ICE SVU Missing In Action In The Shithole By The Bay

The shithole of San Francisco is in the news again, but not for the human feces and human detritus littering the once beautiful City By The Bay.  The issue again is illegal aliens benefiting from the Sanctuary City, and Sanctuary State of San Francisco.  Illegal aliens are now authorized to vote in San Francisco elections and the State of California issued a driver’s license to the Rideshare Rapist.  And U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Special Victims Unit (ICE SVU) has ignored both issues.

First, voting by illegal aliens in Baghdad-By-The-Bay.

The Department of Elections in San Francisco on Monday issued voter registration for illegal aliens to allow them to vote for members of the city’s Board of Education in the Nov. 6 election.

Becoming California’s first city to allow non-American citizens to vote in local elections, Supervisor Norman Yee said, “We want to give immigrants the right to vote.”

[For the record, “immigrants” are people who come to America through the legal process, while “illegal aliens” sneak into the country.]

In order to vote, the illegal aliens must live in the city, be at least 18 years old and be the “parents, legal guardians or caregivers of children under the age of 19 who also reside in San Francisco,” ABC-7 reported.

[San Francisco Begins Registering Illegal Aliens To Vote, by Joseph Curl, The Daily Wire, July 17, 2018]

The next story is about the illegal alien Rideshare Rapist, Orlando Vilchez Lazo, known as the Rat, the Lyft driver who raped at least 4 women using his Lyft status to lure inebriated women into his vehicle outside of bars and nightclubs in the City.

Ride-sharing company Lyft said Tuesday that it’s investigating how a former driver now charged in a series of rapes passed a background check even though federal immigration officials say the suspect was living in the country illegally.

The San Francisco district attorney’s office charged Orlando Vilchez Lazo, 36, with raping four women while posing as a ride-share driver in San Francisco.

Lyft spokeswoman Kate Margolis said the company is investigating Lazo’s employment history…

Margolis also said it appears Vilchez Lazo “fraudulently represented himself” in applying to drive for Lyft and passing its background check despite his immigration status. The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency said Tuesday that Vilchez Lazo was living in the United States illegally.

[Man Suspected in California Serial Rapes Drove for Lyft, by Paul Elias, AP/US News And World Report, July 17, 2018]

Lyft claims it did a background check and that all contractors are required to be authorized to work in the United States.  That is not likely true; Lyft and Uber are both notorious for hiring illegal aliens.

What is less clear is how Vilchez Lazo was able to drive for Lyft while he was in the country illegally. The company says it hires a third party for background checks that uses an applicant’s Social Security number to check the driving history and criminal record.

[Undocumented Immigrant In SF Dubbed ‘Rideshare Rapist’ Denied Bail, by Evan Sernoffsky, San Francisco Chronicle, July 17, 2018]

Neither Lyft nor Uber use E-Verify to screen out illegal aliens.  Lyft claimed they check applicants by using their Social Security Number.  Illegal aliens have access to Social Security Numbers, Taxpayer Identification Numbers, and other fraudulently obtained documents.  And, more importantly, in California, illegal aliens have access to driver’s licenses; licenses they can use to work illegally.  There is not evidence yet that Lyft screened for what are called SB-60 driver’s licenses, those issued to illegal aliens living in California.  It is highly unlikely that Vilchez Lazo had a real California driver’s license, as he was a long time illegal alien.

Which brings us the ICE SVU.  Recently the head of ICE SVU in San Francisco, Ryan Spradlin, publicly insulted his colleagues at the other major component of ICE, Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) and President Trump, by claiming that his precious criminal investigations were negatively impacted by immigration law enforcement performed by ERO.  Spradlin hates immigration enforcement, so he is ignoring enforcing immigration law and the beneficiaries of that non-feasance are illegal aliens in San Francisco and California.

Despite the public statements by ICE’s public spokesman that Sanctuary Cities harm ICE’s enforcement efforts, Spradlin has ignored a way to solve the problem of illegal aliens taking advantage of San Francisco’s and California’s sanctuary efforts to protect those illegals from arrest.  The way to solve the problem is for Spradlin to serve a subpoena on the City of San Francisco for all records related to the registration of illegal aliens to vote in Board of Education election and to serve a subpoena on the State of California for all records concerning driver’s licenses issued under SB 60.  Spradlin should also issue subpoenas to Lyft and Uber.  Undoubtedly records will show many illegal aliens working for both.

But for some strange reason, actually not so strange as Spradlin considers immigration enforcement beneath him, he has refused.  This is despite claims by former Acting Director Thomas Homan that Sanctuary States such as California would be a priority for immigration enforcement.

It is time for President Trump to order ICE SVU and Spradlin to issue subpoenas for such public records as municipal identity cards, driver’s licenses, and voting records of illegal aliens.  Time for real immigration enforcement.

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