Illegal Aliens Register To Vote

In San Francisco, 49 illegal aliens have just registered to vote in the City and County’s Board of Education elections; 49 illegal aliens who have calculated that Deep State Jeff, Lady DACA, Alex Tse, and Ryan Spradlin will do nothing about their flagrant defiance of U.S. immigration laws.  And they are quite correct.

San Francisco’s effort to get noncitizen parents to the ballot box is pretty much a bust the first time out, with only 49 signing up to vote in the Nov. 6 election.

Back in July, the city began registering noncitizens — including undocumented immigrants — to vote in school board elections.

The program is the first-of-its-kind in California and followed passage of a 2016 San Francisco ballot measure opening school elections to noncitizens who are over the age of 18, city residents and have children under age 19.

The city spent about $310,000 setting up the new registration system and encouraging people to sign up.

But Donald Trump’s election quickly put a damper on enthusiasm for the idea. This year, city officials began voicing concerns that signing up could expose people here illegally to detection by Immigration and Customs Enforcement since voter rolls — including home addresses — could be subpoenaed by the feds.

[SF Spends $300,000 To Register Noncitizen Voters — A Whopping 49 Sign Up, by Phil Matier and Andy Ross, SFGate, October 28, 2018]

Now, no one knows how many of those who signed up are illegal, some could be legal permanent residents (LPR), but no one knows at this time.  However, San Francisco’s voter registration for illegal aliens is not the only database available to the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that is maintained by San Francisco to benefit illegal aliens.  Besides the usual Federally mandated databases that contain information about illegal aliens, such as Medicaid records used for poor residents of the City and County, various food programs administered by the City and County like the Women, Infants, Children (WIC) program, there are two special programs for illegal aliens in San Francisco that have databases of almost exclusively illegal aliens, Healthy San Francisco, a healthcare program for mostly poor illegal aliens who don’t qualify for Medicaid, and the San Francisco Municipal Identification Card, which is targeted at illegal aliens who do not have otherwise valid identification.  Also of note is the general database of registered voters in San Francisco which given results from other jurisdictions, contains hundreds of voters who are ineligible to vote based on alienage, either legal or illegal.

Sadly, Jeff Sessions’ representative in San Francisco, Alex Tse, the United States Attorney for the Northern District of California, has done nothing about the ongoing illegal voting by legal and illegal aliens in San Francisco. And he is AWOL on the latest public and flagrant defiance of immigration laws.  Tse has not convened a Grand Jury to obtain the records by Grand Jury Subpoena nor to bring indictments against the Mayor of San Francisco, London Breed, nor the County Clerk Diane Rea, nor the Director of Elections, John Amtz.  Tse is not surprisingly a former top official for the Democrat run City and County of San Francisco, formerly serving as one of their top attorneys.


Alex Tse, Deep State Operative

Similarly, Lady DACA has not ordered the insubordinate Ryan Spradlin, Special Agent-in-Charge of the ICE SVU office in San Francisco, to take action against the illegal aliens who run rampant in San Francisco by investigating and arresting illegal alien voters, ID card holders, and welfare recipients.  Spradlin could easily, on his own authority, use an ICE administrative subpoena, Form I-138, Immigration Enforcement Subpoena, for all the records of San Francisco voters, ID card holders, and welfare recipients.


Ryan Spradlin, Deep State Saboteur

The illegal aliens of San Francisco are sitting ducks, they have provided their names and addressed to the City and County government; that information is just waiting to be legally seized and the illegals arrested.  Sadly, Deep State Jeff and Lady DACA have defacto accepted San Francisco’s claim to be a sanctuary for illegal aliens.   Why is that?  Because at the highest level, Sessions and Nielsen, there is no will to enforce immigration laws.  And that is why the Caravans Of Death To America By Demographic Displacement continue to march to the border.  They know that Deep State Jeff and Lady DACA are unwilling to arrest them once they make it here and disappear into the various sanctuary jurisdictions.  There is no law stopping subpoenas, indictments, and arrests of illegal aliens, illegal voters, and those who aid and abet them.  It is only Deep State Jeff’s and Lady DACA’s fear, unwillingness, or plan to sabotage President Trump that is stopping action what will strike fear into the hearts of illegal aliens, and cause them to self-deport, or not even come at all.

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