Where Is ICE SVU On The Smugglers Who Brought The Caravan Of Death To America

The Caravan of Death To America By Demographic Displacement has since arrived in the United States.  Approximately 327 somehow entered the United States, legally or illegally, all in defiance of American immigration law, and sometimes with the assistance of #DeepState saboteurs of #TheResistance embedded in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  None have any valid claim to either refugee or asylum status and, more importantly, all were smuggled into the United States by an international alien smuggling ring called Pueblo Sin Fronteras, a criminal organization based in the United States and led by infiltrators masquerading as American citizens.

VDare’s patron, Peter Brimelow, asked me to comment on the number of these illegal aliens who have since been released.  Sadly the number is too many, though that number is not known, only one confirmed released so far, but likely more.

For seven days, volunteers walked groups of refugees to the gray metal door that led to the United States so they could request asylum. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services said 327 cases of people seeking asylum from the caravan were referred to them and 216 were screened. Of those, 205 passed their credible fear interview, successfully proving to an immigration officer that they have a legitimate fear of being returned to their country, a crucial early step in the asylum process.

[A Long Walk Under The Lights, by #FakeNews Adolfo Flores, Buzz Feed, June 3, 2018]

Sad to say even one released is a crime, a crime against the United States, as U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), illegally fails to enforce the immigration laws of the United States, in this case by failing to determine if the claimed fear of the asylum applicants is not as the article says “legitimate,” but “credible.”  And credible it is not.  Fear, credible or not, of common crime, is not the standard for asylum or refugee status, but persecution by a government is the standard, and not claimant in the Caravan Of Death To America By Demographic Displacement.

However the number released is not the real issue, the number is small and adds little to the 20 million illegal aliens in the United States.  However as stated before, this is a colossal failure of the bubble headed bleach blonde of DHS, Kirstjen Michele Nielsen.  As evidence, as if more was needed, see that the notorious ICE SVU has not made arrests of the smugglers of these illegal aliens yet.

Let us meet the alien smugglers of Pueblo Sin Fronteras, first Irineo Mujica, an unhappy immigrant from Mexico who hates his host country, the United States.  Nothing is more common than the Mexican immigrant angry at the United States and all the more willing to make America into the shithole he fled, Mexico:

Irineo Mujica, the head of Pueblo Sin Fronteras, started as a media-savvy activist who opened up migrant shelters in southern Mexico and a photojournalist documenting the plight of Central American migrants. A native of Mexico, he moved to the United States as a teenager and now holds dual US–Mexican citizenship.

For many years in the US, he felt disconnected from the immigrant community — until his father died in Arizona. Mujica felt that his father was often ignored and his wishes dismissed during the eight months he lay in a hospital bed because of his “indigenous” looks and inability to read or speak English well. For Mujica, that made the problems of immigrants personal, and the rage he felt after his father’s death was softened by helping them.

And his hatred of America because a money making machine, the ever profitable alien smuggling.

In 2008 he helped organize a Holy Week caravan. Tying the caravan to Holy Week and Jesus’s walk to his crucifixion was a way to try to get Mexicans, who weren’t always kind to migrants, to empathize with their plight. “It was more brutal back then,” Mujica said. “Migrants would be grabbed and beat up all the time.”

Only 50 to 60 people participated in that caravan.

But Mujica was ambitious, like a street level drug dealer selling dime bags, he dreamed of more illegals to bring to the United States, this time with political cover, much like the Black Panthers who presented themselves as a political organization, but in reality they were drug dealing terrorists or like Pablo Escobar who also started small, Mujica got bigger.

The caravan that set out this March was different. Not only did it include entire families, but it was much larger than any previous such undertaking, with 80% of the people composing it coming from Honduras. Rows upon rows of Central Americans carrying jugs of water, backpacks, and tired children took over entire lanes of highways in the beginning, confidently crossing immigration checkpoints. They marched past Mexican immigration agents who, under different circumstances, might have made a move to detain them, since they were in Mexico without legal authorization.

Mujica is not the only “American”‘ involved in this alien smuggling cartel, meet Alex Mensing, deracinated #SoyBoy for busting the historic American nation.

Alex Mensing, 29, a paralegal at the University of San Francisco’s Immigration and Deportation Defense Law Clinic who serves as Pueblo Sin Fronteras’ project director, said the group will probably do another caravan, though it might not look quite the same. One aspect they are evaluating is how to handle the media attention and how to make sure refugees don’t hurt their chances of asylum by sharing their stories.

“Some of us are a little more inclined to let the truth be seen and to allow asylum-seekers to determine what to say and when they say it,” Mensing said. “Unfortunately, people are about to enter a legal process that will use everything it can to break them down and deny access to protection.”

Mensing, whose journey into the immigrant rights movement started in high school when he studied in Argentina and continued with work in migrant shelters, is now focusing on following all of the asylum-seekers’ cases. Several women and kids have been released while their cases play out in immigration court.

Interestingly, someone at DHS is thinking about a criminal case against the Soy Boy alien smugglers, but it does not appear to be ICE SVU, which is no surprise to your humble correspondent.

One man detained from the caravan said agents asked him if he had to pay to join it and whether anyone had forced him to join; he said no to both questions.

Interesting line of questioning, but in no case is the charge of alien smuggling, Title 8 United States Code, Section 1324(a)(1)(A)(i), Alien Smuggling, require a payment by the alien.  Alien smugglers can be prosecuted for being politically motivated rather than having a pecuniary interest in the act.

The shocking aspect of this though is that ICE SVU has done nothing despite its claim to be the investigative arm of DHS.  Despite Soy Boy Mensing being located in Oakland, CA, Ryan Spradlin, the Special  Agent-in-Charge of the San Francisco Field Office of ICE SVU, has done nothing.

Your correspondent has had suspicions of Thomas Homan, he talks the talk, but in important cases like the Caravan of Death To America By Demographic Displacement, he has studiously ignored alien smugglers like the Mexican activist Mujica and Soy Boy Mensing.

As stated before, personnel is policy.  Time for President Trump to insist on criminal prosecution of Pueblo Sin Fronteras, their financial backers, likely Soros money, Mexican revanchist Mujica, and the Soy Boy SJW Cult Marxist Mensing.  A criminal prosecution and RICO lawsuit will flush out the Soros money, as this caravan had plenty of money behind it.  Time for action this day!




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