Successful Executive Action, Why Not More?

In two areas the Trump Administration is playing a strong hand of bureaucrat game in two areas of immigration enforcement.  This leads us to ask the question why is it so weak in other areas of immigration policy?

First, the Trump Muslim ban has been a rousing success.   Through a pen and a phone, President Trump has brought a 75% decline in refugee admissions, while reducing Muslim refugee admissions to  a mere 15% of the total compared to Barack Hussein Obama.

President Trump has reduced the number of foreign refugees admitted to the United States this calendar year by more than 75 percent compared to former President Obama’s wave of migration in his last year.

Wrapping up 2018, the Trump administration admitted about 22,900 refugees to the U.S. with more than 70 percent of those refugees being Christians. Meanwhile, less than 15 percent of the refugees admitted this year were Muslim.

In total, Trump decreased the 2016 inflow of refugees under Obama — when nearly 97,000 refugees were admitted — by about 76 percent. The refugee totals for this year represent the largest reduction to admissions in the program in nearly four decades.

[Trump Cuts Obama’s Refugee Inflow by More than 75 Percent in 2018, by John Binder, Breitbart, December 31, 2018]

The important part of this decline in refugee admissions is that it was all a matter of Executive action.  The President made policy and the policy was carried out by loyal members of his administration and the permanent bureaucracy.  Many aspects of this were bureaucrat game; deliberate slowdowns in processing, reductions in the number of bureaucrats assigned to adjudicate applications, increased paperwork demands on applicants, shortened timelines for adjudicating, increased security checks that cannot be satisfied, delays that cause applications or parts of applications to expire, necessitating reapplying, etc.  This was a genius move.

And it’s not stopping there.  The Trump Administration is going after another fraud filled special program for illegal aliens, the Special Immigrant Juveniles (SIJ) program.  This is a program where juvenile illegal aliens apply for legal permanent residency based on abandonment or abuse.  SIJ is complete fraud, with almost all aliens approved long after they are adults and with fraudulent claims of abandonment or abuse.  The Trump Administration decided to address the fraud, not directly, but by bureaucrat game.

Some immigrant youth looking to start over in the United States after fleeing abusive homes are seeing their applications for green cards rejected because the Trump administration says they’re too old.

A U.S. government program in place since 1990 has let young immigrants subject to abuse, abandonment or neglect by a parent seek a court-appointed guardian and a green card to stay in the country.

While applicants must file paperwork before age 21, the Trump administration has said some are too old to qualify once they turn 18, prompting a flurry of denial notices over the past year in New York, Texas and California and additional questions of applicants in New Jersey.

Immigrant advocates have filed lawsuits in New York and California and said hundreds of young people could be affected by the change.

[Trump Administration Said Denying Green Card Status To Hundreds Of Young Immigrants Due To Age, by AP, The Japan Time, January 3, 2018]

The whole program is a fraud, and is being used today by the hordes from the caravan; brought here, housed with relatives, then the minors claim they were abandoned by their parents, then they apply for residency with the intent of later applying for their parents.  It is a scam.  And the Trump Administration, which should be fighting it directly, is going the easy route, bureaucrat game.

Applications to the program have surged in recent years, rising more than three-fold between the 2014 and 2017 fiscal years, federal data show. During that time, the number of denials also increased, with 2,000 applications rejected over the past two fiscal years — more than all of the previous seven years combined.

The change was most notable in the nine months ending in June 2018, when 1 in 5 applications that were decided were denied, the data show. About 7 percent of application decisions in the 2017 fiscal year and 4 percent of decisions in the 2016 fiscal year were denials.

Good work Trump Administration.  But this leads us to the question of why the Administration is not fully implementing bureaucrat game.  So why hasn’t bureaucrat game been extended to work-site enforcementFully implementing Expedited Removal?  Subpoenaing voting and driver’s license records of illegal aliensPunish Mexico for allowing the mass invasion of our southern border by third-country nationals?  Fully deploy our military to the border?  One wonders, I suspect it is bad advice from Jim Mattis, John Kelly, and Lady DACA.

It is time for Executive action this day.  President Trump has the correct instincts.  He knew that you can shoot rock throwers, he knows that shutting down the border will cause Mexico to act.  Time to go with your instincts and ignore bad advice from advisers who do not support border control.

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