Bureaucrat Game Works

Somebody in U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is apparently a Fifth Columnist for Patriotic Immigration Reform.  As advised, bureaucrat game works.  It can work to discourage and limit refugee admissions, and so it works on applicants for other benefits, such as U.S. citizenship.  Apparently electing a new people has hit a little snag deep in the bureaucracy.  Your correspondent advised such maneuvers early in the transition.  [What Trump Can Do Immediately, By Executive Order: Re-Americanize The Citizenship Test, by Federale, VDare, November 22, 2016]  It seems such a long time ago, those heady days.  While there have been no changes in the citizenship test, it appears that all those new citizens will have to wait a while.

But it took until last week, more than a year and a half after he applied, for the college student to be scheduled for a citizenship interview, which he will have on March 20. If approved, Mr. Silva will take the oath later this year.

The time that aspiring Americans must wait to be naturalized is now almost twice as long, 10 months, as it was two years ago. In Las Vegas, where the office has a particularly large backlog, applicants could wait 31 months.

The delays come as the Trump administration tightens scrutiny of applications, diverts staff from reviewing them and introduces proposals likely to make it more difficult, and cumbersome, for green-card holders to qualify and complete the process.

[Wait Times for Citizenship Have Doubled in the Last Two Years, by Miriam Jordan, NYT, February 21, 2019]

I also suggested a new attitude in USCIS twords enforcement.  Though I have not seen it, the NYTs claims that there is a ground shift to an enforcement attitude.

“This appears to represent part of U.S.C.I.S.’s larger shift toward prioritizing immigration enforcement over the service-oriented adjudications at the core of the agency’s mandate,” said the letter, which sought details about efforts to reduce and eliminate backlogs.

And USCIS is no longer ignoring information that it would in the past, though USCIS continues to ignore illegal registration and voting by legal aliens.

Citizenship applications are receiving additional scrutiny — and that is likely to intensify. The Trump administration says that it is placing a premium on integrity. But immigration lawyers and other experts report that officers are digging up information going back years to raise questions that are delaying, and jeopardizing, citizenship for many applicants…

The government has also been taking a harder look at some immigrants who have already become citizens. Last year, the agency launched a denaturalization task force with the aim of stripping citizenship from people found to have committed fraud to obtain it.

Some applicants have shown up for their interview only to learn they could be deported.

This seems like a good start, but there is yet to be any systematic reform of USCIS on the order of what your correspondent recommended years ago in order for the Trump Administration to be successful.  [Taming U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services, by Federale, Federale Blog, December 17, 2016]  Time for a full reform of USCIS, a return to its roots in the legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service and an enforcement attitude.  And fully implement Bureaucrat Game to make immigrants, refugees, asylees, and naturalization applicants made to feel unwelcome!


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