Trump Opponent ICE SVU Leader Ryan Spradlin In The News Again

Ryan Spradlin, Special Agent-in-Charge of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), more commonly known as ICE SVU, is in the news again.  In a replay of the failure of ICE SVU to arrest local cops who aid and abet illegal aliens.  Almost two years ago local cops in Santa Cruz, CA, worked to sabotage an ICE SVU investigation into drug smuggling by illegal alien gangbangers from Mexico.  The local cops support drug smuggling and illegal immigration at the instance of their political masters, the politicians elected by illegal aliens and other immigrants with the support of the Mexican drug cartels.  Sadly though, Spradlin, despite being a Federal law enforcement officer, is a big supporter of illegal immigration, or at least opposes the enforcement of immigration laws, which is quite strange as the component of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that he works at is charged with enforcing immigration laws.  Your correspondent addressed this in detail numerous times.  [President Trump Will Have Foes In Immigration Bureaucracy—But Also Friends. They Can Help Him Win, by Federale, VDare, April 25, 2016, ICE SVU Insubordinate Leadership Attacks Trump, by Federale, Federale Fifth Columnist Blog, June 29, 2018, The Age Old Customs Immigration Rivalry Escalates, ICE SVU Hardest Hit, by Federale, Federale Fifth Columnist Blog, August 4, 2018, and ICE SVU Going Down?, by Federale, VDare, July 1, 2018]

Ryan Spradlin, Deep State Saboteur And Resisting President Trump

One of the insubordinate leaders of the renewed emphasis on immigration enforcement, and by extension an attack on President Trump, is the aforementioned Spradlin.  Spradlin is a legacy Special Agent from the U.S. Customs Service (USCS) and is well known for his contempt for his fellow ICE employees at ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO), the sister component to HSI in ICE.

And the contempt that Spradlin and ICE SVU have for immigration enforcement is in the news again, and back to the Sanctuary City and County of Santa Cruz (city) and Santa Cruz County.  An issue that your humble correspondent addressed before.  Your correspondent is always on the ball in the service of the historic American nation and immigration enforcement.  [Sedition In Santa Cruz: Arrest Treason Cops Vogel, Flippo!, by Federale, VDare, March 19, 2018]  Of course, Vogel and Flippo, like Mayor Libby Schaaf, were being protected from prosecution by the local Democrat activist, Alex Tse, once time U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of California, now demoted to First Assistant U.S. Attorney.

But to the issue at hand, more weasel words and implied shaming of immigration enforcement by Spradlin.

The raid Friday in the 500 block of Windsor Street had nothing to do with immigration enforcement, according to Homeland Security Investigations.

The federal agency brought an armored vehicle, more than a dozen unmarked cars and vans and a team of officers that busted open the door of a home with a man, woman and 10-year-old daughter sleeping inside about 4 a.m., witnesses told the Sentinel.

The couple was detained and taken to a Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office interview room with an agreement that the criminal investigation — a search warrant issued by a U.S. District Court judge to be served day or night — had nothing to do with immigration enforcement, local authorities said.

[Homeland Security Raids Santa Cruz Home Before Dawn, by Michael Todd, San Jose Mercury News, February 16, 2019]

Further down we get information that the search was concerning the murder of a California police officer by an illegal alien and the illegal aliens who helped him attempt to escape to Mexico.

Keegan said he received information that the investigation possibly was linked with the killing of a police officer in another county.

“It is my understanding that this particular investigation is related to the murder of the police officer from Newman in Stanislaus County,” Keegan said. “That was back in December.”

He was referring to the death of 33-year-old police Cpl. Ronil Singh, who was shot dead during a traffic stop Dec. 26 in east Newman, The Sacramento Bee reported.

Gustavo Perez Arriaga, 32, was arrested in Lamont on Dec. 28, according to The Sacramento Bee.

Furthermore, the Sheriff of Santa Cruz County, in order to protect his illegal alien constituents, only allowed ICE SVU to use an interrogation room because it was not related to illegal immigration, though most likely the suspect and his family are illegal aliens.

Note how the Undersheriff weasels around the issue, claiming that ICE SVU does’t do immigration enforcement, which, in reality, it is supposed to do, but undoubtedly Spradlin assured Undersheriff Wilson that no illegal aliens will be arrested in Santa Cruz County, giving Wilson cover for his minimal cooperation in the case of a murdered police officer.  Just let that sink in, a California Sheriff and Undersheriff, as well as the Santa Cruz Police Department, refused to actively support the arrest and a search warrant in a case involving a fellow officer killed in the line of duty.

Undersheriff Craig Wilson said Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office does not comply with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement cases. The sheriff’s office will not work to assist immigration enforcement, he said.

“But Homeland Security Investigations is a different division. If any law-enforcement agency chooses not to work with Homeland Security anymore, they will forgo resources or assistance in cases involving homicides or human trafficking,” Wilson said.

Homeland Security resources can help local agencies link suspects with federal criminal data sets, Wilson said. Complex gang investigations, for example, can benefit from federal resources, he said.

“In this case, the Homeland Security investigators asked us to use our interview room and we asked them if this is immigration related and they said ‘No,’ ” Wilson said.

Federal agents occupied the interview room for hours Friday morning, Wilson said…

“The sheriff’s office did not participate in the operation,” Baldwin said…

Santa Cruz Police Chief Andy Mills said that agency, too, was notified about a search warrant being served in the city.

“Our responsibility as a sanctuary city is not to do immigration enforcement,” Mills said. “We did not participate. We knew the general context of the case.”

So, because illegal aliens are now the predominate killers of cops in California, the Santa Cruz Police Department Chief of Police and the Santa Cruz County Sheriff “did not participate” in a search warrant involving a cop killer, just because he was an illegal alien constituent.

And worse yet, Deep State leader of the Resistance Ryan Spradlin also did a song and dance about the issue, claiming it was not about immigration.  This Obama Regime appointee is so corrupt that he will not denounce the killing of cops by illegal aliens.  And Spradlin is being protected by Lady DACA, who apparently also does not care about the killing of cops by illegal aliens.

Also note how the reporter did not identify the people arrested or detained.  Contrast that to HuffPo doxxing Grandpa Lampshade who was engaged in the exercise of his constitutional rights.  So the San Jose Mercury News is now actively protecting illegal aliens arrested for involvement in the murder of a police officer, but like HuffPo, it would name dissidents in an effort to have them killed by Antifa.  You can contact Michael Todd here and ask him why he is keeping the identity of this person involved in the murder of a police officer a secret.


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