Biden Regime On The Backfoot, Admits Crisis At The Border

And, of course, the solution is more amnesty! Infinity aliens is always the solution, but the admission that there is a crisis that needs solving has the Regime on the defensive. The solution to when your enemy is on the backfoot is to press the advantage. As the great German Field Marshal Eric von Manstein advised, always go on the offensive. More importantly the Biden Regime has asked for suggestions during an attack on soon to be Speaker of the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy, requesting his input on solutions. Request granted, here I will provide a comprehensive set of immigration reforms to address the current crisis at the border, and some beyond, but all in support of enhanced border security and an effective end to illegal immigration, whether over the border from Mexico, or aliens who overstay or otherwise enter illegally.

RINO Kevin McCarthy

First though, moppet Karine Jean-Pierre and her rather weak attack on Speaker McCarthy.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre insisted Republicans have ‘no plan’ to address immigration and engage only in ‘political stunts’ as GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy leads a delegation from Congress to the border in El Paso.

‘McCarthy has no plan. The Republican Party has no plan. They do nothing except do political stunts,’ Jean-Pierre told reporters about the GOP-led trip in a news briefing Tuesday.

‘He goes down there and he does a political stunt, like many Republicans do, that we have seen them do, but he actually is not putting forth a plan, a plan to help us, you know, deal with an issue that we’re all seeing that you all are reporting,’ she continued.

Jean-Pierre said that Biden had put forth a comprehensive immigration plan on his ‘first day’ in the White House.

‘The Republican Party Has No Plan’ Karine Jean-Pierre Calls Republican Leader Kevin Mccarthy’s Border Trip A ‘Political Stunt’ And Insists White House HAS A Plan To Deal With Crisis, by Morgan Phillips, Daily Mail, November 22, 2022

Well, in a way, the moppet is correct, McCarthy has no plan. Mostly because RINOs like McCarthy love the Slave Power and mass migration that drives down wages. What he does publicly object to is the bad optics on the current Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty, the flagrant open borders. McCarthy wants something more discreet, but he will not get that, instead he will get something more effective from this writer.

Here is the presser.

The Moppet Versus The RINO

I had a few suggestions earlier for McCarthy, but let’s get more comprehensive on this immigration reform, or a comprehensive immigration crackdown.

Let us start with the major problem, the Biden Regime is actively encouraging illegal aliens to come to Mexico and cross the border illegally and are not being deported. The only illegal aliens being deported who illegally cross the border are Mexicans. The Biden Regime is using a number of legal and illegal actions to release these illegal aliens into the United States, the foremost being parole, with the other method being a Notice To Report (NTR), which is a letter issued to a recently arrested illegal alien at the border, requiring that alien to report to a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office having jurisdiction over their intended place of residence. This was used extensively by the Obama Regime during the Children’s Jihad at the border with Mexico.

These two vectors of the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty can be countered by riders or amendments to any upcoming must-pass legislation, and the current debt-limit bill is the perfect mechanism for countering the ongoing Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty at the border. Many will argue that you cannot place non-budget issues into the budgetary legislation or the Parliamentarian of the Senate will not allow their inclusion. But that is for amendments proposed by Senators, so does not apply to language from the House in the bill proper, but in any event, this would be directly related to spending, as ending parole and NTRs will reduce the deficit immediately by ending direct spending on catch-and-release of illegal aliens and the ongoing costs of millions of illegal aliens on welfare and in public schools. McCarthy should then include language in the debt-limit bill suspending the parole authority and NTRs, including language requiring any alien who enters without inspection to be immediately removed back to their nation of entry, be it Mexico, Canada, or elsewhere in the Western Hemisphere.

Other legislative language should include criminal penalties for any officer of the United States who fails to enforce or causes another to fail to enforce this language.

The next step to take up the moppet’s challenge on dealing with the crisis at the border is retroactively end the collapse of the immigration court system, the Executive Office For Immigration Review (EOIR), but removing all aliens from the EOIR unless they are Lawful Permanent Residents (LPR (green card holders)), aliens admitted as asylees (approved asylum applications), and aliens admitted as refugees (aliens with an approved refugee application). Note that this does not apply to aliens applying for initial asylum or refugees status, just those cases already positively adjudicated, which is very few. What this language will do is remove 100% of the illegal alien population already in the United States from the jurisdiction of the EOIR and allow the EOIR to deal with the more legally difficult cases of deporting LPRs, refugees, and asylees. This can be done by making all aliens in the United States other than the above LPRs, asylees, and refugees, subject to Expedited Removal (ER), the administrative removal of illegal aliens without recourse to the EOIR or the Federal courts.

Any expansion of ER will have to be accompanied by language clearly removing any jurisdiction of any Federal courts to review or prevent a deportation, but what is also needed is language prohibiting any Federal court from ordering the entry of any alien into the United States, which is more common than most realize.

There are also a number of ways the Biden Regime might try to get around any of the above restrictions. One ongoing amnesty is that the regime has decided to allow the Asylum and Refugee Officer cadre at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to approve asylum applications by illegal and other aliens. This must be ended by prohibiting asylum applications by illegal aliens and aliens outside the United States, as in the Central American Minors Program. The Regime might try an end run on this by opening up the refugee system to more aliens. Note that technically, refugees are aliens outside the United States who claim persecution. Legislative language should include a strict limit on the numbers of refugees, as well as requiring that any refugee applicant must first be approved the United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees (UNHCR), which is a horrid bureaucracy that could by its very nature limit refugee applications. A limit to 15,000 the number of refugees legally admitted annually to the United States should be sufficient. This provision should be accompanied by language prohibiting the entry or release into the United States any person seeking or having previously applied for refugee status or asylum.

Then there might be another work-around concerning refugees, parolees, and asylum applicants that was created by the George H. W. Bush administration. After the Tiananmen Massacre, the Bush Administration created a new method of asylum or refugee entry; they gave B-1 Non-Immigrant Visas (NIV) to Chinese in China and in the United States as a method of entering the United States to facilitate an application for asylum. This happened just after I started with the legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), and was the most absurd abuse of immigration law ever done. The purpose of a B-1 NIV is to conduct commerce or business in the United States, not apply for asylum or use it as method of living and working in the United States. But the supposed “institutionalists” of the Bush wing of the Republican Party just created a method of immigrating to the United States in complete violation of the immigration laws of the United States. Language must be included prohibiting issuing an NIV in lieu of parole, NTR, an asylum application, or a refugee application.

Other language that can be included to solve the border crisis is non-feasance language that would force ICE SVU to get back in the immigration enforcement business. ICE SVU, as well as ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) are supposed to be enforcing immigration law in the interior of the United States and deporting all illegal aliens. The Biden Regime has implemented amnesties for those illegal aliens already here by ordering ICE SVU to end worksite and other interior enforcement, as well as ordering ICE ERO to stop deporting whole categories of illegal aliens already ordered deported. Those amnesties must be repealed. The language should require that all immigration officers of the United States to faithfully execute their duties without restrictions or sabotage from any supervisor, manager, or political appointee.

So, yes, McCarthy didn’t have a plan, but now he does. Let’s get this implemented in the next must-pass legislation. It appears the debt-limit bill will be the first and best chance to get this done.

The Parole Amnesty Is Being Implemented For Those Previously Deported

The Biden Regime has begun to implement their amnesty for illegal aliens previously deported, and using the parole authority in the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), section 212(d)(5)(A) and Section 8 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 212.5, Parole of Aliens Into The United States. The relevant language for parole in statute reads as following:

(5)(A) The Attorney General may, except as provided in subparagraph (B) or in section 1184(f) of this title, in his discretion parole into the United States temporarily under such conditions as he may prescribe only on a case-by-case basis for urgent humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit any alien applying for admission to the United States, but such parole of such alien shall not be regarded as an admission of the alien and when the purposes of such parole shall, in the opinion of the Attorney General, have been served the alien shall forthwith return or be returned to the custody from which he was paroled and thereafter his case shall continue to be dealt with in the same manner as that of any other applicant for admission to the United States.

Title 8 USC 1182, Inadmissible Aliens, US Code, undated.

This is the legal, if you can call it that, basis for certain aspects of the ongoing Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty, in this case the amnesty for previously deported illegal aliens and the wider parole amnesties. The Biden Regime has adopted the position that any alien for any reason can be paroled into the United States, including inadmissible aliens, intended immigrants, and previously deported aliens. While at first glance the parole authority of the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is broad, in fact, it is quite limited, both in time, each application must be individually reviewed and adjudicated, and in space, the allowable reasons for parole must be either significant to the American public or of urgent humanitarian concern. That means that there must be either something that benefits the American people generally, we must parole in a defecting enemy intelligence official with information that may prevent or win a war, or a small group of aliens might immediately die in a volcanic eruption without being temporarily allowed into the United States. And, yes, that was an actual case of the use of parole when the island of Monserrat was destroyed by a volcanic eruption and the Monserratians in the United States won parole and Temporary Protected Status (TPS). As usual, instead of returning to their nation of citizenship, Monserratians are British subjects, they abused parole and TPS to remain here, as usual for both parole and TPS.

The initial use of parole was justified, but later abused, as will happen again with the ongoing Biden Regime Parole Administrative Amnesty. In this case, as predicted, the Biden Regime has begun the use of parole to reward illegal aliens previously deported to re-enter, illegally, the United States. Illegally, as immigration law prohibits these illegal aliens who are being parole from entering the United States without an Immigrant Visa (IV) as they are intending to establish residency in the United States. There is a specific exclusion charge for this general class of aliens who want to enter the United States as immigrants, but have no IV, Section 212(a)(7)(A)(i)(I) of the INA, Intending Immigrant Without An Immigrant Visa. Previously deported illegal aliens also need a waiver of the applicable exclusion charge for previously deported illegal aliens, should the alien in question apply for an IV through the proper channels.

But no legal process for the Biden Regime, no review for humanitarian reasons, no examination if the parole benefits the American people, but only determining that the more illegal aliens the better, so the parole of previously deported illegal aliens begins.

Maria Esperanza Diaz Ruiz had expected to pay a smuggler to get across the U.S.-Mexico border. Then she learned the Biden administration’s new program would let her walk in for free, as long as she had a tale of woe from back home.

She’s one of the migrants who’s taking advantage of a new Biden policy that’s converting illegal immigrants into legal “parolees,” giving them a work permit and a foothold in America, according to the Center for Immigration Studies, which observed Ms. Diaz Ruiz and others coming across.

“This is real,” she told the center’s Todd Bensman. “This is not a magic trick.”

Her justification for gaining parole into the U.S. is that she says she worked for a Nicaraguan government official who was homosexual. Her ex-husband threatened both her and her boss, she told Mr. Bensman.

“I had to leave because I would be killed,” she said.

Armed with documents and a criminal background check, she joined a group of roughly two-dozen migrants who were entered into America’s border authorities’ system, driven to the border crossing between Mexicali and Calexico, California, and turned over to U.S. authorities.

Biden’s New Border ‘Magic Trick’ Welcomes Would-Be Illegal Immigrants, by Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, November 21, 2022

Now, we get the story, a lie, that Maria Esperanza Diaz Ruiz, known as the Rat, thinks she might be killed for some reason vague related to homosexuality and spousal abuse, neither of which is either of urgent humanitarian concern nor in the interests of the American people.

This is also related to the Biden Regime Asylum Administrative Amnesty as generally the Biden Regime is claiming that being the victim of a crime is a basis for asylum.

This abuse of parole can be solved by the new Republican majority, place a rider or amendment on the next “must pass” piece of legislation, budgetary or otherwise, suspending the parole authority, require all aliens paroled or released into the United States to leave, and prohibit any parolee from applying for any other immigration benefit. There is a template for such action.

It is time for Congress to do their job. Parole can then be permanently fixed under the Trump or DeSantis Administrations.

Treason Bar Jumped Into Action, To Deport Illegal Aliens From Martha’s Vineyard

Usually the Treason Bar is looking not to get illegal aliens deported, but for some strange reason, the Treason Bar jumped into action to, with the assistance of the Massachusetts National Guard, to assist in the deportation of a group of illegal aliens given a free plane tickets to Martha’s Vineyard.

And the Treason Bar was quite happy with their performance. In fact, they literally had a playbook, and used that. But a strange playbook it was. These illegal aliens had already been released into the country, in fact, these Treason Bar shysters had ignored pleas for assistance from the unwashed masses arriving at the border under Biden. And no surprise there, there was no publicity to be found at the border anymore. With Biden in office and the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty underway, they word out was not to publicize immigration issues on the border. Contrast this when the Treason Bar was rushing to the border, with considerable aid from smuggling groups, both domestic criminals and drug cartels. Why, because using kritarchs, the Treason Bar was trying to break the Trump effort on illegal immigration, much of which is based on my one column at, where I pointed out that illegal aliens could be immediately and legally returned to Mexico to wait for their immigration hearings. [More Options For Trump On The Caravan: Make Applicants For Asylum Wait IN MEXICO, by Federale, VDare, October 30, 2018]

But let us compare the response of the Treason Bar when Governor Ron DeSantis gave free airline tickets to illegal aliens.

The morning after dozens of migrants arrived unannounced last month on Martha’s Vineyard, immigration lawyer Rachel M. Self raced to the island from a citizenship hearing in Lawrence. She was in emergency-response mode. While driving, she tuned into a Zoom conference with fellow immigration lawyers to discuss strategy. From Cape Cod, she hitched a ride on a newspaper delivery boat to get to the Vineyard, and then by noon she had hailed a taxi to get to the Edgartown church where the migrants had spent the night…

“There’s definitely an activist, legal culture here in Boston,” Church, 52, said in an interview. “We spent four years doing this exact type of emergency response under the Trump administration, and we became really good at it.”

When the migrants landed on Martha’s Vineyard, there was no hesitation, Church said. “We just had a playbook, and we played it.”

The Treason Bar is claiming that this particular group of illegal aliens were all assigned a free attorney. Now, I think that is a lie, very few illegal aliens get free attorneys. How it usually works is that an attorney meets with an illegal alien, offers free legal advice on an immediate issue, but later on informs the illegal alien that further representation will cost money. Now many of these attorneys are acting pro bono as part of their duties with the Big Law Treason Bar, but immigration work is labor and court-time intensive, so most of the free legal work is temporary, related to high profile cases or only for a short period of time as benefits the political goals of the attorney.

When Migrants Were Sent To Martha’s Vineyard, A Spirited Team Of Massachusetts Lawyers Jumped To Help, by Tonya Alanez, Boston Globe, October 7, 2022

An important aspect of this is that these very concerned Treason Bar shysters were not at the border, meeting with recent illegal entrants and offering to represent those illegal aliens for free. These shysters did not become concerned until these illegal aliens showed up in Martha’s Vineyard. It is not as if there was any legal issue at stake, the Treason Bar has already passed on representing these illegal aliens when they arrived in Texas. But, suddenly, they had to be represented. Why, no real reason other than the politics of shipping illegal aliens to Democrat run sanctuary cities. According to the Treason Bar, illegal aliens who enter illegally no longer need free representation, but get a free ticket to Martha’s Vineyard, and suddenly there is an injustice that must be addressed.

Which brings us to the next step, in this case the Treason Bar shifted to another tact, these illegal aliens are now crime victims and deserve a green card because they accepted a free flight to Martha’s Vineyard. And by claiming to be a crime victim, which does not need an actual crime to have happened, nor does it require that a criminal be arrested, or a criminal indicted, only “certification” from a prosecutor or law enforcement officer than a crime happened. Then the illegal alien gets a green card. Which is also telling us that the asylum claim that underlies the fact that these illegal aliens were released at the border and not immediately deported back to Mexico, is obviously fraudulent.

A Texas sheriff has certified that the nearly 50 migrants flown to Martha’s Vineyard by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis were victims of a crime. That certification is a key step in qualifying them for a special visa they would not have otherwise been eligible for.

Texas’ Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar expeditiously signed certification forms for all of the migrants, according to Boston-based immigration attorney Rachel Self, who went down to San Antonio to obtain the paperwork.

“Based upon the claims of migrants being transported from Bexar County under false pretenses, we are investigating this case as possible Unlawful Restraint,” Salazar
said in a statement to GBH News. “We have submitted documentation through the federal system to ensure the migrants’ availability as witnesses during the investigation.”

The documents are key parts of applications for U-visas, which are reserved for crime victims, or people who witnessed crimes. Immigration attorneys like Self are seeking these visas for the mostly Venezuelan immigrants on the grounds that they were brought to the Vineyard under false pretenses.

Texas Sheriff Certifies The Martha’s Vineyard Migrants Are Crime Victims, Opening The Door For Special Visas, by Sarah Betancourt, WGBH, October 13, 2022

These Non-Immigrant Visas (NIV) lead eventually to green cards, then U.S. citizenship; the U NIV is part of a group of such visas, the T NIV for “victims” of alien smuggling and S NIV, for witnesses and informants, originally just for informants in terrorism cases, but now for any crime. The U and T NIVs are highly abused, with the U NIVs mostly for those falsely reporting crimes or claiming to be victims of minor crimes like petty theft as justification for the visa, while the T NIV is mostly used by prostitutes and strippers to get green cards.

This is a perfect opportunity for the Republican majority in Congress to end the S, U, and T NIVs.

Globohomo Takes A Hit In The Land Of The Rising Sun

The impact of Elon Musk’s hostile takeover of Twitter is still to be determined.  He is playing a balancing act with the vilest enemies of mankind and freedom, Jonathan Greenblatt from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and assorted Anti-White racists, and, of course, the Bush Center, all of whom want patriots silenced. The usual suspects attempted to force Musk to bend the knee. He sort of did.  

But then he complained about Globohomo threatening his advertisers.   

So, the jury is out on whether Musk is serious about freedom of speech or will cave to Globohomo and Jonathan Greenblatt.  But Musk has had some positive impact concerning the ongoing attempt by Globohomo to crush any opposition.  Not much in the United States yet, especially as I have had another Twitter account suspended.  No reason given, I’ve been very careful with this account. 

Musk’s firings at Twitter have enraged the left, especially that of the curation of the news.  Globohomo fears loss of control of what news people are allowed to see.  And they are in a panic.  The public might see news that is not “curated” for them. 

Some of the layoffs make sense, given the things Musk apparently has little regard for (human rights and accessibility, alarming!), but Twitter’s new owner apparently also made cuts to teams that seemed poised to help him extract more value from the company. The curation team curated the moments tab, programmed the trending topics section, provided context on those topics and also handled live events — many of the things Twitter does best. The team also worked to fight misinformation on the platform — a serious and consequential concerns that Musk has already made worse in less than seven days on the job. 

Elon Musk Just Axed Key Twitter Teams Like Human Rights, Accessibility, AI Ethics And Curation, by Taylor Hatmaker, TechCrunch, November 4, 2022

The tweets in reaction from Globohomo are telling.  The people cannot be trusted to view anything that is not “curated” for them. 

However, the impact on the Land Of The Rising Sun has been very positive though.  While Americans like myself are still being censored and deplatformed, the Japanese are enjoying their new found freedom from the censorious impositions of Globohomo. 

The word on Japanese Twitter is that in Trending, where the “curators” censor what is pushed to your timeline, has changed completely.  Previously the Globohomo curators had pushed more Globohomo rather than what the Japanese wanted to see, which is celebrities, anime, Jpop, and television dramas. 

The Japanese knew what was happened and are ecstatic to be free. 

Now, some may think that the Japanese people are shallow Babbits, unconcerned about politics and the wider world, concerned about only the worst of modern culture: celebrities, pop music, and children’s cartoons.  While some like Matt Walsh think that anime is satanic, I disagree.  Much of Japanese anime is very traditionalist, some even nationalistic.  Some examples of nationalistic anime is Space Battleship Yamato, based on the Japanese battleships Yamato and Musashi, and then there is Studio Ghibli’s basest anime, The Wind Rises, an anime about the designer of the Mitsubishi A6M fighter aircraft, the infamous Zero, Rei shiki Kanjō sentōki, Horikoshi Jirō, Globohomo to go into fits of rage.  This Jirō didn’t dream of sushi, but he was as much a perfectionist, and totally committed to Japan and Japanese culture as the famous sushi chef.

Much is also traditionalist, encouraging Japanese habits and behaviors, such as selflessness and service to the community, like Kiki’s Delivery Service.  Or a paean to the traditional Japanese family, My Neighbors The Yamadas. But what is more Japanese than a child forced into servitude by circumstance, but instead of rebelling, takes the opportunity to be the best bathhouse attendant ever, instead of complaining about her situation in life, that is the lesson of Spirited Away.  

This is relevant to Twitter and Globohomo as the Japanese are uninterested in social innovation and forever wars.  The Japanese pay little or no attention to politics in Japan, much less the world, mostly because Japanese politicians don’t hate the Japanese people.   The Japanese are content to leave politics to the samurai class.  And Japanese politicians fulfill their duty by protecting Japan and Japaneseness, as well as ensuring prosperity.  In return the Japanese people fulfill their obligation by electing those same politicians.  It is a circle of giri, duty or obligation, that makes Japan function so well, everyone, from the rulers to the ruled know their place in society and their obligations both up and down the social system.   

Part of this is that the ruled do not involve themselves in public policy, content to let politicians manage society.  To Americans, this sounds like Wilsonian rule of the experts, but unlike in the United States, the ruling class is not hostile to the Japanese people.  Therefore, the Japanese people do not concern themselves with politics.  There is nothing in Japan like the political engagement in the West, especially in America.  The Japanese don’t debate public policy unless there is a failing of the ruling class, then the Japanese express themselves and expect to see resignations, the new seppuku.  In Japan, when a leader, whether a politician, a bureaucrat, or corporate leader fail, they resign in disgrace.  Whereas under Globohomo, a failed politician, bureaucrat, or corporate leader just moves on to another sinecure.   

Consequently, the Japanese populace don’t discuss politics much, they are more concerned about other issues.  Twitter tried to force upon the Japanese the Globohomo system of politics as social conflict and division.   And the Japanese, as we see, objected to Twitter doing this.  The Japanese want no part of Globohomo and the politics of division.  The Japanese want to enjoy their Japaneseness, their anime, and their own celebrities.  Let them.  They have a ruling class that is not hostile to being Japanese. 

Sonnō Jōi, Revere The Emperor, Expel The Barbarians Of Twitter.  Will freedom of speech come to America? Time will tell.

Deep State Lady DACA Created The Online Censorship Of The Dissident Right

Lady DACA, Kirstjen Nielsen, former Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), appears to be the fountainhead of the Deep State program of censoring immigration patriots in particular and the Alt-Right in general. While we know that social media began its serious censorship after the Charlottesville Unite The Right demonstration and the Deep State was active against the 2016 Donald Trump election campaign, it did not get into high gear until DHS, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the Department of Justice (DOJ) began a deliberate campaign to defeat President Trump in his re-election bid. Sadly, it was President Trump who signed the legislation that the Deep State used to justify the campaign to defeat him and rid the internet of all dissenting voices to Globohomo in all its manifestations.

Lady DACA, Deep State Censor And Saboteur

Proof positive has come to the fore through the actions of Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt’s lawsuit against DHS’ censorship of the internet and a report from the DHS Office of Inspector General (OIG) detailing the “mission creep” of DHS’ Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) ostensibly created to counter computer hacking and other crimes that occur over the internet. Instead of fighting the fraud schemes that bilk billions of dollars from American and worldwide victims of internet fraud and the extortion schemes related to internet intrusion into government and corporate offices, Lady DACA decided that defeating President Trump and censoring Americans would be the mission of the CISA.

The stepped up counter-disinformation effort began in 2018 following high-profile hacking incidents of U.S. firms, when Congress passed and President Donald Trump signed the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Act, forming a new wing of DHS devoted to protecting critical national infrastructure. An August 2022 report by the DHS Office of Inspector General sketches the rapidly accelerating move toward policing disinformation.
From the outset, CISA boasted of an “evolved mission” to monitor social media discussions while “routing disinformation concerns” to private sector platforms.

In 2018, then-DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen created the Countering Foreign Influence Task Force to respond to election disinformation. The task force, which included members of CISA as well as its Office of Intelligence and Analysis, generated “threat intelligence” about the election and notified social media platforms and law enforcement. At the same time, DHS began notifying social media companies about voting-related disinformation appearing on social platforms.

Truth Cops, Leaked Documents Outline DHS’s Plans to Police Disinformation, by Ken Klippenstein and Lee Fang, The Intercept, October 31, 2022

It only got worse once Joe Biden was sworn in as President, but the censorship began under President Trump. Some will undoubtedly claim it was his plan all along, but I know better. Donald Trump had at least one major failing, it was the people he nominated and then refused to fire once it became apparent that they were not loyal to him and the Constitution. Whether it be Lady DACA, Rod Rosenstein, Elaine Duke, Jared Kushner, John Kelly, or the Dirty 19. Donald Trump could have saved his Presidency by judicious use of his power to first nominate those loyal to him and to fire those not. But he was thwarted at every turn. Imagine if he had immediately fired Rosenstein and released the top secret documents that showed the FBI and DOJ were engaged in their Russiagate witch-hunt? We would be into his second term. Personnel is policy, but President Trump did not realize that until the final year of his administration.

And Lady DACA was one of Trump’s worst appointments, all due to John Kelly, who recommended Lady DACA despite her lack of experience in intelligence, law enforcement, or immigration law. She was at best a minor bureaucrat with no accomplishments in DHS under Jorge Bush, and all her experience was on the administrative side, not operationally, like actually arresting and deporting illegal aliens.

Why Kelly was so enamored of her, one can only speculate. Frankly, I have seen the type in the legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), Department of State (DOS), the Federale Emergency Management Agency, and DHS. Slightly attractive blondes do get the their own affirmative action, all based on their looks. Gentlemen prefer blondes, and blondes take advantage of it, and the Peter Principle is in effect, they get promoted to their level of incompetence and we get disloyalty and immigration treason in the case of Lady DACA.

Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty, Open Borders At The Airports

Recently a VDare reader with a keen eye for observation noticed a problem at America’s airports. Not long lines at security screening (another Department of Homeland Security (DHS) problem), not horrible airline employees, not bad food, but the pretense of borders. [A Legal Immigrant Asks If The Biden/Mayorkas “No Borders” Policy Is Now Being Applied In Airports, A Legal Immigrant, VDare, October 24, 2022]

Notorious Homosexual Commissioner of Customs And Border Protection Chris Magnus

The short answer is yes, and this is undoubtedly part of the overall Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty, but the origins of this failure at the air borders, specifically at airport Ports-of-Entry (POE), is much deeper.

Some background will be helpful here.  POE is the legal term for any place designated by the DHS Secretary as a place of entry for aliens to be inspected, Americans to be examined, and goods of any type to be inspected.

Before DHS was created, POEs were co-managed by two Federal agencies, the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), a component of the Department of Justice (DOJ), and the U.S. Customs Service (USCS), a component of the Department of Treasury (DOT). Legally, the Port Director (PD) of USCS authorized the entry of goods at a particular place and administered duties to be laid on those goods. However, no person, alien or American citizen, could enter without authorization from the Attorney General (AG), so the INS and USCS components and respective PDs, were in a continual dance of authority and rivalry; a rivalry that was legendary within the Federal government, only surpassed by the conflict between the U.S. Secret Service (USSS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), as well as the competition between the FBI and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

I spent several years at an airport POE with the INS. In general, the relationship was good natured, but a bit standoffish. Each agency jealously guarded their prerogatives and there was little active cooperation, though we worked immediately adjacent to each other, the inspection booths where persons presented their documents for immigration inspection were within 20 feet of the inspection booths where customs inspections were carried out. The computer system we used for primary immigration inspection was a USCS system, the Treasury Enforcement Computer System (TECS), a Unix based 1970s green text computer technology was used well into the late 2010s when it was updated to a Windows based system. The INS used other proprietary systems in soft and hard secondary inspections for aliens with certain problems.

During training as an Immigration Inspector, we were cross trained and designated as Customs Inspectors, with the legal authority to perform both an immigration inspection under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) and a customs inspection under Title 19 of the United States Code, Customs Duties. However, a Customs Inspector could not perform an immigration inspection other than detain an alien for inspection by an Immigration Officer, though they were authorized to admit into the United States a citizen or national of the United States absent an Immigration Officer to perform that duty, with the only exception being at a land POE, where the Customs Inspectors were cross designated as an Immigration Inspector.

With the passage of the Homeland Security Act of 2002 and the creation of DHS, the INS and USCS were broken apart, recombined, and as separate subcomponents merged to create U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to deal with the border and interior enforcement, respectively.

The POE functions of the legacy INS and USCS were combined into CBP, which became “One Face At The Border,” dealing with all immigration and customs authority and actions at POEs, with Immigration Inspectors (II) and Customs Inspectors (CI) combined into one officer, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officer (CBPO). The U.S. Border Patrol remained a separate subcomponent to enforce immigration, customs, and drug laws between the POEs along the border and in the interior, with most interior Border Patrol Stations were closed under President Jorge Bush, resulting in a significant decline in interior enforcement as ICE became quite quickly ICE SVU as it was run by legacy Customs pukes.

The same thing happened with CBP. The Customs pukes took over; Customs pukes being the legacy USCS Inspectors and managers who effective executed a coup within CBP, excluding thousands of legacy INS Inspectors, supervisors, and managers from management and advancement, but were ignorant of immigration law and effectively ended immigration enforcement at POEs and were unwilling to learn immigration law or use the resources of IIs.

However, given the number of legacy INS employees in the early days of CBP, immigration law was enforced in a haphazard way and some INS employees were able to move into middle management as the War On Terror required some knowledge of immigration law. But once the Obama Regime entered the picture, immigration enforcement at POEs, like at the border (Remember the Children’s Jihad), collapsed as the Customs coup intensified.

However, CBP still went through the customs part of the inspection process at POEs. But only for a time. From my position in DHS at another component that had frequent oversight of CBP, I watch the transition and frequently spoke with former colleagues from the legacy INS about what was going on at CBP. Basically, the Customs pukes running CBP didn’t know anything but customs issues and all they cared about was catching drugs.

And someone noticed the problem.

Is the Biden/Mayorkas “No Borders” policy being applied in airports?

I am an immigrant to the U.S. of over 30 years’ standing, almost all as a Green Card holder.

Fairly often I used to go overseas. Reentering the U.S. on a Green Card used to be a fairly problematic experience. Always the card was carefully compared with a computer list, sometimes one was asked to step aside to answer questions.

Last week, coming back after my first post-COVID trip, none of this occurred. My documents were glanced at for less than 5 seconds, no questions were asked at all, and I was waved through.

I asked a friend, a veteran traveller (sic), was this usual now. He confirmed this, and also pointed out that baggage inspections seem to have been abolished. The whole exit process seems to be “Nothing To Declare“ in practice and no facilities for inspection seemed to be in place.

A Legal Immigrant Asks If The Biden/Mayorkas “No Borders” Policy Is Now Being Applied In Airports, A Legal Immigrant, VDare, October 24, 2022

A Legal Immigrant noticed the changes and I can confirm those changes.

The set up at an airport POE remained the same as in the days of the legacy INS, a passenger went first through immigration inspection and then customs inspection. All passengers filled out a CBP Form 6059B, Customs Declaration  and presented it during immigration inspection, where the Customs Declaration and the passport were stamped upon completion of the inspection. Then a passenger went to collect one’s luggage and got in line for a customs inspection where there was to be a baggage inspection, but not every bag was searched, in contrast to immigration inspection, where every passenger was inspected or examined. The last step was the passenger surrendering the stamped  Customs Declaration as the passenger left the Federal Inspection Service (FIS) area, exiting into the public area of the airport.

Soon things changed as A Legal Immigrant observed.  I also noticed changes as well, in both immigration and customs inspections, but long before 2022. In 2017, when I was returning from overseas, I noticed that CBP was encouraging electronic applications for examination of American citizens and inspection of some aliens, as well as developing an electronic customs declaration, such as Global Entry, and Mobile Passport.

Both these programs were designed to remove the CBPO from the examination of American citizens.  But the plan includes slowly move various groups of aliens, Lawful Permanent Residents (LPR) and certain aliens like Canadians at first, to being processed electronically, removing more CBPOs from the process. The ultimate plan is the replace the CBPO with technology.

Ostensibly this is to deal with the one problem CBP cares about, wait times at POEs. What CBP does not care about is catching illegal aliens and drugs, because it gets no complaints when illegal aliens or drugs slip through a POE, but does get complaints, and on an app, about wait times at airports and land POEs. DHS also wants to save money by hiring fewer CBPOs, and, more importantly, catch fewer illegal aliens and drugs.  That is part of the plan, open all the borders, not just those patrolled by the U.S. Border Patrol as we see from the current Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty.

During the period 2017 to 2018, I noticed that customs inspections were slacking, with customs inspection booths unmanned, but passengers funneled through lines for review, with few being taken out of line for a baggage search, but CBPOs were still collecting Customs Declarations after passengers collected their luggage.  Then in 2019 CBPOs stopped inspecting luggage  entirely and Customs Declarations were surrendered at initial immigration inspection, long before one got to the baggage carousals.  I thought this was very strange and indicative of open borders for drugs and other contraband coming through airports.

Then I noticed something more disturbing, short lines for visiting aliens.  At airports, lines are segregated between U.S. citizens, returning LPRs, and visiting aliens.  Usually at an airport POE, when one goes through immigration inspection as a visiting alien, there are long lines.  When I was working, lines could be hours long during the summer at an airport. But suddenly in 2019 those lines for visiting aliens were shorter and moving faster, much faster.

This tells me that inspection of arriving aliens applying for admission were getting little or no actual attention and every alien was just “being banged in,” which is a phrase from the old days of the INS when the Clinton Administration was on the warpath about long wait times at airport and land POEs. But back in those days we were still doing our job despite the hostility from the Clinton Administration and the Jewish then Commissioner of the INS Doris Meissner, who demanded that aliens be “banged in.”  Basically Meissner did not want illegal aliens caught at the airport POEs.

So, A Legal Immigrant’s observations are correct, no one is watching the airport border. Everyone is being “banged in” by the current homosexual head of CBP, Chris Magnus. We have open borders at airports as well as the land border with Mexico.

And this is the same policy at the airport POEs under the Commissioner of CBP, a notorious homosexual, Chris Magnus, who is implementing the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty at the air and land POEs.

Jewish Secretary Of DHS Knew Whipping Case Was Bogus From The Start

Jews are always talking about calumny, they constantly refer to lies about the Jewish people. One common calumny they cite is that Jews participated in the murders of young Christian children in order to use the blood of such children in the Passover ritual meal. The Jews are also enraged about claims that they control the media, with a special concern about Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, repeating that and other claims about Jewish control of finance and social media.

Flagrant Liar Alexandro Mayorkas, Jewish Secretary of DHS

One would think that Jews would then be especially sensitive about false and calumnious claims against others. However, they are not, at least in the case of Alexandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Mayorkas himself led a libelous calumny about against a pair horse mounted U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) Border Patrol Agents (BPA) when a photo was published showing the two BPAs attempting to push-back a flood of Haitian illegal aliens crossing the Rio Grande in violation of Title 8 United States Code, Section 1325, Unlawful Entry By An Alien.

The photo led to baseless accusations of the BPAs using whips to strike the illegal aliens. There was no truth in this allegation, as BPAs are not issued or authorized to use whips while on duty. Mayorkas participated in the lie even after the photographer of the incident publicly stated that there were no whips nor were the aliens struck with the reins used by the BPAs. President Biden even went on a senile tirade about the illegal aliens being “strapped.” It appears that Biden must have strapped with his father’s straight razor strop frequently when he was a child, though he could not get the party line down correctly as the claim was that the illegal aliens were whipped, not strapped.

It would be bad enough give the public statement by the photographer, but Mayorkas could claim he was unaware of the public statements of the photographer or attribution, but the truth is more damning for Mayorkas, and Biden, than previously reported.

In fact, Mayorkas was officially informed that the illegal aliens were not whipped, strapped, or struck in any manner outside training and practice, which is the lawful use of the horse to block or move back assailants. This is common training and practice of horse mounted units to control demonstrators, attackers, and rioters.

EXCLUSIVE: Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was told that the photographer who captured a clash between Border Patrol agents and Haitian migrants in Del Rio had said that the incident was being misconstrued – hours before Mayorkas joined a White House press conference where he didn’t challenge the false narrative.

The Sept. 24, 2021 email, obtained by the Heritage Foundation via a Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA), shines light onto internal deliberations surrounding the controversy in Del Rio, Texas, where Democrats and the White House pushed a narrative that migrants had been “whipped” or “strapped” by Border Patrol agents despite it being quickly debunked.

In fact, agents were using split reins to control their horses as migrants rushed across the river. But a narrative, based on a misinterpretation of photographs, was running and on Sept. 24 was further fueled by President Biden.

One should be shocked that the Jewish Mayorkas should participate in an open and flagrant lie akin what Jewish groups accuse other of doing. But such lies against the Border Patrol and immigration enforcement are not new and have a long and well document history, a history that I have a special interest in, as during my career I was a number of times falsely accused of abuse of illegal aliens, with each case resulting in my exoneration.

Mayorkas Alerted That No Haitian Migrants Were ‘Whipped’ Hours Before WH Press Conference, By Bill Melugin and Adam Shaw, Fox News, October 12, 2022

I have since documented the systematic and widespread lies from the press, the Treason Bar, and activist Anti-White racist groups about immigration law enforcement. The usual procedures is that the Treason Bar and activist groups like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), make an unfounded accusation or series of accusations, claim they have the victims, then the press, led by the New York Times, repeats their lies and adds some more lies to the mix, then some Anti-White group claims abuse is systemic and widespread, then politicians lie about the problem. An investigation is initiated, usually by the DHS Office of Inspector General (OIG), which about a year later releases a report that none of the allegations could be substantiated, usually because none of the identified victims told the truth or the “victim” refuses to make a statement or provide any evidence. Sometimes the allegation is concerning a public event, such as a Border Patrol involved shooting, and much is hyped about the “victim” who is only later confirmed to be an illegal alien throwing rocks at BPAs. No charges are filed and the Treason Bar, ACLU, and activist groups move on to the next contrived accusation. Sometimes they even get the Federal government to file false charges, where the BPA is found not guilty, multiple times. But they ignore the real problem at DHS, Hispanic corruption and misconduct. The ultimate intent of the calumny is to protect and encourage illegal immigration.

In the end, this false whipping incident is about the same, opening the borders to illegal aliens, 5.5 million since Biden stole the election and lied about these BPAs. One would think that Jews would be more circumspect about calumny, but it appears that they don’t care about the truth.

Visas Rotting In The Embassies

Crops rotting in the fields is a common trope used by the open borders lobby to increase unskilled and other immigration all based on the claim that there are millions of unfilled jobs just waiting for a hard-working alien, mostly revolve around the claim that farmers can’t harvest crops because of a supposed shortage of legal workers, or even illegal workers. It is always a lie, most agricultural enterprises rely on illegal alien labor as a business model for maximizing profits. This is the typical case of socializing costs and privatizing profit that many businesses rely on, and not just field work, but retail, restaurants, and manufacturing as well. Chipotle, for example, has long used this model. And when the jobs are rotting in the fields, the call is for more amnesty and more immigration.

A variance on the jobs rotting in the United States is the latest lie from the open borders crowd, lazy bureaucrats are allowing visas and applicants to rot in the waiting rooms of American Embassies and Consulates overseas. According to open borders crowd visas for hard-working and entrepreneurial aliens are taking too long to be issued and that is the cause of America’s inflation and economic decline. Inflation is caused by not enough cheap labor and purchased green cards.

A quiet crisis has been brewing in U.S. diplomatic posts around the world: months, even years, of visa-processing delays. As an entrepreneur and investor who seeks out the world’s top talent to create prosperity in America, I’m sounding the alarm. When we make it needlessly difficult to visit and work in the U.S., we miss out on talent, cause unnecessary headaches for residents and encourage businesses to move jobs abroad.

In New Delhi, an appointment for a nonimmigrant visitor visa takes more than 800 calendar days, or nearly three years; for a student visa, nearly 450 days. The Cato Institute found that more than half of U.S. embassies and consulates world-wide have a waiting time greater than six months for a visitor or business visa appointment, compared with 1% before the pandemic. More than 1 in 4 have a waiting time of a year or more.

The Other Immigration Crisis: Endless Visa Waits, by Joe Lonsdale, Wall Street Journal, October 9, 2022

Lonsdale cleverly does not give us the whole numbers, the United States issues about 1.5 million Non-Immigrant Visas (NIV) each year, most of which are issued overseas, and over 1 million Immigrant Visa (IV) are issued as well. The overwhelming number of temporary tourist and business visitors enter using the Visa Waiver Program (VWP), from countries that have low rates of visa fraud. Delays are likely as giving an alien access to the United States is a significant decision.

However, Lonsdale concentrates on Indians, which have a high rate of visa fraud, both for employment, business, and tourist visas. And complains that China has an even longer delay, but does not mention the corresponding high rate of fraud and national security threat. Lonsdale thinks that a visa application is meaningless and should be approved like an online purchase at Amazon. Which, is really what he wants, automatic approval of any visa application because more people means more profit for his paymasters, especially in driving down wages and increasing the number of consumers.

He also does not seem to really know much about the immigration system, conflating non-immigrants with immigrants as well as outright lies, such this whopper that once someone has applied for a immigration benefit in the United States they cannot leave until it is adjudicated. Apparently this “immigration expert” has never heard of parole, which was created just for this situation, and much abused.

But his real concern is for the aliens, and the fraudulent programs they abuse. He is deeply concerned that Chinese citizens are not getting their purchased green cards soon enough.

In March Congress enacted the EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act of 2022 to streamline the immigrant-visa process for foreign investors who commit significant capital to the U.S. But that reform is swamped by slow administration. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services advises applicants that 80% of cases (excluding Chinese nationals, who take even longer to process) are resolved within 52 months, or nearly 4½ years.

And by significant capitol he means merely depositing $500,000 in an investment. There is no need to actually manage an ongoing enterprise, which the program was originally sold as, bringing in an entrepreneurial class of investors, but in reality is just purchasing a green card with a cash deposit in an investment scheme of which the purchaser is not involved in the management or direction with no need for the “investor” to create and grow a business with employees in the United States. All the “investor” has to do is make a deposit.

Lonsdale is also solicitous of Indians for some strange reason, who are driving down wages in high tech and are leading the suppression of free speech in tech.

Americans broadly support high-skilled immigration and a reasonable visa regime. It’s become a running joke in Silicon Valley that major Canadian cities such as Toronto and Vancouver are now “waiting rooms’’ for high-skilled foreigners who got unlucky in the crapshoot that is the U.S. immigration system. We shouldn’t laugh, since America and its economy are the butt of the joke…

For many U.S. Indians, one of our largest immigrant populations, the dysfunction is becoming personally untenable. Even permanent U.S. residents with family in India may reconsider working here if relatives have to wait years for a short visit.

Frankly, I wish Indian Lawful Permanent Residents (LPR) would leave, so wages in high tech for Americans would increase. This is really the issue. Lonsdale is more concerned for aliens than Americans. He is more concerned about Google’s profit than family income for Americans. That is the story of the American ruling class and their hired guns. They care only for foreigners, not Americans.

The Latest Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty: Venezuelan Zerg Rush

The Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty has expanded, this time to Venezuelans outside the United States. That means an amnesty not for illegal aliens in the United States, but Venezuelans who want to be illegal aliens. Instead of stopping the Venezuelan invasion, instead of deporting those illegal aliens who cross illegally over the border with Mexico, the Biden Regime has decided to give Venezuelans a preemptory amnesty, even before they arrive.

This is not the first preemptive amnesty, the Obama Regime set the pattern with the Central American Minors Program (CAM), where any minor from Central America was eligible to come to the United States, obtained a temporary permit to live in the United States, but also become eligible for housing, food, welfare, and schooling, all at the expense of the American taxpayer. Ostensibly this was presented to the public as relief for minors who are victims of some vague injustice, poverty, or persecution akin to asylum. The process was that these minors would apply for asylum, be denied asylum as those minors do not meet the legal definition of asylee or refugee, then upon being denied refugee or asylum status, they would be paroled into the United States to alleviate their poverty or tale of abuse by family, neighbors, or gang members.

In fact, the program was a fraud, designed to reunite the children with their illegal alien parents or other relatives already living in the United States. It was, and continues to be under the Biden Regime, an illegal program in violation of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), as amended, which created specific immigration categories, of which being the child of an illegal alien is not one of those lawful categories.

The Department of Homeland Security on Wednesday announced it would seek to block irregular migration from Venezuela by expanding a Trump-era policy and kicking off a new program for Venezuelans fleeing the country.

The new program is modeled off of the Uniting for Ukraine program that allowed people in the U.S. to privately sponsor Ukrainians, in this case allowing up to 24,000 Venezuelans to secure a work authorization for up to two years.

But along with the new program, the U.S. said it will now expel Venezuelans who cross the border from Mexico, extending the Title 42 program that allows U.S. officials to quickly expel foreign nationals crossing the border.

Until the announcement, Venezuelans were not subject to Title 42 expulsions because neither their home country nor any other third country was willing to accept their return.

DHS Expands Trump-Era Policy To Venezuelans While Opening New Pathway To US, By Rafael Bernal And Rebecca Beitsch, The Hill, October 12, 2022

Note three interesting aspects of this “program,” which is highly technical with detailed requirements, none of which is in any immigration statute. One is that Title 42 is back on, despite Joe Biden stating publicly that the China Flu pandemic is over. The next aspect is that Venezuelans were previously not subject to Title 42 because no country was willing to accept them. Well, that is not a concern in deportation law. In any event, since Mexico was the source nation, they can be, like other third-country nationals, returned to Mexico either through deportation or removal, or subject to the Remain-In-Mexico program, which is part of immigration law. Any inadmissible alien who applies for admission from Canada or Mexico is required to remain in either nation while their deferred inspection or hearing before the Executive Office For Immigration Review (EOIR), the immigration courts, is conducted. For the record, I am the person responsible for the Trump Administration creating the Remain-In-Mexico program, as it was I who dug this nugget up from the INA. Someone, I’m looking at you Stephen Miller, read my blog post on VDare and the rest was history.

Thirdly, the Uniting For Ukraine is just as suspect a program, for all three programs, CAM, Ukraine, and Venezuela, themselves are an admission of illegality, for if CAMs, Ukrainians, and Venezuelans qualified for refugee or asylum statues, they would use those programs. However, none of these groups meet the legal definition of refugees or asylees.

The Venezuelans will receive a two year work permit, welfare, housing, and food stamps, with even convicted criminals and previous deportees eligible, provided the deportation is outside a 5 year window.

To be eligible for the program, Venezuelans cannot have been removed from the U.S. in the last five years or “irregularly entered Mexico or Panama.” Many Venezuelans have crossed into Central America through the Darién Gap, the roadless jungle territory connecting Panama and Colombia, Venezuela’s western neighbor. They also must complete security vetting.

Venezuelans already here will be eligible and only need an American sponsor, though legally that sponsor is not liable for any welfare use or criminal activity. In no case even with legal immigrants, has a sponsor been held responsible for the welfare use of an immigrant, though the legal immigration process for family members requires a sponsor that signs a promise to pay for any welfare liability. Though the public charge law is not enforced anyway.

There is no limit to the number of Venezuelans who will be eligible, all Venezuelans qualify, including the six million who have fled Venezuela already.

According to the UN, more than six million people – more than a quarter of the country’s residents – have fled Venezuela’s ongoing economic and political crisis.

One must emphasize, like many aspects of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty, such as Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA), and the various programs in the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty, there is no lawful basis for the program itself or the specific requirements of the program. There is nothing in law that says the President can allow a mass influx of aliens, give them work authorization, welfare, and other benefits, and then create a requirement such as a sponsor. There is just no statute authorizing such a program.

Ken Paxton, A Nation’s Eyes Turn To You

Hopefully Ken Paxton is on the case and will be filing a lawsuit in Judge Andrew Hanen’s court soon.

Soros District Attorney Announces Americans Will Go To Prison, Illegal Aliens Will Get A Sweetheart Deal

One of the principals of American legal jurisprudence is that all are equal before the law. We all know that is increasingly not true, blacks are allowed to murder Whites in the street if the black says the White used the N-word, police are instructed to be hands-off on blacks and other minorities, while Whites like Kyle Rittenhouse, the McMichaels, or Derrick Chauvin get double prosecuted for non-crimes.

Mike Schmidt, Search Out The Great White Defendant

The latest iteration of the double standard is that now illegal aliens, and even legal aliens, are not getting prosecuted, getting generous plea deals to infractions or misdemeanors, while Americans, mostly White, will get multiple felony prosecutions for the same crime. That has been more or less the unwritten rule among Democrat prosecutors, but now the rule is being put down in black-and-white. Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt has issued a public proclamation announcing the new Soros designed policy of sweetheart deals for illegal aliens, while Americans will pay the full penalty. This is just an extension of Schmidt’s long support for criminals of all sorts, mostly designed to keep blacks out of prison, a policy that he ran on and was elected and reelected on. Obviously the problem is how he will explain this to his black criminal constituency.

The policies would mitigate disproportionate impacts of the criminal justice system on noncitizens without creating more lenient sentences, DA says.

Multnomah County Deputy District Attorneys will now consider immigration consequences when charging, making plea bargains, and sentencing noncitizens in an effort to avoid deportation when possible, District Attorney Mike Schmidt announced Thursday. Schmidt said the new policy aims to mitigate disproportionate impacts the criminal justice system can have on immigrant communities…

The new policy directs Deputy District Attorneys to reach “immigration neutral” case resolutions whenever possible, meaning prosecutors should bring charges that don’t result in automatic deportation for noncitizens…

Under the new policy, prosecutors may opt to charge an immigrant with reasonable charges that do not trigger automatic deportation proceedings under federal law.

Multnomah County District Attorney Announces “Immigration Neutral” Prosecution Policies, by Isabella Garcia, The Portland Mercury, October 13, 2022

First, the claim that dropping or reducing charges will not result in more lenient sentences is just a lie. The difference between a deportable offense and a non-deportable offence is generally, though not always, the difference between an infraction or misdemeanor on one hand and a felony on the other, or a single misdemeanor versus two or more misdemeanors. In any event, there is also a sentencing difference between infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies, so the inevitable result will be aliens, legal and illegal, getting little or no time in prison and an American catching a felony and a long prison sentence.

The second important point is that Schmidt’s explicit policy is that aliens will get more “reasonable charges” than those of Americans. That is the most clear statement that Multnomah County will be making prosecutorial decisions based on national origin, something prohibited by the Constitution. It is shocking that this Soros prosecutor is so open about his illegal policy. Soros prosecutors are doing the hunt for the Great White Defendant and, importantly, giving aliens a pass on criminal prosecution to free up the time of Deputy District Attorney’s in Multnomah County to seek out and persecute Sherman McCoys on trumped up charges.

Ostensibly this is about ‘non-violent” crimes, but no where in the policy is it restricted to so-called minor crimes. Of course, if you charge a felony with a misdemeanor, you make a serious violent crime into a non-serious, non-deportable crime.

“Prior to these reforms, non-citizens accused of a crime could be sent back to their country of origin and given a lifelong ban from reentry for non-violent offenses, where a naturalized US citizen charged with the same crime may only receive a few months probation sentence from a judge,” DA Mike Schmidt stated.

“In this circumstance, deportation does absolutely nothing to make us more safe. Instead, it has the potential to break up families, compromise household incomes, and propagate generational inequity. These outcomes make us less safe,” DA Schmidt continued.

DA Mike Schmidt, Community Stakeholders Announce Immigration Reform Policy, unattributed, Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office Press Release, October 13, 2022

Instead of equal justice under law, aliens, legal and illegal, will benefit from special attention and consideration at every step of the prosecution status, something most Americans do not benefit from.

Among the reforms the policy offers is ensuring that Deputy District Attorneys explicitly consider immigration consequences at all phases of a criminal prosecution, including charging, plea bargaining and sentencing, in order to obtain an immigration-neutral case resolution wherever possible.

The result is that time pressured Deputy District Attorneys will just drop charges, reduce charges, and give sweetheart sentencing deals out wholesale to aliens, as that is what bureaucrats do, use the path of least resistance. But the important point is that Americans will not get such consideration and mercy.

The big question is how this will impact blacks, who are the disproportionate source of crime in Multnomah County. Searching out Sherman McCoys is difficult and time consuming, so perhaps this will result in more prosecutions of blacks. One can only hope. Blacks are the dumbest of criminals and prosecution is as easy as falling off a log.

Hopefully though the next Trump Administration or a DeSantis Administration can prosecute Schmidt for these civil rights violations of Title 18 United States Code Sections 241 and 242.