Jeff Sessions, Antifa Attorney

I used to call Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III Sleepy Jeff.  That implied he just did not know what was going on in the Department of Justice.  His exaggerated sense of rectitude appeared to blind him to the reality of the politics of Federal law enforcement and the importance of prosecuting political actors who violate the laws of the United States.  But it’s not Sleepy Jeff, it’s Deep State Jeff.  Not just is little old Beauregard appearing clueless on the reality of hardball politics, something bordering on stupidity, but Sessions has gone over to the other side on so many issues.  He seems to be both stupid and evil, from not prosecuting Hillary Clinton to bringing on Rod Rosenstein, not supervising the Mueller politically motivate witch hunt, but even then actively denying reality in any issue other than immigration.

Sessions most disturbing action to date is the recent indictment of four victims of Antifa rioting in Charlottesville during the United The Right (UTR) rally, a rally legally permitted that the City of Charlottesville and the State of Virginia attempted to prohibit, but were stopped by a Federal court order to allow the demonstration to occur.  Sessions decided to indict four attendees for defending themselves after they were set upon by Antifa terrorists who swarmed Charlottesville from all over the United States, in violation of Title 21 United States Code (USC) Section 2101, Rioting.  Everyone attending the legal demonstration knew that Antifa would be there, would riot, and would attack attendees.  But in a blaming the victim moment, Jeff Sessions has decided not to indict terrorists such as Corey Long, who brought a flamethrower to attack UTR attendees, but to induct four victims of Antifa terrorism.

Four people have been charged with violating anti-riot laws in connection with the deadly “Unite the Right” rally that rocked Charlottesville, Virginia, last year, federal prosecutors announced Tuesday.

All four, who live in California, are part of the “Rise Above Movement,” a white supremacist group, prosecutors said.

“I think we’ll have a number of witnesses, in addition to video and other evidence, that clearly establishes how these four individuals incited a riot, committed acts of violence and therefore violated federal law,” United States Attorney Thomas Cullen said at a press conference.

[Four People Charged With Federal Crimes In Connection With 2017 Charlottesville Rally, by Caroline Simon, USAToday, October 2, 2018]

This despite the fact that the official report on the Charlottesville riots blame Antifa, the Charlottesville Police Department, and the Virginia State Police for the violence.

An independent review of the circumstances surrounding an August rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, that led to a woman’s death found police were unprepared and failed to protect the public.

The August 12 “Unite the Right” rally was a gathering of white nationalists and other far-right groups that culminated in the death of Heather Heyer when a man drove a car through a crowd of counter protesters.

The rally was originally planned as a protest over the city’s decision to remove a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

Former US Attorney Timothy Heaphy released the results of his investigation in a 220-page report Friday, detailing failures by the city and law enforcement to prepare adequately for the rally, which led to a breakdown in communication and an inability to protect participants.

[Report On Charlottesville Rally Faults Police Over Planning, Failure To Protect Public, By Dakin Andone and Chuck Johnston, CNN, December 2, 2017]

The criminal complaint naming the four UTR attendees is an open joke in the law enforcement community, as much of the complaint was cut-and-pasted from reporting by an illegal alien apologist website, ProPublica.  Worse yet, the criminal complaint was not prepared by a Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) or other Federal agent, but a Virginia State Police officer, a member of one of the name organizations that allowed the rioting to occur. Note that the FBI wanted nothing to do with this political case. Even more telling is that the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Virginia was not able to obtain a Grand Jury indictment, but had to rely on a criminal complaint, something usually only done after a probable cause arrest of a perpetrator who committed a crime in the presence of a Federal law enforcement officer; such criminal complaints are usually done in drug or alien smuggling cases on the southern border or other crimes committed on Federal property, such as National Parks.  The inability of the Department of Justice to even attempt a Grand Jury indictment is telling.  [See also: FBI Arrests White “Serial Rioters”—And Ignores Antifa, by Gregory Hood, VDare, October 8, 2018]

The next example of Deep State Jeff being Antifa’s attorney is that Sessions and his hand picked Obama appointee as the United States Attorney for the District of Oregon, Billy Williams, who protected a State judge who helped an illegal alien escape arrest by ICE from her courtroom, are refusing to prosecute Antifa rioters in Portland, who are openly rioting in violation of Federal law and violating the civil rights of citizens who attempt to use the roads of Portland.  Antifa is openly attacking motorists in Portland in violation of Title 18, USC, Section 249 – Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr., Hate Crimes Prevention Act,  Title 18, USC, Section 241, Conspiracy Against Rights, and Title 18, USC Section 245 – Federally Protected Activities.

In a series of tweets reproduced by Ace Of Spades, Andy C. Ngo documents racist harassment of white motorists and rioting by Antifa, as well as the refusal of the Portland Police Bureau to protect their rights, also in violation of Title 18, USC Section 242 – Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law.

Where are the cops?

Are Portland cops too chickenshit to do their jobs?

Oh — they’re being told by their Democrat mayor that leftwing vigilantes are now the real law on the streets.



[Antifa and Black Lives Matter Declaring Some Streets Off Limits to Drivers and Attacking Those Who Don’t Obey Their Vigilante Traffic Directions, Ace of Spades, October 8, 2018]

And Billy Williams, U.S. Attorney, refuses to take action against these Antifa thugs.


Billy Williams, U.S. Attorney

You can contact Mr. Williams and ask him why he’s protection Antifa from criminal prosecution here:

1000 SW Third Ave Suite 600
Portland, Oregon 97204

But it is Jeff Sessions who is responsible for protecting Antifa terrorists.  Sessions can order Cullen and Williams to start prosecuting Antifa, just as he can order Alex Tse, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of California to prosecute Antifa terrorists in San Francisco and Berkeley.  The real question is why Deep State Jeff doesn’t?

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