for the expanded implementation of a permanent parole amnesty.

DHS officials declined to respond to questions about talks with Mexico. But the deportations would be carried out using the fast-track process known as “expedited removal,” according to the Federal Register Notices and officials with knowledge of the plans who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss them publicly. The notices issued by the DHS last month make multiple references to Mexico accepting U.S. “removals,” the government’s term for deportations, when pandemic-related Title 42 border restrictions expire.

But the plan is even more of a farce, in that only citizens of four nations will be deported to Mexico; Venezuelans, Cubans, Nicaraguans, and Haitians.

An administration official said Wednesday that removals to Mexico would be limited to Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans and Venezuelans, as stated in the notices, primarily when U.S. authorities are unable to send deportees to their home countries.

Everyone else; Chinese, Indians, Africans, Brazilians, etc. will be released into the United States. Clearly the ostentatious use of Expedited Removal of third-country nationals to Mexico is only for public relations. The zerg rush will continue in the case of everyone other than Venezuelans, Cubans, Haitians, and Nicaraguans. Everyone other than those four nationalities will be paroled upon arrival in the United States after crossing illegally, while the favored four will get parole before they arrive at the border so they can fly to the United States in comfort.

Biden officials say fast-track deportations are needed to steer migrants toward new legal pathways and away from predatory smugglers. Applicants are directed to an online app, CBP One, allowing them to schedule an asylum appointment at a U.S. port of entry or seek a two-year permit to live and work in the United States through the parole process.

They are not even trying to hide it. A parallel immigration system has been created based on parole, which has no basis in law. The House must impeach both Biden and Alexandro Mayorkas. And President DeSantis must arrest and prosecute both for alien smuggling!

Biden Regime Writing Asylum Law Changes, Unilateral Implementation Threatened

The asylum fiasco at the border and the various illegal Biden Regime Administrative Amnesties are wearing on the popularity of our senile fraudulently elected President. The Regime is quietly implementing many aspects of the Trump policies on the border, including a safe-third-country requirement to the current asylum application and suddenly endorsing the Federale solution to the border, Expedited Removal (ER). Concurrently the illegal Biden Regime is quietly letting it be known that they have a legislative proposal in the drafting stage deep in the bowels of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) policy development offices.

The proposal is a bait-and-switch, promising custody and quick removal by ER based on citizenship and the asylum approval rate; i.e. Chinese asylum claimants will be released or even put up in a comfy hotel based on high levels of asylum approval while Hondurans will get jailed, then removed under ER.

U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration is developing a sweeping bill that would revamp the country’s asylum system to speed up the resolution of claims in large-scale processing centers at the border with Mexico, two U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials told Reuters.

U.S. Officials Prepping Legislation To Revamp Asylum System, by Ted Hesson, Reuters, February 9, 2023

Ostensibly reasonable, use a triage system to weed out the worst of the lies and concentrate on adjudicating the most likely asylum claims to be approved. But the devil is in the details. What is being presented as a reasonable compromise has its own problems, mostly because the lie in immigration bills is based on some sort of trade off, as the 1986 Amnesty was presented; trade amnesty for less than a million in exchange for future enforcement. What happened was no funding for the future enforcement and the number more than doubled to more than three million amnesty recipients, half or more of whom were fraudulent.

Here we get the promise of a compromise.

Those with better chances would potentially be housed in apartments or less restrictive settings than a detention center, the two officials said. Migrants deemed less likely to win asylum could be processed and deported quickly. In the 2022 fiscal year, for example, 53% of Chinese asylum seekers won their cases in immigration court while only 8% of Hondurans did, according to government data.

The reality is that the DHS has not defined what will be level of historic approval which will result in the free apartment and kid glove treatment versus jail and deportation. Will it be 50% approval rate, 25% approval rate, likely only outliers like Hondurans will get the ER treatment, while the 99% of other asylum applicants will get the free hotel or apartment.

Worse yet, the Biden Regime already has a Administrative Amnesty for asylum seekers, much like the previous Obama Regime Asylum Amnesty, being implemented, basically just approving every application by the Deep State hacks in the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Office of Asylum.

The real issue is that these asylum changes will just be implemented without legislation using the Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA) precedent. DACA bills were constantly failing, as this bill will, so Barack Hussein Obama created the first formal Administrative Amnesty, implementing the failed DACA legislation by administrative fiat. Nothing to stop the Biden Regime going in that direction when the bill fails in the Republican House.

At this point, the Biden Regime is just going through the motions of proposing legislation. Whether it be student loan forgiveness or various Administrative Amnesties, the Biden Regime has never let a lack of lawful authority keep it from doing something.