#Deep State Saboteur Todd Lyons And ICE SVU Gaming Immigration Patriots

There was some good news about immigration enforcement in the news.  It appears that the “Remain In Mexico” program, first recommended by your humble correspondent, has begun, though not fully implemented.  But with one hand, Lady DACA giveth, and the other she taketh.  Also in the giveth column is the immediate arrest of Rosiane Santos, a Brazilian illegal alien who attacked a Trump supporter who was wearing a MAGA hat.  Criminal charges have been minimal, and there would have been no charges at all if Santos had attacked Bryton Turner a second time in the presence of police officers.  Of course, there have been no civil rights charges against Santos from the Deep State Resistance at the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division.  You can believe if an illegal alien who was attacked by a Trump supporter would have quickly been charged Federal for violating the civil rights of illegal aliens to express political opinions.  A violation of   [ICE Arrests Brazilian Illegal Alien Who Assaulted Trump Supporter, by Brenda Walker, VDare, February 27, 2019]  U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) was johnny on the spot.  That’s the good news.

However, go much deeper and the sad truth comes out about ICE in Boston.  They are part of the Resistance to the Trump Administration policy on immigration enforcement.  Immediately after arrest, Santos was released to continue living in the United States illegally and undoubtedly continue her illegal employment, which she has been doing since 1994.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has arrested a woman accused of attacking a man earlier this month for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat inside a Mexican restaurant in Falmouth, the agency said Tuesday…

Santos was later released [emphasis added-ed.] after she was provided a Notice to Appear in court at a future date, he said in a subsequent statement.

[A Woman Allegedly Assaulted A Man In A ‘MAGA’ Hat. Now She’s Been Arrested By ICE, by Christopher Gavin, Boston.com, February 26, 2019]

Worse yet, Santos was an applicant for adjustment of status from illegal alien to legal permanent resident at the time of her arrest.

When reached by phone Tuesday afternoon, Santos directed questions to her immigration attorney, Katarina Kozakova.

In an interview, Kozakova said Santos has a pending green card application and is married to a U.S. citizen.

And her attorney is quite certain that USCIS will rubber stamp this criminal illegal alien’s application for a green card.

Her arrest by ICE means Santos must now bring her application and case before an immigration judge instead of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, according to Kozakova.

“That is the only change this arrest has cost Rosiane in terms of her immigration,” she said.

This arrogant shyster from the Treason bar is so confident in winning that she considers it merely changing where the adjustment will occur, not whether it will happen.  Which is highly likely.  USCIS seems to hold illegal aliens, especially illegal aliens who attack President Trump in high regard, and grants them benefits they should be denied.

Note also what is missing from the story.  ICE SVU has not used this opportunity to find out where Santos works and raid that business.

And it gets worse, despite what some see as an ICE official defending the arrest of illegal aliens, the truth is much different.  Recently head of ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations, Todd Lyons stated that ICE ERO only goes after “the worsts of the worst.”  Sadly he fooled two immigration patriots, Jessica Vaughn of the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) and VDare’s own Brenda Walker.  [Boston ICE Official Defends Immigration Enforcement, by Brenda Walker, VDare, February 28, 2019]  I see it as a corollary to the Nixon Defense, the tendency of patriots to clutch at crumbs from someone, like Richard Nixon, who once had a good reputation, for Nixon it was fighting the Reds and exposing Alger Hiss, but he later went on to betray the nation by continuing to lose the Vietnam War, enforce school busing, and destroy the economy with wage and price controls.  In this case immigration patriots are so upset about the attacks on ICE, we accept minimalist immigration enforcement from Deep State actors like Field Office Director Todd Lyons, a la Nixon.

Lyons said his organization is focusing on catching illegal immigrants, often in Lawrence and Lowell, who are committing crimes — and not ones who aren’t.

“We have to use our resources carefully and go after the worst of the worst,” Lyons said as the pair sat in front of a “KEEP BOSTON SAFE” sign. “We have to go ahead and look at what the public safety threat is. You hear it in the news — heroin and fentanyl and gangs. We’d much rather focus our resources on that.”

[Boston ICE Chief: We Only Target ‘Worst Of The Worst’, by Sam Cotter, Boston Herald, February 26, 2019]

Basically, instead of being a proponent of arresting illegal aliens, Toddy Lyons announced an unlimited and wide-ranging amnesty for all illegal aliens in New England unless they have major felony convictions.  That is the current position of Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Democrat Party, not the policy of President Trump to arrest any and all illegal aliens.  In fact it is a direct contradiction of revocation of the Morton Memos under Barack Hussein Obama’s head of ICE, John Morton, and the whole Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty.

And here is Lyons bragging about his personal amnesty for most illegal aliens and backstabbing his predecessor who was implementing President Trump’s policy of no refuge for illegal aliens:

Incoming Boston director Todd Lyons testified that the previous director responded by telling officers that their priority should be to arrest immigrants at the offices of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, or USCIS, whenever possible. According to Lyons, the former director, Christopher Cronin, did not want ICE agents to make arrests in the community, in part because it would create tense situations.

When Brophy took over, he ordered that the focus return to arresting immigrants who pose a danger to public safety or national security.

Lyons, who takes over next month, told the court Wednesday he would continue that focus.

“The primary goal of immigration laws,” Lyons said, “is to focus on the worst of the worst and public safety.”

[Incoming Boston ICE Chief: Former Head Ordered Officers To Prioritize Arrests At Immigration Interviews, by Fred Thy, WBUR, May 24, 2018]

As a matter of law, Lyons is wrong, completely wrong.  The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), as amended, does not have anything in it about “the worst of the worst.”  It does mandate that all illegal aliens are subject to arrest and deportation, including those who want to apply for adjustment of status.  And that what the argument was about back last year, are illegal aliens who apply for benefits with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) immune from arrest?  Your correspondent wrote extensively about the issue involving kritarchs illegally interfering with immigration law enforcement and Final Orders of Removal, as well as Deep State actors in ICE ERO interfering with immigration enforcement.  [Another Kritarch Strikes At Immigration Enforcement—Judge Stops Arrests Of Illegals Already Ordered Deported, By Federale, VDare, May 24, 2018]

While Lyons is attacking one of his predecessors, Thomas Brophy, for implementing the Trump Administration policies, Brophy was also complicit, to a lesser degree for his failings as well.  Among those failings was his failure to immediately remove two illegal aliens who had outstanding deportation orders.  [Deep State Amnesty Expands, by Federale, Federale Fifth Columnist Blog, June 1, 2018 and Kritarch And #DeepState Saboteur Double Team Immigration Enforcement, by Federale, Federale Fifth Columnist Blog, June 12, 2018]  Your correspondent may have been a little tough on Brophy, especially in the light of Todd Lyons open and flagrant sabotage of President Trump’s orders on illegal aliens, that no illegal aliens are immune from arrest.  Brophy was more failure to act quickly, but Lyons is openly defiant of President Trump.


Todd Lyons, Insubordinate Bureaucrat and Deep State Saboteur

You can contact Deep State Saboteur Lyons here:

1000 District Avenue
Burlington, MA, 01803
Phone: (781) 359-7500

President Trump needs to instruct Lady DACA to implement his policy on immigration enforcement, not to continue the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty.  President Trump also needs to instruct Attorney General Robert Barr to end the interference of kritarchs in immigration enforcement, especially where there are Final Orders of Removal which are not reviewable by Federal judges.  President Trump also needs to double down on charging illegal aliens like Santos with criminal violations when they try and game the deportation process, such as illegal entry, failure to depart when ordered, and unlawful employment.  Right now, ICE should be raiding Santos’ employer and making more arrests and filing criminal charges for unlawful employment, misuse of a Social Security Number and other crimes related to illegal employment, such as Aggravated Identity Theft.

But above all, President Trump should remove saboteurs like Lyons and Lady DACA.  Remember, Personnel Is Policy!  Also, a reminder to immigration patriots, do not accept half measures, do not accept rhetoric as a substitution for real action, don’t accept Nixon can go to China, accept only Jumpin’ Joe Swing, using the militarymaking illegal aliens afraid, raids, roundups, roadblocks, sweeps, City Patrol, and Area Control.

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