All Due To President Trump’s Inaction

The news of late has been a deluge of skirmishes in the ongoing War Against The Historic American Nation; teenagers targeted for assault and murder by Twitter, shameless baby-waving by arrogant illegal aliens, culminating in flagrant political warfare and accompanying perjury by GloboHomo tech leaders.  VDare has, as usual, been at the forefront, with Breitbart not far behind.  Better late than never, though.  No enemies on the right!  VDare has led with arrogant illegals and the blood thirsty at Twitter.  [President Trump’s “Tone” Upsets Sensitive Illegal Aliens, by Brenda Walker, VDare, January 22, 2019] and [Jessica Valenti Can’t Stop Thinking About That Awful Smug MAGA Boy and His Smirk, by Steve Sailer, VDare, January 21, 2019]

Breitbart followed with the gory details on leftist hate, rapine, and blood lust.

Following Breitbart News’ article on verified Twitter accounts using Jack Dorsey’s platform to encourage violence against conservative high school kids, the company has said it has “taken action” against the tweets that were flagged in Breitbart’s article. But its actions haven’t scratched the surface of real accountability.

Twitter has yet to ban — or even de-verify — any of the accounts that threatened the Covington Catholic high school kids at the center of the mainstream media fake news smears this weekend. These include a leftist D.J who promised to put $1,000 into a crowd-fund to punch one of the kids “right in the f***ing mouth.”

“LOCK THE KIDS IN THE SCHOOL AND BURN THAT B*TCH TO THE GROUND,” he said in another now-deleted tweet. His account remains verified.

[Twitter Still Hasn’t Banned Accounts that Threatened High School Kids, by Allum Bokhari, Breitbart, January 22, 2019]

And Twitter and Jack Dorsey are not the only GloboHomo miscreants.  Sundar Pichai and Google are also involved in politically motivated hate and manipulation of information designed to impose a race-based Neo-Marxist death cult on the Historic American Nation.

Google has “huge teams” working on manual interventions in search results, an apparent contradiction of sworn testimony made to Congress by CEO Sundar Pichai, according to an internal post leaked to Breitbart News.

“There are subjects that are prone to hyperbolic content, misleading information, and offensive content,” said Daniel Aaronson, a member of Google’s Trust & Safety team.

“Now, these words are highly subjective and no one denies that. But we can all agree generally, lines exist in many cultures about what is clearly okay vs. what is not okay.”

[Leak: ‘Huge Teams’ Engaged in Manual Interventions on Google Search Results, by Allum Bokhari, Breitbart, January 16, 2019

And Bokhari has a double play on GloboHomo:

In sworn testimony, Google CEO Sundar Pichai told Congress last month that his company does not “manually intervene” on any particular search result. Yet an internal discussion thread leaked to Breitbart News reveals Google regularly intervenes in search results on its YouTube video platform – including a recent intervention that pushed pro-life videos out of the top ten search results for “abortion.”

The term “abortion” was added to a “blacklist” file for “controversial YouTube queries,” which contains a list of search terms that the company considers sensitive. According to the leak, these include some of these search terms related to: abortion, abortions, the Irish abortion referendum, Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters, and anti-gun activist David Hogg.

The existence of the blacklist was revealed in an internal Google discussion thread leaked to Breitbart News by a source inside the company who wishes to remain anonymous. A partial list of blacklisted terms was also leaked to Breitbart by another Google source.

[‘THE SMOKING GUN’: Google Manipulated YouTube Search Results for Abortion, Maxine Waters, David Hogg, by Allum Bokhari, Breitbart, January 16, 2019]

Just as Pichai testilied to Congress, so did Jack Dorsey, claiming that Twitter makes no decisions based on the politics of its users or when taking action or inaction against users who violate Twitter terms and conditions of service.  This despite no action against has been actress Ellen Barkin who tweeted about having comedian Louis CK viciously murdered.  Similarly as above with the Covington Kids.  Twitter also allowed the doxxing of ICE agents despite a prohibition in its terms of service.

Jack Dorsey Sydney Photo Shoot

Perjurer Jack Is Not Just Punchable, But Wood Shampoo-able When He Gets Arrested



Punchable Perjurer Pichai Also Likely To Be The Bottom In The Federal Pen

All this is nothing less than evidence in a prospective criminal prosecution of Dorsey and Pichai.  And better yet, another leader of GloboHomo is on the ropes as well.  Apple is in big trouble in little China.

Apple reduced its revenue expectations for the first time in 16 years on Wednesday because of poor iPhone sales in China, an unexpected development that underscored the slowing of China’s economy and raised fears of further turmoil in global markets…

“Apple is a bellwether,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics. “The iPhone is something that everyone knows and buys, and if people aren’t buying it, then that’s a pretty good sign they’re having a hard time.”

[Apple Cuts Revenue Forecast Because of Slow iPhone Sales in China, by Jack Nicas and Keith Bradsher, NYT, January 2, 2019]

And what does this have to do with President Donald John Trump?  Everything, as just about everything in the above is either a Federal felony, or something that gives President Trump power.  And to date he’s done nothing.

First, sending threats over Twitter is a crime.  It is a violation of Title 18 United States Code (USC) Section 1875, Interstate Communications, specifically subsection (c):

(c) Whoever transmits in interstate or foreign commerce any communication containing any threat to kidnap any person or any threat to injure the person of another, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.

[18 U.S. Code § 875 – Interstate Communications, Legal Information Institute, undated]

Testilying to Congress, also known as perjury, Title 18 USC 1621, is also a serious Federal offense, just ask Michael “The Rat” Cohen, charged with lying to Congress.  And President Trump has the power to bring Jack and Pichai to the bar of justice, charging them with felonies and likely destroying Twitter in the process and undoubtedly severely damaging Google.  But more deliciously, President Trump has the opportunity to decimate the Blue Checkmarks who are the enforcers of GloboHomo.  Think of the dozens of swarmy leftists being perp-walked from their mansions or parents’ basements by the FBI or US. Marshals.

Also within President Trump’s power is the ability to really make illegal aliens afraid, really afraid.  Illegal aliens in California as reported by Walker above, claim to be afraid, but really aren’t.  For two years there has been none of the promised raids by ICE once mentioned by former Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan.  [Go Big Or Go Home—Time For ICE’s Thomas Homan To Crack Down On California, by Federale, VDare, January 5, 2018]  How about arresting Floricel Ramos or massive raids in San Francisco?

Furthermore, President Trump also has it in his power to destroy Apple, already teetering on the edge of disaster with the decline in Chinese iPhone sales.  All President Trump has to do to destroy the final of the Four Horsemen of GloboHomo (Google, Facebook, Twitter, And Apple) is put cell phones on the list of Chinese manufactured items hit with massive tariffs.  To date Apple and Tim Cook have been desperately, and to date successfully, lobbying President Trump to keep cell phones off the tariff list.

President Trump can crush his enemies.  They have foolishly placed themselves in a dangerously dependency on President Trump’s good intentions.  But the time for good intentions is over.  It has come to blood, and it is time for President Trump to drive his enemies before him and relish the lamentations of their women.  It is the only way to save the Historic American Nation.


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