Enforcement Can Work, Will Lady DACA Let President Trump Know?

Two stories in the news about immigration enforcement since the inane failure on the spending bill have highlighted what options the President has and the impact of immigration enforcement on illegal aliens.  The first is positive, but the second is about the Deep State problem with ICE SVU sabotaging immigration enforcement.

But first with the positive, the single positive thing about Mitt Romney, the idea of self-deportation, itself just a new word for deterring crime.  Your correspondent has written on the idea of self-deportation before.  [“Please, God, Don’t Let Me Get Stopped!”—Illegals Are Starting To Feel The Trump Heat, by Federale, VDare, November 26, 2017 and Sessions Justice Department Weaponizing The Census Against Illegals, by Federale, VDare, January 1, 2018]  It is abundantly clear that 20 million illegal aliens cannot all be arrested.  The overwhelming majority need to be frighted into leaving on their own accord.  Fear is the mind killer.  No enforcement program will work without it.  And it works.  It is even working now, just as President Trump surrendered on the spending bill at the advice of Lady DACA.

An elaborate scheme to catch foreign nationals suspected of student visa fraud reportedly has many of them racing to leave the country before they are apprehended and barred from re-entering the U.S.

While the national debate over immigration is fixated on border crossings, the U.S. government is tackling another other common method foreigners use to enter and remain in the country illegally: abuse of the U.S. student visa program. Every year, thousands of foreign nationals enroll in a U.S. school, allowing them to remain in the country. However, many exploit the restrictions that come with F-1 visas by working long hours outside of campus.

[ICE’s Fake University Is Reportedly Scaring Illegal Students Into Leaving The Country Immediately, by Jason Hopkins, The Daily Caller, February 6, 2019]

So, by happenstance, or some bureaucratic maneuver, some at ICE SVU are taking action against illegal aliens, and the result of that enforcement action is illegal aliens fleeing the United States.  This is an all round winner for immigration enforcement.  Sources have informed me that arrest warrants are out for thousands of these mostly Indian illegal aliens, with several hundred in the San Francisco Bay Area alone.

However, what little good ICE SVU does, is counterbalanced by more catch-and-release by the same agency.

Special agents from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations executed a federal warrant during a worksite enforcement operation at a San Diego market today. During the operation, 26 individuals working at the market were determined to be in the United States without authorization. They were temporarily taken into custody and released pending the outcome of their immigration case.

Today’s operation is related to an ongoing worksite enforcement investigation that was initiated during an I-9 audit – one of the most powerful tools ICE uses to ensure that businesses are complying with U.S. employment laws.

[ICE Homeland Security Investigations Execute Federal Search Warrant During Worksite Enforcement Operation At Local Market, Press Release, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, February 13, 2019]

You can contact Special Agent-in-Charge David Shaw here, and ask him about his policy of catch-and-release.  You can also ask Shaw if he was one of the insubordinate Customs clique of SACs who attached his fellow DHS employees and President Trump in a letter to Lady DACA.  [ICE SVU Insubordinate Leadership Attacks Trump, by Federale, Federale Fifth Columnist Blog, June 29, 2018]

This again shows the failure of President Trump to properly select subordinate officials.  Lady DACA has tolerated insubordination and sabotage of immigration enforcement by ICE SVU leadership, among other miscreants elsewhere in the bureaucratic resistance to increased immigration enforcementPersonnel is policy.  President Trump has the wrong personnel who are making the wrong enforcement decisions and policy for him.  Perhaps President Trump should find some Texans to get the job done.


12 thoughts on “Enforcement Can Work, Will Lady DACA Let President Trump Know?

  1. I’m not sure what fear remains today outside of an asylum officers interview, however, years ago, even mere rumors of enforcement was enough to send illegal aliens running.

    See here:

    and here:

    and here:

    And every time this occured; what was the response from law enforcement to the unfounded fears that kept illegals from showing up to work or shopping in markets?

    “The disruption has become so widespread and unrelenting that local law enforcement and business leaders took the unusual step of holding a news conference Friday to try to reassure the community that no raids have occurred.”

    “I spoke with immigration officials at our local office and have been told directly that they are not conducting massive sweeps in this area, they are not conducting this activity,” Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims said.’

    The same thing happened here in Phoenix after a real raid on a chain of car washes. This time with an ICE spokesperson, Barbara Gonzales, calming the illegals fears by conducting a news conference and stating:
    “I want to make clear for the community that this was not an immigration-enforcement operation,” she said outside one of the car wash locations. “This was a criminal investigation. As everyone here knows, we target employers, employers that aren’t playing by the rules. We don’t target the employees, we’re targeting the companies that are not playing by the rules.”

    In the book of Proverbs it is said: “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.”.

    Could we then argue that the fear of our laws is the beginning of compliance and the knowledge of the consequences is a deterrent. This can only happen when agents of the government return to a democratic rule instead of the corporatocracy we have now.


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