Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking, Does Not Exist

It is just alien smuggling, nothing more.  It benefits the illegal alien and the employer of illegal aliens, whether it is for work in a factory, on a farm, or in a bordello.  Aliens want to come to the United States.  Many illegal aliens, especially from China and the Orient, are more than agreeable to work as prostitutes in the United States.  Your correspondent has been beating this dead horse for a while, but the #LugenPresse and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have been perpetrating this big lie for their own benefit.  It is an unholy combination of the Religious Right that believes than no woman freely engages in prostitution, the radical left that believes that women should be free to enter the United States as prostitutes, and the lazy bureaucrats at ICE SVU who don’t really want to do immigration enforcement, but need a beard to hide their failure at immigration enforcement.

But once again, current events show that aliens, mostly women, are not being trafficked into the United States for prostitution against their will, but it is an agreement between prostitutes and alien smugglers to the mutual benefit the alien and the coyotes.  Illegal aliens are not engaged in sex work because of bondage or slavery, but because the women want to do it.  It beats real work.

In the latest incident of pretend human sex trafficking, this one involving the owner of the whitest team in the National Football League (NFL), Robert Kraft, the Martin County Sheriff’s Office busted a brothel mascarading as a massage parlor staffed by illegal aliens from China.  Despite Confucian values, prostitution by women is not illegal, nor much frowned upon.  Socially, it is not acceptable, but widely practiced, undoubtedly comforted by China’s history of concubinage.  I am certain Mencius and Confucius were against it, sex for money not being filial, but the common man does not always live up to the principles of the the philosophers.

The Chinese masseuse shrinks into her chair as the Florida sheriff’s detective tells her deputies installed hidden cameras in her spa’s ceiling. He knows she and other women had sex with men for money.

But you can save yourself, Martin County Detective Mike Fenton and others tell her. We will give you an apartment. We will provide food and education. We will bring your children to the United States.

Just tell us you are a human-trafficking victim and testify against your captors.

Over four hours, the masseuse would see three investigators, two social workers and a translator. A video-recording of her interview was obtained by The Associated Press through a public records request. The AP is not naming the woman because she might be a victim of a sex crime.

[Will She Flip? Deputies Urge Woman To Say She Was Trafficked, by Terry Spencer And Mike Schneider, Associated Press, June 10, 2019]

Deputies and ICE SVU Special Agents were desperate to bring a high profile “human trafficking” case.  This is akin to the desparation of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives, and Really Big Fires (ATFE) to bring a case against the David Koresh and the fake investigation of Russian Collusion.  What we have in human trafficking is #FakeNews being perpetrated by the government, the Blue Campaign, by ICE SVU.  While there is an occasional case of slavery or peonage, usually committed by Muslims, Blacks, or immigrants of some sort,  in general prostitution is a way up economically for women in Far East.  But in the case of human trafficking, ICE SVU is not looking to deport the prostitutes, but reward them with legal permanent residence.  It is part of the refugee industrial complex, government and the refugee industry get together to reward illegal aliens, generally brought to you by Jorge Bush and Barack Hussein Obama.

And, despite basically bribing illegal aliens to lie to the police, many refuse to lie:

Deputy Heather Hegeman enters and tells the woman she can stay at a safe house, but she wants to return to the spa owner’s condo where she has been living. Hegeman says OK, but the sheriff plans to seize it soon. The woman admits she’s worried the owners will think she ratted.

After Hegeman leaves, a victims advocate enters, explaining she is not a cop.

“We have a house set up. We have therapists set up. We have medical attention if she needs it,” she tells the translator. “Food, clothing. We have all of that, but she has to tell me she is doing this against her will.”

The masseuse pauses but finally says she wants to call a friend.

Hegeman returns with the woman’s phone to get her friend’s number — and learns the phone’s passcode, so detectives can search it. She shows everyone photos of her children, ages 9 and 11.

“They are so beautiful,” Hegeman says.

Hegeman leaves and the masseuse becomes animated. She repeatedly tells Spotts she is not a victim but complains she is being treated like a criminal.

“There’s no way I can cooperate with you,” she says. She wants a lawyer.

Basically, human trafficking is a government created crisis.  We have a problem with alien smuggling and illegal immigration, but there is no problem with sex slaves providing massages to rich old men.  It is both fake and gay.  Like most of what modern government does.  And in this case it is official government policy.  Fighting non-existent human trafficking is the only immigration enforcement that the Customs pukes who run ICE SVU will allow.

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