Confirmed, The FBI Is The New KGB, Targeting Patriots

In a clearly unaware article endorsing the political persecution of Patriot Front by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Rolling Stone has confirmed that the FBI is now a politically motivated terror organization little different from the organs of state security from the old Soviet Union. Whether you call it the Cheka, GPU, NKVD, or KGB, the political police of the Soviet Union was tasked with identifying and eliminating the opponents, real or imagined, of the Communist Party and the Soviet State. Similarly, the FBI is now acting as a political police defending the Democrat Party and the ideology of the radical left. The only difference is that the FBI is not shooting opponents, at least not yet. Though that is likely in the plans. Remember what happened to Vicky Weaver and what happened at Waco? Deliberately shooting an unarmed women and children is what FBI snipers and agents do.

The article has revealed that the FBI has been illegally tracking, and likely infiltrating, Patriot Front for over a year merely for their political opinions. The FBI then shared their information with local police, who planned to arrest Patriot Front members for the crime of protesting the systematic molestation and abuse of children by homosexual activists.

There is no legal authority for any investigations of Patriot Front or other patriot groups. While there is a claim that numerous groups were planning or discussing violence, there is no evidence of that, while at the same time the FBI refused to investigate actual violence by Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) terrorists, even denying that Antifa is an organization at all.

In a major blunder, Rolling Stone and a left-wing think tank, have obtained and released documents confirming that Patriot Front was targeted by the FBI and later by Idaho law enforcement agencies, solely because of their political opinions expressed in stickers and flyers placed in public places.

Only two persons has ever been arrested in the United States for placing a sticker on public property, one is the leader of Patriot Front, Thomas Rousseau. The case was eventually dropped as the offense was not ever prosecuted before Rousseau’s arrest. Similarly, the second case was also dropped based on the fact that the jurisdiction where the stickering case was brought had never prosecuted such a case, violating the long held legal principal of desuetude, a law which has long been ignored by prosecuting authorities cannot be revived. Also unlawful is prosecuting, or even investigating, a person or group, for their political beliefs.

New documents show how Idaho cops and FBI agents were tracking white nationalists from Patriot Front months before the group was arrested this month for allegedly conspiring to attack a local LGBT Pride event in Coeur d’Alene.

Emails obtained through records requests by Property of the People, a Washington, DC-based transparency nonprofit, demonstrate that FBI agents in the area both reported and were updated on Patriot Front-related acts of vandalism as far back as August 2021. Those agents also helped Coeur d’Alene police prepare for Patriot Front’s alleged conspiracy to riot at a June Pride event, when local law enforcement arrested 31 members of the group.

FBI Eyed White Nationalist ‘Patriot Front’ for a Year, Documents Show, By Adam Rawnsley & Asawin Suebsaeng, Rolling Stone, June 28, 2022

Patriot Front was illegally surveilled by the FBI for over a year, but likely the FBI has been conducting illegal surveillance of Patriot Front and others for much longer.

The FBI is prevented by law for investigating a person or group for exercising a Constitutional right, including engaging in political speech and public demonstrations against government policies, such as allowing homosexuals to propagandize children in public parks, and, by the way, expose genitals to children, as happened in Coeur d’Alene.

The illegal surveillance was even coordinated with the City of Coeur d’Alene and various Idaho law enforcement agencies, all based on alleged complaints about Patriot Front expressing their political beliefs with stickers and flyers. Distributing flyers is not illegal, and since Coeur d’Alene does not actually enforce any law against stickers on public property, any “complaints” from the public should have been ignored at worst and the “complainants” informed that no crime occurred at best. It is analogous to public complaints about the open carry of firearms where that is legal. The proper response of the police to the public carrying of firearms is to inform the complainant that open carry is legal.

The complaints likely don’t exist, as the Coeur d’Alene police also publicly claimed that Patriot Front members were only arrested after a 911 call reporting men in a U-Haul truck. But we now know that Coeur d’Alene Police Chief lied to the public about that complaint being the basis for arrests and that there was illegal surveillance and infiltration of Patriot Front leading to the arrests.

However, the FBI and local police decided to target Patriot Front for their peaceable exercise of their First Amendment rights by passing out flyers.

For at least a year before the arrests, FBI agents in the area were aware of the Patriot Front’s activities in Coeur d’Alene, according to emails from city officials and law enforcement.

In August of 2021, residents of the Coeur d’Alene metropolitan area began complaining about the appearance of Patriot Front propaganda posters around the city, prompting Coeur d’Alene Mayor Steve Widmyer to ask police to investigate.

“We need to catch these people. Disgusting,” Widmyer wrote in one August 2021 email.

When a public official targets an American for arrest and prosecution because they object to that American’s expression of protected speech, that is a crime itself, it is called a civil rights violation and Mayor Steve Widmyer, the police officers involved, and FBI Supervisory Senior Resident Agent Zach Schoffstall should all be investigated, arrested, and prosecuted for violations of Title 18 United States Code (USC) Section 241, Conspiracy Against Rights, Section 242, Deprivation Of Rights Under Color Of Law, and Section 245, Federally Protected Activities.

Also liable is Schoffstall’s supervisor, Dennis Rice, Special Agent-in-Charge of the FBI Salt Lake City Field Office, who would have opened, assigned, approved, and reviewed the illegal investigations of Patriot Front.

Dennis Rice, American Chekist

This conspiracy against the rights of Patriot Front and their members is being led by the FBI, with agents assigned to follow Patriot Front members who were distributing political pamphlets.

The FBI had warned local police about the activity before. In a list of Patriot Front-related vandalism incidents, local police noted that the FBI had reported “two males” who they “reported walking up and down 4th St putting propaganda stickers on light poles that read ‘for the nation against the state,’” alongside Patriot Front’s website address. The feds were “Unable to locate the individuals involved,” according to call notes associated with the incident.

Now, the FBI will claim that stickering and vandalism is the predicate for surveilling Patriot Front. However, neither are Federal crimes and are, in fact, protected political speech when the laws are not enforced except when subjects are targeted because of the expressive nature of the act. For instance, Patriot Front has vandalized with graffiti memorials to the criminal George Floyd. Where those memorials were vandalized, there is no prosecution of those who commit the “crime” of graffiti or stickers.

Most urban areas of the United States are covered in graffiti and stickers, the “crime” is never prosecuted, and likely has never been prosecuted in Coeur d’Alene. Certainly no one from Antifa or BLM have ever been prosecuted for handing out graffiti or stickering. Nor has the FBI ever conducted physical surveillance of BLM or Antifa terrorists who distribute flyers.

Here is an analysis of the basis of FBI predicates for “assessments” which are in practice open ended investigations with no basis in any Federal criminal act. In fact, neither assessments nor investigations are allowed based on Constitutionally protected speech, which is what the FBI agents were doing when they followed Patriot Front members distributing flyers.

In any event, the Privacy Act of 1974 prohibits the collection and maintenance of any records about an American based on their exercise of their rights under the Constitution. And in this case, the FBI is maintaining a system of records about Patriot Front based on their protected speech.

The FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ) are claiming that Patriot Front is a criminal organization and engaged in violence, which is not true, as the only violence at Patriot Front events is directed by terrorists like Antifa against Patriot Front.

“They are actively providing information to local law enforcement so they can intercede to ensure the health and safety of others,” Renato Mariotti, a former federal prosecutor, told Rolling Stone.

“This is not unusual, Mariotti added. “When I would conduct long-term investigations of criminal organizations, I would frequently direct federal law enforcement and agents I was working with to tip off local police departments, if we came across information that there may be a serious danger to the health or safety of others.

This is all being done under the direction of Merrick Garland, the Jewish Attorney General. Garland should be impeach, and under the upcoming Trump or DeSantis Administration, criminally prosecuted for violating the rights of patriotic Americans.

Contrast this to the claims by the FBI that they don’t investigate “organizations,” but only individuals.

Compare the investigation of Patriot Front as an organization, to the FBI’s response to Antifa, first the FBI claims that Antifa is not an organization, then claims that the FBI does not investigate organizations, but only individuals for specific crimes. Well, Patriot Front was investigated as an organization, it was infiltrated, surveilled, and illegal records were created of it based on their exercise of their constitutional rights.

In response to a question about how much violence or domestic terrorism Antifa committed in recent years from Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC), Langan had nothing to offer.

“Under the anti-government category or subcategory of domestic terrorism — would that include groups like Antifa or Black Lives Matter, folks who commit violence or acts of domestic terrorism?” Mace asked.

“Well, we don’t identify groups but individuals’ actions,” Langan responded. “So if individuals are committing actions that would be in furtherance of anti-government or anarchist ideals then they would fall into that category.”

“So would you quantify Antifa as an anarchist group under then that subcategory?” Mace pressed. “I mean, it’s an anarchist group, right?”

“The director has previously described them as a ‘movement’ and there have been individuals that have associated or identified with Antifa that have conducted violent acts that we would categorize as anarchist,” was all that Langan could offer of the mere “movement” of Antifa.

Mace continued, asking “how many acts of violence or domestic terrorism has Antifa committed over the last two years?”

Again, Langan has nothing to offer. “Since we don’t categorize Antifa, nor do we calculate or collate information regarding Antifa, that movement, we don’t have that,” said the senior FBI counterterrorism official. “But we can provide you information on anarchist threats and cases in general.”

FBI Admits It Doesn’t Track Leftist Violence, by Spencer Brown, Townhall, October 4, 2021

Clearly, the FBI and DOJ have a political agenda against Patriot Front and other patriotic groups. it is time for the FBI to be eliminated and reconstituted under a new legal regime that incorporates the Levi Guidelines into statute, with those agents who were involved in the illegal investigations of Patriot Front prosecuted for their violation of the civil rights of Patriot Front and its members. Remember, immigration patriots are next on the FBI hit list.

ICE SVU Bunko Squad Ignores Illegal Alien Gangs, Goes After Shoplifters

Yes, arresting mostly black shoplifting gangs and flash mobs is good, but black crime, even organized black and other gangs, is the job of the local police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) if there is an interstate crime nexus. As for money laundering, that, again, is the purview of the FBI, and also the United States Secret Service (USSS). Yes, I know that the legacy U.S. Customs Service (USCS) ran the innovative and very successful Operation Greenback back in the days before the creation of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in 2003. However, ICE SVU (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Homeland Security Investigations which I derisively refer to as ICE Special Victims Unit (SVU)) gave up Operation Greenback to the FBI long ago. While I am quite critical of the Customs pukes that have ruined the enforcement of immigration laws at ICE SVU, USCS Office of Investigations was an effective law enforcement agency, in their lane. But ICE SVU has decided to go outside of their lane and poach cases of shoplifting from the Maui Police Department.

ICE SVU, while filled with Customs pukes, those Customs pukes had a record of investigative achievement in the day, but now ICE SVU and the Customs pukes that staff it are now a pathetic shadow of their forebearers at USCS Office of Investigations. As part of ICE SVU‘s flight from doing actual work, leaching off the work of others, ICE SVU has decided to ignore real crime by real illegal aliens and leach off the hard work of specialists in money laundering, the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS), and the retailer victims of organized shoplifting. ICE SVU plans on taking credit for their work, but achieving nothing in their area of law enforcement responsibility, customs and immigration law violations. (h/t Federation For American Immigration Reform (FAIR)).

Ignoring customs and immigration law enforcement as part of the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty in Hawaii, ICE SVU has decided that no illegal aliens or meth dealers are going to be arrested in the resort isle of Maui, but agents will be dispatched to no doubtedly use the government per diem at resort hotels in an effort to track down shoplifters. Tough work.

Maui and the Hawaiian Islands do have a significant meth problem, mostly coming from Mexico and Asia, and there are lots of illegal aliens in the Hawaiian Islands working in the tourist and service industries, which Maui is dependent on. Arrests of illegal aliens would open up jobs for the welfare dependent in Hawaii and unemployed, of which there are many. ICE SVU can stay in their own lane and keep busy with customs and immigration cases, but that would interfere with their beach time.

Homeland Security Investigations plans to tackle organized retail crime in Hawaii amid growing concerns over attacks on stores nationally and schemes that generate an estimated $69 billion in illicit profits in the U.S. every year.

HSI is partnering with the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists, also known as ACAMS, to help combat organized retail crime, which involves the large-scale theft of retail merchandise with the intent to sell.

“In Hawaii, organized retail crime is not something that only impacts large department stores. It hits small businesses particularly hard,” Special Agent in Charge John F. Tobon said in a news release Tuesday. “It hurts the economy, business owners and the consumer in many ways.”

In contrast to shoplifters, organized theft groups engage in large-scale thefts which rely on teams of “boosters” who steal goods from major retail stores, “cleaners” who disguise the origins of stolen merchandise, “fencers” who resell products through brick-and-mortar fronts and major e-commerce websites and professional money launderers who funnel illicit profits to criminals orchestrating schemes. In many instances, organized theft groups resort to violence or violent threats against employees of retail companies.

Agency Zeroes In On Organized Retail Crime In Hawaii, unattributed, The Maui News, June 15, 2022

Easy work, ACAMS does the analysis, ICE SVU opens up a case, identifies a suspect, passes the information on to the Maui Police Department and presto, ICE SVU has a stat or two, maybe shows up to the arrest scene with their battle rattle, and takes credit with a press release. Nice work if you can get it. But most importantly, it enables ICE SVU to appear to be working, but not taking risks arresting drug cartel soldados or arresting any illegal aliens.

They take a publicity shot in Maui, everyone gets some travel to an exotic island at government expense, everyone is happy, especially the drug cartels and illegal aliens.

ICE SVU Battling It Out With Shoplifters

At the same time though, violent and dangerous illegal aliens are running amok throughout the United States, but do not have to worry about getting arrested by ICE SVU.

Law enforcement agencies call it “crime tourism” — groups of thieves from South America traveling to California to burglarize homes.

Surveillance video released by Hillsborough police in Northern California shows a burglary crew believed to be from South America targeting a luxury home. It’s just one in a series of crimes involving burglars from out of the country, hitting homes in affluent communities up and down the state.

Earlier this month, the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office arrested a four-man crew that robbed a home in a Camarillo neighborhood.

“This is crime tourism. They’re coming here for the purpose of targeting neighborhoods,” said Cmdr. Erik Buschow with the Ventura Sheriff’s Office. “Specifically vehicles, homes. Not violent crimes, but they’re going after the big bucks.”

‘Crime Tourism’ Bringing Burglary Crews From South America To Affluent California Communities, by Sid Garcia, ABC 7, March 22, 2022

So, why is ICE SVU ignoring a massive crime spree by illegal alien gangs, but going after shoplifters in vacation spots? Because this is part of the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty, not just of for illegal aliens, but for drug cartels as well. Every minute wasted by ICE SVU on Land Rovers or unlicensed sports merchandise is another American dead from a fentanyl overdose or another illegal alien burglary.

ICE SVU Special Agent-in-Charge Of Not Arresting Drug Dealers And Illegal Aliens

You can call John F. Tobon, ICE SVU Special Agent-in-Charge, at 595 Ala Moana Boulevard
Honolulu, HI 96813, telephone: (808) 529-1900. Ask him why he is ignoring Hawaii’s illegal alien population and drug cartel crimes.

Baby Killers, Roe, Anarcho-Tyranny, And The Deep State

VDare’s main concern is about immigration and the preservation of the Historic American Nation. Over the past few years of the explosion of anti-White hate crime by black thugs all since the attempted murder of George Zimmerman by Trayvon Martin, the race question has also become a concern of VDare. Violence on the streets is exploding and it is directed overwhelmingly against Whites, the essence of the Historic American Nation, by blacks, though Asians are getting their share of hate and violence as well, for being so White adjacent and White presenting. Such anti-White violence has, of course, been going on much longer than the when Trayvon Martin brought his fists to a gun fight. But abortion, the Deep State, and anarcho-tyranny are on the menu now for immigration patriots.

Prophet Of Current Times

Samuel Francis was prescient, the Establishment, what we call the Deep State today, is quite happy to see you murdered in the street by black thugs. The Deep State has even wanted to gin up murderous anger among Hispanics and Asians to encourage hate and violence against Whites, blaming Whites for black violence against Asians. However, since Zimmerman, the White Hispanic, it appears that Hispanics and Asians may not be acquiescing to being victims of blacks, as elections have been showing, but that is to be determined in the near future.

Which brings us to the abortion issue. The White, and White presenting, majority on SCOTUS has spoken, Roe v. Wade was an abomination to the Constitution, history, and the law. It is no more. But what of this to the immigration patriot? On the margins there will be slightly more White babies, perhaps more black babies, not enough to balance out the Zerg Rush at the border that is the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty.

However, the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty, anarchy at the border, is a variation of Prophet of Doom’s observation on anarcho-tyranny, and so it will be on abortion. Around Roe and abortion, the Deep State is planning a response, or more specifically, a non-response, not planning to protect opponents of abortion from the violence and terrorism of Sandy Cortez and Jane’s Revenge.

The victims will be all from the Historic American Nation, Jane’s Revenge will studiously avoid black and Hispanic churches, focusing on the active White Catholic churches that lead the pro-life movement. Pro-life Catholic churches and pregnancy centers will be targeted for more extreme violence, many deaths are likely to ensue as a new Bloody Kansas is created by Jane’s Revenge.

Remembering back to the 90s, during the heyday of the use of violence against abortion clinics, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives, and Really Big Fires (ATF) devoted extensive resources against anti-abortion groups, though mostly effective only after the fact even though both the FBI and ATF assiduously tried to infiltrate such groups. Both were ineffective in their infiltration because the mostly peaceful direct action against abortion clinics was committed by those with a cell structure, but also because their numbers were so small and they did not let on to what they did to those in the wider movement, one day they might be protesting peaceably, the next dropping foul smelling butyric acid though a mail slot. Those committing these acts generally smiled and kept quiet, so FBI infiltration techniques were ineffective. Though FBI and ATF scientific and technical evidence collection and analysis was much better at catching abortion clinic bombers.

Another aspect of attacking abortion was direct action by single actor, such as the case of the shooting of late term abortionist George Tiller in Kansas. Amusingly he was shot at a Lutheran Church, that, go figure, supported abortion. I am certain that is not in sola scriptura.

Lone wolf attacks are difficult to prevent, especially by infiltration by the Deep State. The FBI was able to stop so many Muslim lone wolf attacks because the internet appears to attract low-IQ lone wolves who see to think that people are out there readily willing to give you a free bomb and a ride to the target. Scott Roeder was able to shoot Tiller because he kept his plans to himself.

Jane’s Revenge is more akin, I think, to the low-IQ Muslim lone wolves that the FBI rolled up so often, but this time the FBI is not doing anything about them, so the threat will be more serious.

In the past there have been anarchist terrorist groups that have been successful, especially at avoiding FBI infiltration, such as the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) and Earth Liberation Front (ELF). In the 90s the ELF and ALF were in top tier of terrorist groups the United States and had high levels of organization and relatively large numbers of supporters as well as participants, though since a series of arrests starting in 2005, the ALF and ELF have since dropped off the terrorist scene.

Some have claimed Jane’s Revenge is just a moniker for unrelated individuals and small anarchist groups not coordinating, but just using the same name in a leaderless violence model. Could be, but I think the FBI knows who they are, but just does not care, just as the FBI knew who the terrorists attackers on the Portland Federal Courthouse were, but refused to arrest the well organized and very public Portland anarchists who committed the attacks, destroyed Federal property and injured Federal employees.

The FBI has failed to respond to the current threat from abortion terrorists like Jane’s Revenge, with the FBI, ATF, and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) making no arrests of Jane’s Revenge terrorists. There have been no arrests because the FBI and Justice Department (DOJ) leadership support abortion. If the Attorney General Merrick Garland is saying that the overturning of Roe is bad, would you expect the FBI to make arrests of those threatening Supreme Court justices and attacking pro-life Catholic churches? Of course not.

So killing a few members of the Historic American Nation is quite acceptable to them. Just as Americans were murdered at Waco, that time directly by the FBI and ATF, this time the FBI will let others do the wet work against opponents of the Deep State.

The FBI Plan For Catholic Churches And Pregnancy Centers

Compare this to the FBI and DOJ response to the single incident of the Tiller shooting, an incident that was not organized, it only involved one person, and the shooter was captured immediately by local cops.

I blogged at the time about the DOJ, FBI, and U.S. Marshal’s Service (USMS) response. Then Attorney General Eric Holder, Obama’s wingman, ordered the FBI and Deputy Marshals to provide security services to any abortionist who wanted free security guards. [Equal Before The Law Or The FBI Security And Alarm Company, by Federale, Federale Blog (since quashed by Google), May 31, 2009]

Since when did private parties get FBI and USMS protection? Almost never! The only other example of free Federal security for a private party was when foreign national Salman Rushdie, author of The Satanic Verses and recipient of a death fatwah from the Ayatollah Khomeini, received protection from the Diplomatic Security Service (DSS), this even after Rushdie obtained lawful permanent residence in the United States and later even after he naturalized. Federal agents aren’t security guards for private parties.

Who is not getting FBI, ATF, USMS, and DHS protection, despite open threats from domestic terrorist groups? Pro-life churches and pregnancy centers.

This despite the fact that DHS says the violence will be widespread and targeted at Catholic churches and pregnancy centers. Interestingly, this is not White Nationalist terrorism.

The Catholic Church is heeding federal law enforcement’s warning that a radical group is “calling for extreme violence” against churches nationwide in response to the Supreme Court’s expected reversal of abortion rights.

An internal document obtained by Newsweek outlines intelligence shared by the Department of Homeland Security with the Catholic Church of a planned “Night of Rage,” targeting churches and pregnancy centers over their opposition to abortion rights. The document sheds light on how law enforcement and the church are bracing for backlash after a leaked opinion showed the Supreme Court preparing to rescind federal abortion rights.

Labeled an “urgent memo,” the document is from the Diocese of Stockton, California, and is directed to all clergy, as well as parish and pastoral staff. The memo states that Jesse Rangel, a DHS agent, told the diocese that federal law enforcement has discovered a manifesto from an “extremist group” calling for attacks on churches beginning at 8 p.m. the evening the court issues its opinion.

Catholic Church Prepares for Attacks From Abortion-Rights Activists, by Jake Thomas, Newsweek, June 23, 2022

Note the response of DHS, and the non-response by the FBI, USMS, and ATF. No public announcements, no assignment of ICE SVU agents, FBI agents, Deputy Marshals, and ATF agents to protect Catholic churches and pregnancy centers. Why? Because anarcho-tyranny. The Deep State wants you dead, your children molested, and your church burned to the ground, just like Waco. ICE SVU has plenty of armed agents and officers, they aren’t doing anything at the moment, immigration and customs laws are not being enforced. They could be assigned security duties at churches just as abortion clinics were protected by Eric Holder. But that is not happening, because of anti-White racism and anarcho-tyranny.

It will come to blood.

ICE SVU Back To The Car Police, Joins DEA In Allowing Flood Of Fentanyl To Kill Americans

In a strange combination of dereliction of duty at the cost of hundreds of thousands of Americans lives due to the mass importation of fentanyl by Chinese and Mexican drug gangs, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Special Victims Unit (ICE SVU) combined with other agencies, including the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigations (IRS-CI, formerly IRS Criminal Investigations Division (IRS CID)), and various local agencies, to investigate interstate transportation of stolen goods, specifically catalytic converters. All the while drug deaths, especially from fentanyl, have skyrocketed.

ICE SVU In Their Battle Rattle Playing At Robocop, But Not Arresting Fentanyl Dealers

Here is a tweet chain containing a frightening graphic concerning drug deaths in the United States, and the rise of fentanyl, almost all of which is either manufactured in Red China and smuggled through Mexico or Chinese precursor chemicals are exported to Mexico, where it is manufactured.

While the problem with catalytic converter theft is widespread and growing, mostly caused by government regulations that limited the supply of replacement converters for older cars, it is predominately a local police problem, and, if, as in this case, it becomes a case of an interstate crime, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has jurisdiction. ICE SVU is supposed to be enforcing customs and immigration laws, not local criminal statutes or poaching on FBI jurisdiction. However, ICE SVU is doing everything but customs and immigration work, with it having a strange affinity for car cases.

Six Springfield and Rogersville residents pleaded guilty in federal court for their roles in a scheme to transport tens of thousands of stolen catalytic converters across state lines as part of a multi-million-dollar business following a Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and law enforcement partner investigation.

Evan Marshall, 24, of Rogersville, pleaded guilty June 16 before U.S. District Judge M. Douglas Harpool to one count of transporting stolen property across state lines.

Six of the seven defendants indicted in this case have now pleaded guilty. Co-defendants Cody Ryder, 30; Enx Khoshaba, 29; Leslie Ice, 37; and Eric Kaltenbach, 37; all of Springfield, and Camren Joseph Davis, 25, of Rogersville, have pleaded guilty to their roles in a conspiracy to transport stolen property across state lines.

6 Defendants Plead Guilty To Scheme To Transport Stolen Catalytic Converters Across State Lines Following HSI, Law Enforcement Partner Investigation, unattributed, ICE Press Release, June 16, 2022

Note also the long list of participants in this investigation, clearly ICE SVU’s participation was unnecessary, as was that of the DEA and IRS-CI, the myriad of local agencies had it covered as well as a local prosecutor on board.

This case is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorneys Shannon T. Kempf, Megan W. Chalifoux and Nhan D. Nguyen. It was investigated by HSI, the Springfield Police Department, IRS-Criminal Investigation, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the Christian County Sheriff’s Department, the Webster County Sheriff’s Department, the Missouri Department of Revenue, and the Greene County Prosecuting Attorney.

And three Assistant U.S. Attorneys (AUSA)? That is highly unusual. Except in the biggest cases, two AUSAs is the maximum assigned to a case, especially when there are no trials and all we have a plea deals. In my 28 years of Federal law enforcement, I have never had a case with three AUSAs, two yes, on my biggest cases, but three? Never!

It is not certain why IRS-CI was involved. While it is obvious that criminals don’t pay taxes on their illegal income, why this particular case when IRS-CI involvement is better suited to stacking charges on drug smugglers who are killing over a hundred of thousands of Americans? Is the Biden Regime also conducting an amnesty for the mostly illegal aliens who supply the drug market in the United States? It seems so, why else is the Biden Regime making catalytic converter thefts a priority for three agencies and three AUSAs? Is there no drug problem in Missouri? Well, no. Drug deaths are the leading cause of death among Missourans aged 18 to 44. But ICE SVU and the DEA are more concerned about a grand theft case that local law enforcement could have easily made arrests in. They even warned one of the conspirators to stop buying stolen converters. They could have arrested him. In my experience, the IRS-CI never wants to come in on a case unless the lost income the government is in the millions, as they have a strict cost-benefit analysis to their cases, only the biggest get their attention, or there are political instructions from the top.

In July 2020, a Springfield police detective contacted Marshall regarding the purchase of catalytic converters from individuals known to be thieves. Despite being put on notice that he was purchasing stolen catalytic converters, Marshall continued to purchase stolen catalytic converters, including from at least one of the individuals identified by the detective.

So, with Americans dying by the tens of thousands from illegal drugs imported into the United States, a crime that ICE SVU and the DEA are primarily charged with investigating, they instead decide to become the theft bureau of a local police department.

In another interesting development, it appears that either ICE SVU or the DEA are literally writing stories for the press or cribbing off each other. Usually a press release generally covers the crime being prosecuted, and in the case of ICE SVU, the local Special Agent-in-Charge (SAC) is quoted in a special block of text. Here is an example of the typical ICE SVU press release, short on details and a separate block quote from the SAC notifying the public how horrible the crime was and how wonderful ICE SVU is.

But in this case the DEA, ICE SVU, and the local press printed identical stories. Compare the ICE SVU press release, the DEA press release, and a local scribbler. Clearly someone is copying the other, and ethically, the press should not be reprinting press releases; reporters should be asking questions, tough questions, not being lap dogs for the government.

Is the press becoming adjacent to the Deep State? Well, obviously, not bothering to ask a single question why the DEA and ICE SVU are dealing with catalytic converters while drugs and illegal aliens flood the nation.

Immigration Patriots Must Rally To The Cause Of Patriot Front

Patriot Front (PA) is a group of young men who are fighting the destruction of the United States. PA has earned the ire of the radical left, been targeted by the All Seeing Eye of Sauron (the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), other federal government agencies, and local police), as well as organized groups like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) engaged in legal and illegal surveillance of PF, often in an illegal conspiracy with Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies. PF has also been the victim of law enforcement’s failure to perform their constitutional duties to see that the civil rights of all Americans are protected from illegal assaults, battery, threats, and intimidation. Basically, the illegitimate Biden Regime and the Deep State have targeted PF for illegal destruction.

Time For All Patriots To Cowboy Up

Patriot Front is not a terrorist or criminal organization, it is an organization dedicated to political activity protected by the Constitution. Sadly, the reaction from the dissident right, alt-right, or alternative right, basically those in the know about the situation America faces. Strangely, some on the conservative establishment have been more supportive. Please ignore any claims that PF are “feds” of any sort, especially those from the notorious homosexual Jim Hoft at the Gateway Pundit. Regular readers here and at VDare have known since these allegations against PF came to the front that the allegations were false. All one needs to know about law enforcement issues is available under my byline, as I’m a now retired Fed, and, well, I know one when I see one; here is my analysis of the fed accusation, it is either just shear ignorance of everything related to law enforcement or malicious lies. In the future, consult me first, as I will save public facing patriots the embarrassment of being wrong on law enforcement, and, by the way, immigration issues.

You’re Next, Big Hoss

Now, this is not to say that Patriot Front has not had issues, some such criticism being justified, other accurate but unjustified. Some like Mark Collett sniff at PF, objecting to uniforms and masks, others like Azzmador point out the big problem PF has, which is bad information security practices. Azz also criticizes any public action given the danger that anyone on the right faces, whether it is terrorism by Antifa directed at Tucker Carlson or being the object of the Evil Eye of Sauron as has happened with PA. It may be best to be heads down at this time, but as the tipping point approaches, there needs to be a presence in the public square. But criticizing using a U-Haul truck? No one remembers the OKC Bombing. Pubic action is not for the faint of heart, nor for everyone. Some criticism is petty, such as the uniforms, the shields, and the graffiti and stickering that PA does. Frankly, the defacing of George Floyd memorials only makes me like them more, but it does cause the ADL and the Deep State to target PF even more vigorously. PF knows that, as does everyone in the group. No one joins PF not knowing that they would have a target on their back.

My opinion is that there are many strategies and many different groups to deal with those strategies. As a VDare correspondent, I know what VDare and its writers do, and don’t do. We don’t do successful political organizing that Azzmador has done, and kudos to him for that. VDare does not do graffiti, but kudos to PF and other groups like White Lives Matter who do public actions masked and secret actions in the dark of night that involve minor violations of the law, violations such as stickering and graffiti that though illegal, are ubiquitous throughout the nation and of little import to the criminal justice system. And there is the overt opposition that is challenging the destruction of the Historic American Nation through electoral politics, the National Justice Party. For instance, I may not be in the street bringing political speech to the masses like PF, I am not a member of a new political party like NJP, I am not running a successful podcast to the masses like Azzmador and TRS, I have not successfully overthrown a corrupt town council like Azzmador, but I’ve been doing what I am good at, reporting from inside the beast and presenting information that most don’t have. I am proud of the work I’ve done as well as my association with VDare. We don’t do what others do, but everyone to their strengths. In the end though, we will all be on the same side of the barricade sooner or later. PF has their missions and strengths, we should support that.

The Deep State even tried to jam up Thomas Rousseau for stickering, but it did not stick, so to speak. Similarly, the Deep State and the usual suspects associated with the Deep State tried to jam up a patriot affiliated with The Right Stuff on stickering charges, but those were dropped on First Amendment and biased enforcement issues. Which brings us to the most recent arrests of Patriot Front members in Coeur d’Alene, ID.

These arrests are part of another controversy on the right, which is infiltration by informants. First, for the record, the arrests of PF were illegal. They were arrested on local charges of conspiracy to riot, a misdemeanor, even though there were no riots to conspire to participate in, and, PF, has never participated in riots or other public violence, they have only been the victims of violence. For that reason they bring shields with them to all their very legal and constitutionally protected public demonstrations.

Patriot Front Under Attack From Terrorists Protected By The Police

Patriot Front really earned the ire of the Deep State and the homosexuals among Conservative Inc. with their very successful and peaceful demonstration in Washington, DC recently. PA had uniforms, flags, shields, and shin guards. All fit young men, part of their screening standards. For that reason Con Inc. thought they were feds, but as I pointed out, most Feds are fatties.

FBI Fatties Kneeling For BLM Terrorists, Compare Their BMI To Patriot Front

But back to infiltration. Mark Collett, TRS, and Azzmador have all bragged about their organizational skill at keeping out infiltrators, comparing themselves to Patriot Front whom they believe have been infiltrated by informers. Well gentlemen, I have some bad news for you. Your screening procedures may keep out the crazies or the obvious, as Collett has stated, but you still have informers reporting to law enforcement, law enforcement officers themselves, paid Confidential Human Sources (CHS) as the FBI call them, or private sector spies from the ADL, $outhern Poverty Law Center ($PLC), or some other specious charity. They might be paid by the FBI, or another Federal agency, or a State or local agency, or the private sector, but you got them, you just don’t know. Why do I say this, because despite it being illegal for any law enforcement agency to infiltrate and gather information on lawful First Amendment protected activities, corrupt law enforcement agencies still do it.

Now, after 28 years as a Fed, I know a little about informants. Most informants are recruited from criminal organizations of some sort, street gang, organized crime, or drug cartels. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is the premier agency on running informants, but their informants actually provide information concerning real criminal investigations. With the FBI and their targets, groups like PA, or TRS’ Pool Parties, the informants are paid for political purposes, illegal politically motivated purposes. The same reasons that the FBI, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Stephan Halper, and Joseph Mifsud tried to first recruit, then jam up, George Papadopoulos, to turn him and infiltrate and destroy their target, the Trump campaign, in violation of their Constitutional rights.

Patriotic groups think they have good screening systems, and they might keep out the obvious crazies, which is good, but not the professional informant, nor the recruited insider. Papadopoulos is an example, though the FBI was never able to get him to lie about, provide information, or sabotage the Trump campaign, the attempt to recruit him was after he entered the Trump campaign; Papadopoulos is an example because the FBI and CIA targeted him after any vetting by the Trump campaign. He was already in and could have been recruited after any vetting.

Well, there is only one way to find a professional trained and presented informant, and no amount of ideological questioning or whatever else they do will discover that informant. If you are not polygraphing initial applicants and polygraphing current members intermittently, you are vulnerable to informers, either being sent in or current members being recruited through fair means or foul.

As someone who has done and gone through a Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI), I can say that anyone can keep information from a screening for membership. For most of my career I held Top Secret (TS) or TS Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) clearance levels. I even did TS SCI SSBIs for prospective employees at one agency I worked with. I never took a polygraph or administered a polygraph as part of a SSBI, and that was a consistent problem with security in the agencies that did not use polygraph exams to screen initial hires and current employees during the five-year renewal of an SSBI.

That means that lots of corrupt employees got hired or were never caught during SSBI renewals. Interestingly, I used polygraphs for criminal and security investigations of both employees and others quite successfully, but always in reaction to allegations of corruption, disloyalty, and leaking.

As we say in the business, the truth always comes out on the box, the box being the polygraph. It works, I have literally had employees resign from their position while still attached to the box.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has realized the problem with screening without a polygraph, and now, some, not all, law enforcement personnel at DHS get polygraphed during initial hiring, though not at the renewal of SSBI. Importantly, an SSBI includes interviewing the applicant, interviewing neighbors, family members, friends, and colleagues. It also includes developing sources about the applicant by finding others that the applicant has not listed on his Standard Form SF-86, Questionnaire For National Security Positions. For most normal people that is mostly enough, but everyone has secrets, and one only gets the secrets if they are on the box.

As an objective lesson, when I was initially hired for a Public Trust Position, not for a classified position though I was routinely exposed to Confidential, Secret, and Top Secret information as part of my position as an Inspector for the legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). I had a colleague who was not quite honest on the his Standard Form SF-85P, Questionnaire for Public Trust Positions, and he was caught not being truthful about drug use, but only by accident, as the background investigator went to an old address, and his former roommates let loose, as a recommendation, that he was a “good guy.” When the background investigator asked why, the pot headed ex-roommates said because he always had weed. Well, my colleague did some fancy talking, beat the background investigation review board with a song-and-dance that that part of his life was behind him. So, he remained, nearly getting fired, but essentially beat a SSBI.

But, those in the know will say, what about Aldrich Ames, the CIA officer who spied for years for the Russians? Well, I worked with a polygrapher who reviewed the polygraph reports for a separate agency and he concluded that Ames beat the poligrapher, not the polygraph; meaning that Ames was so personable he was able to persuade the CIA poligrapher that he had actually passed. Yeah, even the bright boys at the Agency can be dumb.

Back to Patriotic Front. The recent arrests were suspiciously time and too many robocops were present to believe the statement from the Coeur d’Alene Chief of Police that they just responded to a complaint from a good citizen that there were suspicious men boarding a U-Haul truck.

Overkill For A Misdemeanor Arrest
Couer D’Alene Police Robocops

But, for the record, the case against PF is based on a complaint about men in a truck.

According to White, police were alerted about the U-Haul around 1:38 p.m. by a concerned citizen who said they saw members of the group getting into the back of the truck. The group was confronted by police about 10 minutes later, White said.

31 Patriot Front Members Arrested Near Pride Event In Idaho, by Jordan Freiman, CBS News, June 11, 2022

That is a clear statement that this was not an informant based case. Of course he said this, as any informants would have been illegal under the Privacy Act of 1974, which prohibits creating or keeping any records about an American citizen based on their Constitutional rights. You cannot have an informant providing information without a record being created about that information, especially if that information will be used in a court of law. So, checkmate, Chief White. You are now locked into a story as the origin of an arrest and criminal investigation; more importantly it is the essence of the probable cause for the arrest. And all Federal law enforcement personnel are trained on the Privacy Act and other restrictions on their authority regularly throughout their career, so there are no excuses, especially if the informant was paid by the FBI or other Federal agency.

Here is the policy memorandum from DHS that describes the prohibition on all Federal employees from spying on Americans for exercising their Constitutional rights. Nor can local cops. There is a criminal activity exception to the Privacy Act, but Patriot Front is not a criminal organization, nor can the crimes associated with graffiti and stickering be used against them, as such laws are not Federal offenses, nor are they of any import as laws against graffiti and stickering are largely not enforced in the United States.

But it has come out that informants were present within PF, which is to be expected, as the Deep State has targeted them, but any such surveillance by informants is illegal.

Yes, There Are Illegal Informants In Patriot Front

Last we talked about Patriot Front they had had a leak of every members data and it was revealed that they were keeping track of people license plates and other personal details. All of this stuff was listed in a excel spreadsheet. If the fact that the founder is Thomas Rousseau or the general look of the whole thing didn’t turn you off hopefully that did. 31 were arrested. The feds were already in the chats.

Patriot Front Members Arrested: “We Had Informants In Their Chats,” by “$lave, Mind’s Eye, June 11, 2022

The feds, or someone, perhaps someone like Jack Palladino, Andy The German, or any other professional informant willing to lie or create a crime, has infiltrated Patriot Front. Remember, an informant does not have to be a sworn law enforcement officer. Unlikely it is a Serpico, more likely someone working off a rap to avoid prison or being paid hansomely.

So, if we are to believe Chief White, the Idaho State Police, Coeur D’Alene Police Officers, and the County Sheriff’s Deputies had 10 minutes to don their battle rattle, find the U-Haul, and have over 30 cop cars lined up for a traffic stop on one U-Haul van? Yeah, I’m calling Chief White a liar. And if Patriot Front have good lawyers, Chief White, the Sheriff, and the head of the State Police should be the first witnesses at the probable cause hearing or preliminary hearing to be held soon. That should have some fireworks. And not just fireworks about the informant, but about the basis for the arrest.

To make an arrest, a law enforcement officer must have probable cause, that is evidence that a crime was committed, and to make an investigative stop of a person, a Terry Stop, he must have reasonable suspicion that a crime was committed, is being committed, or will be committed. There was no probable cause to make the stop, much less an arrest. Seeing a group of men in khaki pants with shields and shin guards is probable cause of nothing, not even reasonable suspicion for something. The only possible reason for a stop is a seatbelt law, but the Idaho statute applies only to vehicles with seats, so it is uncertain if riding in the back of a vehicle without seats is even a violation, much less for pulling them out at gunpoint.

So, yes, Patriot Front has an illegal informant problem, but everything the informant did is subject to discovery at trial, down to why and how he was recruited and directed.

Of course, Patriot Front needs lawyers, good lawyers. If you aren’t up for being a public dissident or running for office, become a good patriotic lawyer. Or infiltrate the Border Patrol, and get paid $10k recruitment bonus! You can be a source for my writing!

Let us all work together, keep our criticism limited, and have no enemies to the right. Keep that fire directed to the left and Con Inc.

Muslim Anchor Baby And Terrorist Supporter Working Hard To Silence Americans

Hamed Aleaziz, Muslim terrorist supporter and graduate of the point-and-sputter school of Buzzfeed reporting, has it in for mostly Hispanic Border Patrol Agents (BPA). So much for intersectionality among the brown people of the world. But his latest point-and-sputter is that he is not an enjoyer of the gallows humor among BPAs. The flip-out on the left over challenge coins is continuing, as another USPB challenge coin has come out over the Haitian Invasion of 2021, brought to you of course by the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty. Aleaziz is an anchor baby, and in the most accurate definition of the term, as his parents were illegal aliens and they used point and sputter journalists to get their deportation halted.

But for the record, neither Aleaziz nor any of his ancestors should be in the United States. He and his progenitors clearly have no understanding of the concept of political freedom, as his idea of freedom of speech is that applies only to opinions he agrees with. Aleaziz wants other political speech should be quashed with the full force of the government, like the speech of those who make challenge coins. Frankly, that is not what this country was founded on and what the Historic American Nation believe. Aleaziz and his ilk may have a U.S. passport, his is one of convenience so he can travel to Jordan or Iran and not get arrested, but they are in no sense American.

Muslim Terrorist Sympathizer Anchor Baby Hamed Aleaziz

It was inevitable after the first challenge coin brouhaha that another coin would come out, and it did. Stand-by for more incoming by the way. The challenge coin controversy has stirred up imaginative minds at the USBP, and good for them. And the Mexicans and the Jews at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) are not happy.

Freedom Of Speech Regarding Issues Of Pubic Importance, The Invasion Of America

The photograph encapsulates the intensity of the clashes between Border Patrol agents and Haitian immigrants desperate to get into the United States.

An agent on horseback leans over, grabbing a man by the shirt as a rein dangles.

Now an image mirroring the Sept. 19 photo by Paul Ratje of Agence France-Presse has appeared on a “challenge coin” typically collected by agents, law enforcement officials and aficionados.

“Whipping ass since 1924” is written along the coin’s border.

The Times obtained photos of the coin. Its other side says “Haitian Invasion” with crossed swords and the words “U.S. Border Patrol,” “Horse Patrol Unit” and “deflecting allegations for years.”

Coins Depicting Border Patrol Agent Grabbing Haitian Migrant Trigger Investigation, by Hamed Aleaziz, LAT, June 16, 2022

Pointing and sputtering, Aleaziz breathlessly “reports” that some people don’t like the political opinion expressed by the challenge coin.

“These coins anger me because the hateful images on them have no place in a professional law enforcement agency,” CBP Commissioner Chris Magnus said in a statement. “Those who make or share these deeply offensive coins detract and distract from the extraordinarily difficult and often life-saving work Border Patrol agents do every day across the country.”

Immigrant advocates were similarly outraged at the coin and the seeming lack of empathy for Haitian migrants it indicates.

So, now a “lack of empathy” can get you investigated by the Department of Homeland Security. Investigating public expressions of speech is precisely what they do in Third World countries.

Former administrators of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty, on speed dial no doubt, were trotted out for comment, and they, too, pointed and sputtered.

“It’s just outrageously inappropriate,” said Sandweg, a former lead Homeland Security attorney and acting head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement under President Obama. “This kind of thing sullies the reputation of the department where a few bad apples are doing stuff that really shocks the conscience and is so far beyond what is appropriate and acceptable. It hurts the entire department’s reputation.”

“This is a shame that this was done,” said Gil Kerlikowske, who was head of U.S. Customs and Border Protection under Obama. “This kind of grotesque humor permeates … a lot of professions, including in law enforcement groups.“

Not mentioned is that nothing concerning this challenge coin is prohibited by law and since DHS routinely ignores trademark infringements on privately produced challenge coins and other memorabilia, there is no legal basis to shut down the manufacturer and/or vendor.

The fundamental issue here is that immigrants, powerful ethnic groups, and descendants of immigrants, have not acculturated to the Historic American Nation. They know nothing of our traditions and origins, they only seek to destroy that which has succored and nurtured them. Would Aleaziz return to his country of origin, Iran, without his passport of convenience? One thinks not, but he wants to make it into a society more like a Third World nation than the Historic American Nation. Why. mostly because he hates White Americans. Well, we can do without that from immigrants and their progeny. Time for an immigration moratorium. And maybe start deporting dual nationals. One cannot serve two masters.

All the more interesting since Iranians are Aryans, but Aleaziz has adopted the Arab invader religion in place of his Aryan heritage. And he wants to impose an invader culture and polity on the Historic American Nation. And he has it in for VDare and your humble correspondent. He is also, of course, dumb, as kritarchy and its opponents are not anti-semitic, nor even anti-Hellene.

DHS’ Domestic Terrorism Memory Hole

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has issued a summary of the terrorism threat to the United States. Most of the summary in bulletin form has so little substantial information it is beyond practical use for policy makers or law enforcement use. The rest of the information is so selective it exposes itself as a purely political document, obviously to be used in the upcoming midterm elections.

The New KGB

Like most government publications regarding terrorism, there is little to guide law enforcement or policy. Worse yet, most incidents cited are clearly the work of one-off attackers with severe mental illness problems and devoid of any coherent political, racial, or religious agenda. Gone are the days when terrorism was dominated by Muslim terrorists with a well defined political agenda, the imposition of a world wide Caliphate on the world. Instead we have criminal acts by the mentally ill tarted up to appear political.

Several recent violent attacks by lone offenders against minority communities, schools, houses of worship, and mass transit have demonstrated the dynamic and complex nature of the threat environment facing the United States:

Summary of Terrorism Threat to the United States, unattributed, DHS Bulletin, June 7, 2022

Vague language is used to either claim or imply that minorities are some sort of target, while the real terrorist attacks are ignored, underplayed, or falsely attributed. The bulletin claims that anti-semitic and anti-black hatred is the prime motivator of recent attacks, but is only able to cite one attack.

The suspect in the grocery store attack in Buffalo, New York in May 2022 claimed he was motivated by racist, anti-Black, and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, often referred to as the “great replacement” or “white genocide.” These theories claim that minorities, multiculturalists, and a ruling elite are deliberately threatening the existence of the white race. The alleged 2019 attacker at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas cited similar grievances and inspiration for the attack, and both the Buffalo and El Paso attackers indicated they were inspired by the 2019 attacker of two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Only able to attribute one attack to those motivated by anti-black and anti-semitic motivations, the bulletin desperately moves to attacks in 2019 and attacks overseas, which has no relevance to the threat level in the United States. If overseas incidents are so important, why not cite attacks on Christians in Muslim nations or attacks on Whites in South Africa?

The bulletin is clearly politically motivated as the report completely ignores the more recent anti-White attacks at the Boulder Supermarket where a left-wing Muslim murdered 10 White Americans and the Waukesha Christmas Murders where a racist black nationalist murdered five Whites and injured 48 Whites. Nor did the bulletin reach back years to cite other anti-White attacks, especially those in Europe by brown Muslims. Those attacks would have been as easy to refer to as attacks in 2019, but the political motivation of this report was to attack Whites and Republicans, rather than assist in making public policy and aiding law enforcement in profiling of potential terrorists.

The report even mentions conspiracy theories about the Uvalde shooting, as if that was a terrorist attack, rather than a case of severe mental illness run amok. It appears that DHS is attempting to shoe-horn any violent crime into a terrorism angle, as if internet diatribes about events were a serious issue for law enforcement and intelligence experts.

Having been a Terrorism Liaison Officer in a DHS component assigned to a Regional Intelligence Center, the information in this bulletin is completely useless to intelligence and law enforcement agencies. It is clearly politically motivated hype, misdirection, and downright lies. We heard much about terrorist “chatter” after 9/11 and during the Iraq War. Sadly, what is referred to as “chatter” is not the same as ramblings on public websites like 4chan or Twitter. Muslim terrorists had their own secret chat sites and email exchanges that were the source of “chatter” intelligence, but what this bulletin is referencing is either not true, there is almost nothing on sites like Telegram making threats about the border or Uvalde, other than criticism of Biden Regime failure and the police response respectively. There is no talk about any terrorist action concerning either issue on the internet. Now there are always sick people cheering on such attacks, but their sick fantasies are not taken seriously by intelligence or law enforcement.

In fact, lone offender, the new phrase du jour for lone wolf, attacks are impossible to identify before those incidents occur as lone offenders don’t have an organization to infiltrate and monitor. That is why lone offender attacks, whenever by the insane or the politically motivated, are such a difficult issue.

The bulletin is also deliberately lying or deliberately misleading the public by doing a false dichotomy, in this case the attribution of the real violence from abortion advocates against churches and pregnancy centers to a imagined threat from pro-life groups.

Given a high-profile U.S. Supreme Court case about abortion rights, individuals who advocate both for and against abortion have, on public forums, encouraged violence, including against government, religious, and reproductive healthcare personnel and facilities, as well as those with opposing ideologies.

No mention here of the only real attacks against churches and pregnancy centers, most of which openly claimed by the pro-abortion terrorist group Jane’s Revenge. And where is the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)? No where. The FBI spends a lot of time infiltrating peaceable groups like Patriot Front or organizing terrorism using operatives such as Ray Epps, but refuses to infiltrate left-wing groups.

Also not mentioned in the terrorist threat bulletin were Antifa and BLM, two groups that are the most active terrorist organizations in the United States, even after BLM’s financial fraud has been exposed by the press and State charity regulators.

It is falsified “intelligence” information like this report that will be used to arrest mostly White American gun owners under Red Flag laws. Laws that RINO and Democrat Senators are voting for. This fake intelligence bulletin is another salvo in the war on the Historic American Nation.

Mexican Invader Wages War On Freedom Of Speech

Well, I’m uncertain if Luis Miranda is an immigrant or born in the United States, or if he is an anchor baby. He even could be Puerto Rican or from some other Spanish speaking nation. He could even pass for a White Hispanic. Even if an immigrant of some sort, or not, it appears that from his career as a paid professional liar for politicians, he has been in the United States long enough to understand that all Americans have certain inalienable rights, among those rights is freedom of speech, the freedom to even be offensive and insensitive, or even run counter to the core values of CBP. Of course, even if born here, the issue is one of acculturation. Suppose he was born here and raised in America. Did his parents talk to him about American values and freedom of speech? Did his schools talk about that American value, or were his schools steeped in multi-culturalism and anti-Americanism, or even anti-White bigotry? That is the problem with immigrants, especially large numbers of unacculturated immigrants, they become a fifth-column of treason and subversion.

And why is some random invader in the news. Well, Miranda is a senior official at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and he is vexed about some Americans expressing their views on important subjects of the day, specifically the invasion of America by organized bands of criminal aliens flooding across the border with the connivence of DHS and the Biden Regime.

Luis Miranda’s enraged and racist assault on the First Amendment, racist because freedom of speech is a White value, even if expressed by Hispanics, even White presenting Hispanics, and opposition to freedom of speech is anti-White at its core, is an attack on all Americans. Miranda’s latest anti-White panicked screed was caused by the recent appearance of a challenge coin depicting the now notorious, but in fact innocent, events of over one year ago, when mass numbers of Haitians began attacking the border from Mexico, crossing the Rio Grande without opposition. When the news of the flood got to Fox News, the Biden Regime panicked and ordered the Border Patrol to initiate some Potemkin enforcement action. Well, horse patrol units were dispatched to where the Haitians were crossing and the Border Patrol Agents (BPA) on horseback did what mounted agents do, they attempted to either block or arrest the Haitian invaders. An iconic photo was taken and the senile Joe Biden put foot in mouth, decrying the attempted arrest as some sort of civil rights violation. The DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, himself an invader, stated that such action by the mounted agents was illegal and steps would be taken.

One year later, the investigation has long been concluded, and, well, the BPAs were exonerated, as usual when the left lies about misconduct allegations regarding arrest procedures, use of force, and policy.

Since the exoneration of the BPAs involved, a challenge coin was created by a manufacturer to commemorate the exoneration and the triumph of justice for the White Hispanic agents who bravely fought to stop invaders that fateful day.

On June 10th, it was reported by the NY Times and the Washington Examiner, that Luis Miranda, assistant commissioner for CBP’s Office of Public Affairs stated that “The images depicted on this coin are offensive, insensitive, and run counter to the core values of CBP…”

It is important to mention that Luis Miranda is a Political Appointee with no experience as Law Enforcement and has never served in the military or as a first responder.

By title, Luis Miranda was a political analyst prior to being given the title of Assistance Commissioner by the Biden Administration.

He was previously employed by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee as the DNC Communications Director before being removed after the Wikileaks scandal.

It seems highly suspect for a DNC installed executive to be making these statements which are clearly politically motivated.

As if US Customs and Border Protection does not have enough important and even urgent issues and priorities, Assistant Commissioner Luis Miranda is now using Agency resources to conduct an investigation into Challenge Coins.

This, on the heels of a Border Patrol Agent coming to the rescue in Uvalde. He wasted little time trying to erase the positive news cycle with this, another attempt to smear those who protect the border by trying to paint a narrative of racism.

Report: Biden Administration Furious About New “Challenge Coin” Supporting Border Patrol, Mocking Liberal Agenda, by Sgt. A. Merica, Law Enforcement Today, June 11, 2022

The NYT was quite explicit, claiming the challenge coin was just a continuation of “anti-black” racism that dominates the immigration system.

For those not in law enforcement or the military, challenge coins are generally privately minted coins with a commemorative theme. The coins started in the military, with elite, then other units, using the coins as a morale booster. Usually the rule is that you have to carry your unit coin at all times, and if challenged at a bar to show your coin, you must produce it or pay for a round of drinks, hence the challenge in the challenge coin. The practice moved into law enforcement, though they are more souvenirs now with very little challenge in the coin anymore.

I obtained my first challenge coin in the late 2000s, but was never challenged to produce it while drinking with law enforcement colleagues. For law enforcement, it is mainly a medium of exchange in the good old boys network, when meeting another law enforcement officer, especially if you are seeking assistance or information for case work, one gives a challenge coin to grease the skids. Before, we used to exchange shoulder patches, the more obscure the better.

Here Are Some Challenge Coins From A Manufacturer
A Selection Of Law Enforcement Challenge Coins, It Is Big Business

Challenge coins have evolved from commemoratives and morale aids for specialists to a manner of exchanging favors and information in the law enforcement community. And the more unique the coin, the better the other person remembers you, and then you get better assistance. Quite frequently such coins are issued by law enforcement agencies for just such purposes or as commemoratives for training or operations.

However, our possible invader and political hack, Luis Miranda, Deputy Commissioner, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Office of Public Affairs, has pronounced the end of the First Amendment for any CBP employee, as such heresy as celebrating the exoneration of falsely accused White Hispanics is forbidden under pain of termination and public excoriation.

Invader And Seditionist Against The First Amendment Luis Miranda, Known As The Rat

It is a delicate issue for the White House after the public outrage last year — including from the president — after the Border Patrol’s response to the Black migrants crossing into Del Rio. At the time, Border Patrol agents on horseback were photographed corralling migrants, images that some people said were suggestive of slavery.

One image found its way onto an unofficial Border Patrol commemorative coin. The origin of the so-called “challenge coin” is under investigation by Customs and Border Protection’s Office of Professional Responsibility. A spokesman for the agency, Luis Miranda, said, “The images depicted on this coin are offensive, insensitive and run counter to the core values of C.B.P.

The office has been investigating the conduct of the agents who corralled migrants in Del Rio last year. The administration promised a swift internal investigation into the episode, but there has yet to be a public announcement regarding any findings.

Mr. Menendez called the lack of public findings “unacceptable.” Of the coin, he said, “Anyone who would create or circulate these racist tokens are unfit to enforce our immigration laws and have no place anywhere in our federal government.”

U.S. Accelerated Expulsions of Haitian Migrants in May, by Eileen Sullivan, NYT, June 9, 2022

Miranda stated that CBP’s Office of Professional Responsibility will investigate, even claiming that there may have been trademark infringements, which is unlikely, but in any event, such infringements are routinely ignored, so cannot be enforced selectively.

Looking at the coin, there are no trademarked images from CBP on the coin, though there is the U.S. Border Patrol (USPB) official logo that appears on the USBP shoulder patch and flag, though it is not trademarked, but in any event, there has never been a case where any Federal agency, much less USBP, CBP, or DHS have claimed a trademark violation arising out of an image on a challenge coin. In fact official images, trademarked or otherwise, are used widely in among challenge coin manufacturers and designers.

The Offending But Not Offensive Coin, Not That That Matters

Here is a manufacturer of challenge coins with USBP themes, many of the images used are official badges or images, but their use is not illegal or a violation of any trademark, and is protected by the First Amendment as political speech.

Logo For The USBP Shoulder Patch And Flag

Here is Miranda’s threat to shut down the manufacturer or retailer, but they have First Amendment protections, something an invader like Mayorkas or Miranda don’t care about.

“The CBP Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) is investigating whether or not it is being sold by anyone at CBP, and will take appropriate action if so,” Miranda added. “The CBP Office of Chief Counsel (OCC) will also send a cease-and-desist letter to any vendor who produces unauthorized challenge coins using one of CBP’s trademarked brands.”

Biden Administration Takes Legal Action Against Border Patrol ‘Whipping’ Coin Seller,
By Anna Giaritelli, Washington Examiner, June 10, 2022

And note Miranda’s personal Twitter account, he routinely makes political statements that reflect poorly on CBP, but his First Amendment rights are no greater than those of any BPA who purchases this challenge coin. He even makes certain in his bio that this is a “personal” account.

Miranda, whether an immigrant or child of immigrants is testimony that immigration is a real and present danger to the Constitution and the rights of all Americans. Time for him to be impeached and imprisoned for civil rights violations.

Another Paxton Victory

Ken Paxton, Attorney General for the State of Texas, has another victory over the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty, this time over the amnesty for criminal aliens. Some time ago, the Biden Regime and their Deep State operative Tae Johnson, instituted an amnesty for criminal aliens, releasing criminal aliens from custody during removal proceedings and dropping or not initiating deportation proceedings against criminal aliens. Ken Paxton and others filed a lawsuit against the criminal alien amnesty. Yesterday, Drew Tipton, United States District Court Judge, Southern District of Texas, issued his opinion against the the Biden Regime Criminal Alien Amnesty, finding Tae Johnson’s amnesty memorandum to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arbitrary, capricious, and unlawful, ordering it to be set aside.

Crushing Victory For Ken Paxton

This is a significant victory over one of the aspects of the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty and Paxton is the leader America needs on illegal immigration. Sadly, Governor Greg Abbott of Texas is talking the talk on illegal immigration, but not walking the walk. Previously Abbott claimed he would deploy sufficient forces from State of Texas, including State Troopers, Texas Rangers, and the Texas militia to physically prevent illegal aliens from entering as former Governor Rick Perry did when it mattered. Even worse, Abbott’s effort to embarrass Biden by transporting illegal aliens to Washington, DC was done in cooperation with the illegal aliens who wanted to go there. Abbott is failing completely, while Paxton goes from success to success, and should be the next DHS Secretary.

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has seen Abbott’s failures, and spoken out about those failures, specifically the failure of Abbott to order what DeSantis inaccurately calls deportation, but more accurately is push-back. Push-back is the law enforcement strategy to stop an unlawful entry by an alien by physically preventing entry or using force or the threat of force to cause the alien to retreat across the border back into Mexico.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is calling out Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for refusing to send illegal aliens back to Mexico, in the wake of heightened illegal crossings on Texas’ southern border.

“They let them come across and then you give them to the feds, and the feds just release them anyways,” DeSantis said, according to a report from Florida Politics. “What they need to do, Texas, is Texas should just send them back across the border.”

“Who cares what the feds are saying? They’re not doing their job,” DeSantis added. “Or not let them come across the border to begin with, because they go right across the river. They just walk right across. No one’s stopping [them]. Some pushback, I think, would be good. And I would send people to help with that.”

Abbott instituted Operation Lone Star last year as a means of combating the out-of-control illegal border crossings. However, OLS has been widely criticized as “political theater” mired with political, legal, and logistical problems.

Abbott’s recent idea for border security included busing migrants (on their own volition) to Washington, D.C., and halting all commercial traffic at the border for additional inspections. Critics say these plans have all failed to address the real problem: illegal border-crossers who are subsequently released into the U.S. rather than deported.

DeSantis Clashes With Abbott, Says Texas Should Send Illegals Back Across Border, by Brandon Walton, Texas Scorecard, June 10, 2022

Here DeSantis understands pushback, but it is implied that other illegal aliens who are also taken into State custody would just take the illegal aliens to a pedestrian bridge and force the illegal aliens through the one-way exit gate.

One-way Exit To Mexico

Now, the question is can a State take an alien into custody, then remove that alien? Clearly push-back is legal, preventing entry or physically forcing an alien to retreat back across the border is completely legal. It is not proscribed by law, therefore it can be done. But can a State go the next step by taking an alien into custody and remove that alien. Given the Supreme Court decision in Arizona v. U.S., which basically established Federal supremacy on immigration enforcement, likely not, though similarly, there is no statute preventing a State from deporting an alien. Push-back has more legal standing because it is preventing an alien from entering or forcing an alien to take action on their own. Actually detaining an alien and then removing that alien is quite different.

Since that is not prohibited by law, one can reason that the States are exercising their inherent authority to prevent an invasion by millions of, well, invaders. Just because they are unarmed, does not make it an invasion. States are authorized by the Constitution to repel invaders.

No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, lay any Duty of Tonnage, keep Troops, or Ships of War in time of Peace, enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State, or with a foreign Power, or engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.

Article One, Legislative Branch, unattributed, Constitution Annotated, undated

But, the statutes governing aliens and their deportation assigns authority to the Attorney General of the United States and the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. However, since there is no record of deportation, once could argue that the alien has not been deported, just physically removed and that alien has no legal recourse, but also no record of being deported. Of course, the alien is still subject to criminal prosecution for unlawful entry, but has no record of deportation, which in the future would allow the alien to remain eligible for certain immigration benefits.

Given that illegal aliens are acting in concert in an effective invasion and entering as part of an illegal conspiracy between the Biden Regime and international criminal organizations, the States are acting lawfully to prevent an invasion. But I don’t see a majority on the Supreme Court supporting Texas or any other State in taking this action. John Roberts is a squish, but would at least one other Justice from the right side also fold on this issue? Likely.

However, a new Congress can change that by authorizing States to push back illegal aliens and remove illegal aliens. In any event, I believe that States can act under Clause Three of the Constitution by push-back and physical removal. This does however open up the question of whether States can do this to other illegal aliens deep in the interior and can States put illegal aliens on planes back to their country of nationality?

Things should be getting fun as the U.S. government collapses under Biden’s senility and the upcoming conflict between Congress and his flailing and failing administration. Admittedly I was a skeptic on the issue, having actually been professionally deporting illegal aliens for many years, but in times of crisis, leaders make new rules.

The Lies Of ICE SVU

With nothing to do related to enforcement of the immigration and customs laws of the United States, ICE SVU, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Special Victims Unit, formally known as Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) is at a loss of what to do. Generally, it has decided to do almost anything other than immigration and customs law enforcement. ICE SVU refuses to enforce the immigration laws of the United States, it is led by Deep State saboteurs who think they make policy, rather than the President of the United States through his authority to see that the laws of the United States are faithfully executed and the Congress of the United States through its Constitutional authorized legislative authority. Basically the bureaucrats at ICE SVU are in open revolt, insurrection if you may, against our Constitutional order. It is as if they are a self-appointed fourth branch of government. ICE SVU also has developed an aversion to enforcing the customs laws of the United States, as blacks and browns dominate customs law violations, mostly drug smuggling crimes. Surprisingly, as ICE SVU came into being because customs pukes dominated the organization since it’s haphazard creation by the Homeland Security Act of 2002.

Then what is ICE SVU to do? Well, the Sex Police is their new designation, whereby they can pretend to enforce laws, but not have to arrest any blacks or browns and also give out green cards to black and brown illegal aliens who come to the United States to engage in prostitution. Simultaneously, ICE SVU allows mass illegal immigration all designed to replace the historic American nation and elect a new people.

The great thing about being the Sex Police is that you don’t even have to make any messy arrests, one just “works” with other law enforcement agencies, takes credit for their arrests, lies to the public about the horrible Federal crimes that have been solved, then passes out the green cards to the illegal alien victims, and presto, massive budgets and a public relations victory. Of course, no problem is solved, there aren’t even any indictments before a Federal court, ICE SVU Special Agents don’t even have to take time out of their day to write up investigative reports or affidavits in support of an arrest warrant. More especially no illegal aliens are in danger of deportation.

The latest manifestation of ICE SVU at work, or, more precisely, not working at all, but letting local cops do what local cops do every day, arrest prostitutes, pimps, and johns. But suddenly this quotidienne crime is now a major Federal concern of the largest investigative component of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

On Tuesday, results from an undercover operation dubbed “Spring Fling” aimed at targeting alleged sexual predators was announced by local law enforcement in partnership with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI).

HSI joined the Scottsdale Police Department Human Exploitation and Trafficking (HEaT) Unit along with Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, Surprise Police Departments along with Arizona State University Police Department for Operation Spring Fling.

This was an undercover operation targeting the demand for commercial sex, sex buyers, and human trafficking, which led to 43 arrests for crimes including child sex trafficking, prostitution, drug charges, and misconduct involving weapons. The focus was on hotel prostitution and street prostitution enforcement. The suspects allegedly solicited and/or brokered deals for various sex acts and were subsequently arrested.

43 Arrested, Cited For Drugs, Weapons, Crimes Against Children By HSI Phoenix And Partnered Agencies, unattributed, Press Release, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, May 27, 2022

Note the claim in the title of the press release, 43 were arrested by ICE SVU, but further in the press release, there is a list of the arrestees, 99% were for “prostitution,” which is itself false, as all the arrestees were named and all were male. While there is a fraction of prostitution offenders who are men, most prostitutes are women, even in homosexual hotbeds like San Francisco, as, quite frankly, homosexuals are much more promiscuous than heterosexual women and have no problem getting free sex, Grinder anyone? Homosexuals don’t need to pay for it given their bathhouse culture, which gave us AIDS and monkeypox.

This mischaracterization of the arrests, ICE SVU identifying those arrests as for “prostitution” is typical of ICE SVU’s intent to deceive the public. In fact, all those male arrestees were for solicitation of prostitution. Note that ICE SVU’s lies in the long list of arrestees was hidden with a one sentence admission that the arrests were actually for solicitation.

The suspects allegedly solicited and/or brokered deals for various sex acts and were subsequently arrested.

ICE SVU is so dishonest, that it combined solicitation arrests with pimping arrests, so the public is deceived as to whether the real criminals, the pimps were arrested, or just the hapless johns looking for real sex, rather than using the current fad of OnlyFans fake sex.

But of most importance is that all the arrests were for Arizona statutes by a local law enforcement agency, even the one arrest for Child Sex Trafficking was for a State statute violation! So, ICE SVU proudly featured itself as the lead agency, merely assisted by numerous local agencies, with absolutely no arrests for violation of any Federal statute. Further compounding ICE SVU’s crime, no aliens were identified as either seeking prostitutes, nor identified as victims of sex or human trafficking. Nor were any aliens identified as arrested for being the prostitutes, which is unlikely in Arizona since aliens, legal and illegal, dominate prostitution in Arizona; and almost all of those alien prostitutes, legal and illegal, are participating knowingly and freely; no sex slaves there, or almost anywhere in the United States.

So, if street and hotel prostitution is such a concern for ICE SVU, why were there no Federal arrests? Because that is the purpose of ICE SVU, to appear to be doing something, but in fact be doing nothing but issuing press releases and prominently displaying their blue and gold raid jackets. This is law enforcement theater.

Reality: ICE SVU Enforcement Theater
Fantasy: ICE SVU Theatrical Appearance Complete With Batman Mask

Concomitant with the fraudulent arrest theater in Arizona, ICE SVU also issued tweets purporting to explain their authority and interest in Federal laws related to the trafficking of aliens into the United States.

ICE SVU Deception

Note the use of two terms, human smuggling and human trafficking. It appears that someone at ICE SVU has not gotten the message that DHS only uses the terms human trafficking or sex trafficking, human smuggling is on the outs. But neither term is quite accurate, nor terms used in immigration law.

The traditional term used to describe the bringing of aliens to the United States unlawfully is alien smuggling, not human smuggling. This is part of the Biden Regime’s policy to use language to obfuscate the violation of immigration laws, as when the Biden Regime banned the use of alien when referring to, well, aliens. As with the term “human smuggling” the reader assumes that any human can be smuggled, not just aliens. And it is certainly not illegal to bring an American citizen or national to the United States.

The other term, human trafficking, is also not a legal term. There is nothing in Title 8 or Title 18 of the United States code that makes “human trafficking” illegal. It is also a new term designed to avoid using the legally correct term, “alien” to refer to persons not citizens or nationals of the United States. “Human trafficking” is also designed to conflate a violation of the White-Slave Traffic Act of 1910 (The Mann Act), the interstate transportation of women across State lines for prostitution, with the bringing in and harboring of aliens who happen to engage in prostitution, a violation of Title 8 United States Code Section 1324, Bringing In and Harboring of Certain Aliens, the actual alien smuggling statute, where “alien smuggling” is defined. Which means ICE SVU should be using the correct legal term for the offense they claim to be investigating, “alien smuggling,” not “human trafficking.” But because ICE SVU is under orders to minimized crimes by aliens and not even use the term “alien,” the American public is deceived and misled by the Deep State.

ICE SVU could also have used the term “sex trafficking,” which is based in law:

(9) Sex trafficking.–The term “sex trafficking” means the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for the purpose of a commercial sex act.

Victims Of Trafficking And Violence Protection Act Of 2000, unattributed,, undated

However, to obfuscate, rather than enlighten, ICE SVU is using misleading and legally inaccurate terms to describe the problem of illegal aliens involved in prostitution and mass aliens smuggling over the border with Mexico, most likely because there is no element to the crime of “sex trafficking” which requires there to be force, fraud, or coercion, which contradicts the ICE SVU and DHS position that illegal alien prostitutes are “victims” rather than co-conspirators in both alien smuggling and prostitution; the current fiction is that aliens never consent to commercial sex work, they are always forced to do it. Without force, fraud, or coercion, those aliens involved in prostitution are required by law to be deported as prostitutes, as well as deported for being in the United States illegally.

ICE SVU is fundamentally lying to the American people, because it has such contempt for the Constitution, the law, and the nation by defining deviancy, illegal alien prostitution and alien smuggling, down from a crime and a deportable offense, to a manifestation of victimhood status where the victim is rewarded with a green card.