Confirmed, Lady DACA A #DeepState Saboteur

Kirstjen Nielsen is not a supporter of strong borders, nor of the Trump Agenda on immigration.  She is not even particularly competent manager, much less a change leader in an area that is the most important aspect of the Trump Agenda, the preservation of the historic American nation.  In an odd piece, Politico exposes her as a typical Bush lackey and not particularly competent one at that.  I will disagree on the specifics though; the response to Hurricane Katrina had no real issues.  The problems to the response, or more accurately, the deaths and incompetence in Louisiana, particularly in New Orleans, lay at the feet of Governor Mary Landrieu and the moron Mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin.  The Federal government, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in particular, are charged with supporting State and local responses to disasters by funding pre-disaster training and post-disaster financial support.  Neither Governor Landrieu nor Mayor Negin were competent enough to take advantage of pre-disaster planning nor could they manage their response.

However, one does not fault Nielsen for competence in a technocratic measurement.  Her problem is that she does not understand that immigration is a political issue that the Democrat Party is using to flood the country with Third Worlders for the purpose of electing a new people by the demographic displacement of white Americans, the destruction of the Constitution, and the subjugation of Christianity to Islam and paganism.

Rather than go through the tendentious article, let this one paragraph suffice:

Still, others who have known Nielsen for many years told POLITICO Magazine that Nielsen is taking arrows inside the administration as well, as she battles those who support a harder line on immigration than she does. A one-time colleague in the Bush administration, who has kept in touch with Nielsen over the years, said Nielsen has been trying to display loyalty to Trump while also working to soften the approaches favored by immigration hard-liners like White House senior adviser Stephen Miller. “If people knew the role she played in trying to control the chaos that’s taking place in the White House, she’d be a hero,” the former colleague said.

[‘That’s Not the Kirstjen We Know,’ by Joseph Guinto, Politico, July 2, 2018]

Basically what we have is a Bushie claiming or admitting that Nielsen is an operative whose purpose is to be #TheResistance in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to the Trump Agenda of protecting America from being overrun by illegal aliens.  What sort of person do you have to be to be so openly dishonest.  She pretends to be some sort of technocrat that will make the deportations run on time, but in reality wants to sabotage those deportations.  And, from her record, that is abundantly clear.  She is allowing sabotage of the reforms the Trump Administration is attempting, from asylum reform to cranking up deportations.  In every instance, Lady DACA is sabotaging their implementation or protecting the saboteurs.

Time for the promotion of Thomas Homan to the Secretariat.  He is available and has had a few days of retirement to get tan, rested, and ready.

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