Is Ladyboy DACA Protecting Mexican Alien Smugger Irineo Mujica?

Short answer, yes.  Kevin McAleenan, Ladyboy DACA, #DeepState operative and saboteur who succeeded Lady DACA, is apparently doing his best to keep Irineo Mujica, the man behind the Caravan surge of over 1 million illegal aliens into the United States and the organization supporting the election of a new people, Pueblo Sin Fronteras, out of prison for alien smuggling, a violation of Title 8 United States Code (USC) 1324, Bringing In and Harboring Certain Aliens.

It appears that a United States Border Patrol (USBP) Anti-Smuggling Unit (ASU) has cracked the case of Mujica’s direct involvement in alien smuggling, but Deep State forces at the Department of Justice and in DHS are keeping this on the down low.  Instead, a minor figure in the smuggling operation is being prosecuted,  Scott Warren, a figure previously in these pages and others.

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Alien Smuggler Ireneo Mujica

However, in Warren’s current trial, evidence came forward from a skilled ASU agent who connected Warren to the wider smuggling operation, personally led by Mujica.

For nearly a year and a half, U.S. government prosecutors in Arizona have sought to make an example out of Scott Warren. The 36-year-old geographer and border-based humanitarian aid volunteer was arrested with two undocumented migrants on January 17, 2018, and accused of providing the men with food, water, and a place to sleep over three days. A month later, a grand jury indicted him on two counts of harboring and one count of conspiracy, bringing the total amount time he could spend in prison — if convicted on all counts and sentenced to consecutive terms — to 20 years…

[In Scott Warren’s No More Deaths Trial, Prosecutors Attempt To Paint A Web Of Conspiracy, by Ryan Devereaux, The Intercept, June 4, 2019]

While the bit player Warren is in the dock, his boss in the smuggling operation is free to bring countless illegal aliens  to the United States.  Something that Ladyboy DACA and his Customs pals at ICE SVU care nothing about.

The Intercept revealed last month that the government considered Irineo Mujica, a prominent immigrants right advocate, a co-conspirator in the case. A dual U.S.-Mexican citizen, Mujica is the head of Pueblo Sin Fronteras, an immigrant rights organization known for its role in organizing the migrant caravans that have drawn President Trump’s outrage. He also operates a migrant shelter south of Ajo, the unincorporated community where Warren lives and works.

In opening arguments last week, Walters confirmed that the government considered Mujica a key figure in Warren’s alleged offenses. “They were in contact with Irineo Mujica,” the prosecutor told the jury, referring to 23-year-old Kristian Perez-Villanueva and 20-year-old Jose Arnaldo Sacaria-Goday, the Central American migrants, from El Salvador and Honduras, respectively, whom Warren was arrested with. Not only that, Walters said, Mujica had driven the pair to “the Barn,” a property used by humanitarian volunteers operating in the area. Warren’s relationship to Mujica was that of a “shared acquaintance,” Walters said, and cellphone evidence would show that the two were in contact before the migrants arrived at the Barn.

Mujica declined to comment for this story and has not been charged with a crime.

So, while Mujica is free to flood the United States with illegal aliens, the Department of Justice and Ladyboy DACA have refused to indict and arrest Mujica, then break up his smuggling organization bringing illegal aliens to the United States.  It appears that the Backstabbing 19 at ICE SVU are enraged that a Border Patrol agent working out of an ASU was able to produce the evidence to prosecute Mujica, while the much vaunted investigators at ICE SVU were exposed as preening incompetents.

Now DOJ and DHS may be holding back on Mujica, but given the other public evidence, I think he has protection from Javanka and Ladyboy DACA.  Mujica has been recently detained in Mexico, but I don’t expect him to be detained long.

Time for President Trump to fire Ladyboy DACA and bring in Thomas Homan or Kris Kobach.  Personnel is policy.



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