Lying Jeff Or Deep State Jeff

Only one of the two can be true.  There is a third option, that’s Cuck Jeff.  And what is the issue?  Sleepy Jeff Sessions says that he took control of the Department of Justice (DOJ) from Day 1!  Well, if that is true, then he is a failure.  It certainly is not true, Deep State Democrats and Never Trumpers ran the DOJ from Day 1.  Obviously the worst sin was Sleepy Jeff’s recusal from the Russia investigation, worse yet was that he has expanded his recusal to anything remotely connected with President Trump.  The Michael Cohen case and the current attack on President Trump for pardoning Dinesh D’Souza from the Deep Staters at the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York is only an example.  No Attorney General should allow any investigation into the President from any actions, much less those not enforced on previous President.  Investigating the President is a political act and is reserved for the Legislature in impeachment proceedings and trial.

President Trump has publicly held Sleepy Jeff to account for his refusal to charge Hillary Clinton for her criminal activity and for the collusion between Hillary and foreign actors in creating the Trump Dossier, as well as funding the dossier illegally by laundering money through a law firm.  Also, Sleepy Jeff has ignored the ongoing Clinton Foundation criminal enterprise and bribery syndicate.  Basically, Sleepy Jeff won’t prosecute Democrats who commit crimes.

Beyond those public failures by Sleepy Jeff, there are other less well know failures.  To wit is the claim that the DOJ is under his control.  Well, not if you use the measure of Obama holdovers through most of the Sleepy Jeff time at DOJ.

First, Sleepy Jeff refused to immediately fire all Obama appointees at the DOJ upon the inauguration of President Trump.  For over a year, all Obama senior officials who did not resign, as required, before President Trump’s inauguration, were allowed to remain, like Preet Bharar, as United States Attorneys (USA) in the various U.S. Attorney’s Offices.  More perniciously, Deep State bureaucrats, Democrats to a man, were allowed to serve as Acting U.S. Attorneys, such as Alex Tse, long time San Francisco Democrat local official. Worse yet, Sleepy Jeff connived to nominate Democrats and Never Trumpers as senior DOJ officials, read here Rod Rosenstein.

This pattern of infiltration by Democrats opposed to President Trump was repeated at a lower  level where Democrat Billy Williams, Obama USA for the District of Oregon, was nominated and confirmed as the USA under President Trump.  Williams is a Deep State activist who has been protecting those who aid illegal aliens, especially in the case of a local Mexican judge who aided an illegal alien to escape arrest by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

And this was not the only case that the Sleepy Jeff controlled from Day 1 DOJ quashed a case of a local official aiding and abetting illegal aliens.  Alex Tse, former top legal official for the City and County of San Francisco, was appointed by Sleepy Jeff as Acting USA for the Northern District of California, where he has proceeded to quash to prosecution of Libby Schaaf, the Mayor of Oakland who famously announced an impeding raids in Oakland and the greater San Francisco Bay Area by ICE directed against criminal aliens and other illegals.  Supposedly Sleepy Jeff was angered by this flagrant illegality.  However, we are now almost a year into Libby Schaaf’s crime, yet there has been no indictment or arrest.  It makes one think that Sleepy Jeff is not sleepy, but actively sabotaging the Trump Administration.  Given his sad defense of Rosenstein and his so-called “independence,” one might think that he has joined the #Resistance.

Also indicative of Sleepy Jeff’s Deep State sympathies are two areas of concern to legacy Americans.  First, there has been no action on civil rights violations directed against white Americans.  In the Chicago Facebook Live-stream beating of a mentally disabled white man by four Blacks, the Sleepy Jeff DOJ has done nothing.

Even more telling is that Sleepy Jeff is protecting the Communist terrorist group, Antifa, from Federal prosecution.  Antifa openly operates, attacking anyone they dislike.  While local law enforcement may arrest a few after each Antifa riot, there is no action by Sleepy Jeff’s DOJ to prosecute any Antifa terrorists.  Why?  While Federal law enforcement is usually not present at an Antifa riot, local police are.  They generally make only a few arrests because the local political officials support Antifa terrorism, e.g. Berkeley, Seattle, and Portland.  However, the Federal government can easily charge those identified by local arrests with civil rights violations.  [Trump Administration Must Use Civil Rights Law To Defend #BasedStickMan, Supporters Against Berkeley Anarcho-Tyranny, by Federale, VDare, March 7, 2017]  Such cases are open and shut.  For example, an Antifa terrorist recently pled guilty after attacking 7 pro-Trump Americans during a free speech demonstration in Berkeley that was attacked by Antifa.  The locals allowed him to plead to a single misdemeanor with no prison time.  A slap on the wrist.  But Sleepy Jeff has failed to instruct Alex Tse to charge Eric Clanton with Federal civil rights violations.  Why?  We know that Tse is a Deep State Democrat, but why is Sleepy Jeff missing in action on civil rights for Trump supporters?

Moreover, why is Sleepy Jeff protecting Antifa and Black racists?  Why is he protecting Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, and Hillary Clinton from their serial crimes involving classified information mishandling and lies to the FBI?

Sleepy Jeff says he controls the DOJ.  OK, then he has to go because he is obviously a Deep State operative searching for the coveted strange new respectability.  President Trump should fire him!

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