More Sabotage By Kevin McAleenan, LadyboyDACA

LadyboyDACA, Kevin McAleenan, the Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), who has been on a campaign of sabotage, insubordination, and criminal activity, has struck again.  LadyboyDACA first tried to prevent the arrest of illegal aliens who have been ordered deported by countermanding orders from President Trump to act against illegal aliens who defy deportation orders.  Then LadyboyDACA sabotaged the arrest operation by leaking the program to the press.  This should be no surprise, LadyboyDACA is a major and sole contributor to Democrat politicians, as well as being an Obama Regime hack.  It is incredible that he should have been retained by the Trump Administration, much less promoted.  Personnel is policy, and what President Trump got was sabotage of his immigration policy, including the arrest of millions of illegal aliens.


LadyboyDACA Kevin McAleenan

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And now we have the result of LadyboyDACA’s sabotage.  The campaign to arrest 2,000 illegal aliens who refused to leave the United States when ordered deported by an immigration judge, only 35 have been arrested, all thanks to the warnings they received from LadyboyDACA and the failure of LadyboyDACA to provide U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) with the tools to make arrests by breaking down the doors that illegal aliens are hiding behind, Blackies Warrants and criminal arrest warrants for failure to depart.

More than 2,000 migrants who were in the United States illegally were targeted in widely publicized raids that unfolded across the country last week. But figures the government provided to The New York Times on Monday show that just 35 people were detained in the operation.

President Trump had touted the raids — called Operation Border Resolve — as a show of force amid an influx of Central American parents and children across the southern border. After postponing the raids in June, Mr. Trump said ahead of time that they would take place last week…

But the publicity may have prompted many of those who had been targeted — 2,105 people in more than a dozen cities who had received final deportation orders but had not reported to Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers — to temporarily leave their homes, or to move altogether to evade arrest.


[More Than 2,000 Migrants Were Targeted in Raids. 35 Were Arrested, by Miriam Jordan, NYT, July 23, 2019]

Besides allowing the Zerg Rush to flood over our border with Mexico, LadyboyDACA’s only other assignment, this operation, has been a complete failure.  And deliberately a failure.  LadyboyDACA did not want this operation in the first place, and he sabotaged it.

To add insult to injury, instead of celebrating the arrest and deportation of illegal aliens, LadyboyDACA instead planned to go to the border to celebrate World Refugee Day, and welcome illegal aliens instead of preventing their illegal and illicit entry.

The White House communications team and the Department of Homeland Security’s acting secretary office engaged in a tense argument last month after acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan proposed traveling down to the U.S.-Mexico border on World Refugee Day to celebrate and welcome migrants, including those who entered illegally, two senior administration officials told the Washington Examiner.

A senior public affairs official at DHS asked the White House in early June for permission to go down to the southern border with Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar on June 20. One person identified the official as acting DHS Assistant Secretary of Public Affairs Andrew Meehan.

“The wildly off base proposal was met with immediate concern as not being thought through,” one official told the Washington Examiner Monday evening.

A second official said the White House was concerned about the “optics” if two Cabinet officials were welcoming people who had illegally crossed into the country when President Trump has taken a hard stance against any type of illegal immigration, including against those who are seeking asylum on the southern border.

The DHS official trying to advance McAleenan’s proposal refused to accept the White House’s decision and “sparred with” several members of the White House strategic communications team, including then-director Mercedes Schlapp, over “multiple contentious phone calls,” the first source said. The second official said the fight lasted “weeks.”

“The obvious glaring concern was that the border crisis was about migrants and asylums, not refugees, DHS disagreed,” the first official wrote in a text, suggesting the the appearance would seem supportive of the people abusing the system instead of legitimate refugees.

[White House Nixed DHS Chief McAleenan Refugee Day Border Welcome For Migrants,
by Anna Giaritelli, Washington Examiner, July 23, 2019]

While welcoming illegal aliens, LadyboyDACA continues xer campaign to sabotage interior enforcement of the immigration laws of the United States.  As your correspondent warned early in the Trump Administration, terrorist groups were arming to interfere with the enforcement of the immigration laws of the United States and LadyboyDACA appears to be supporting that sabotage by handcuffing ICE Officers and allowing criminal obstruction of Federal officers, a violation of Title 18 United States Code Section 111, Impeding Certain Officers.  I warned that ICE Officers and Agents did not have the training and equipment to respond to attacks and attempts to interfere with arrests.  And the criminal interference is increasing under LadyboyDACA, with no response, no arrests, no pepper spray, no Tasers, complete abject surrender to criminals and terrorists.

For two weeks, people kept spotting the mysterious truck. An unmarked white Ford F-150, it circled the streets of Hermitage, a Nashville neighborhood where trampolines and plastic slides sit outside unpretentious ranch houses on the outskirts of the city. Several residents told the Tennessean that they didn’t think much of it — until early Monday, when the truck turned on its flashing red and blue lights to stop their neighbor as he left his house with his 12-year-old son.

Inside were two agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, who had been lying in wait as the sun rose. They had an administrative order granting them permission to detain the father, who had reportedly lived in the community for 14 years. But things didn’t go as planned. Hours later, the agents left empty-handed, after neighbors worked together to block the man’s arrest.

“We stuck together like neighbors are supposed to do,” Felishadae Young told WZTV.

[‘We Stuck Together Like Neighbors Are Supposed To Do’: A Community Thwarts A Father’s ICE Arrest, by Antonio Farzan, NYT, July 23, 2019]

So, why hasn’t LadyboyDACA ordered the arrest of Felishadae Young and the others who were openly filmed obstructing Federal officers?  Young and other criminals are openly bragging about what they did?  A probable cause arrest would be quite legal.  Arrests haven’t happened because LadyboyDACA wants to protect illegal aliens.

Over the past year, advocates have used increasingly bold tactics to try to prevent ICE from detaining and deporting undocumented immigrants. In March, a New York activist giving a ride to two undocumented immigrants successfully prevented ICE from arresting his passengers when he refused to open his car door, noting that the officers didn’t have a warrant issued by a judge. In North Carolina, 27 people were arrested after they blockaded an ICE van in an ultimately unsuccessful effort to prevent the deportation of a man taking sanctuary at a local church. Amid President Trump’s threats of large-scale raids, activists have also been training undocumented immigrants on their rights. Last week, a teenage girl in New Jersey reportedly prevented ICE agents from arresting her parents because she refused to open the door without a signed warrant.

Community members in Nashville, too, were prepared. When a reporter from the Nashville Scene arrived, one neighbor could be heard observing, “They came to the wrong community on the wrong day.”

But LadyboyDACA is happy this occurred.  Xe opposed the operation in the first place, and as a Democrat, xe supports open borders.  My sources tell me that ICE is under orders to avoid the use of force in arrests and to not do things like breaking open car windows when aliens refuse to surrender peaceably.  Some are claiming that an arrest warrant, other than and administrative arrest warrant is needed to enter a vehicle.  That is not correct.  The 4th Amendment does not apply to motor vehicles as regards to administrative warrants, and, additionally, in Pennsylvania v. Mimms, the Supreme Court stated that in a traffic stop, which includes an immigration traffic stop, the officer involved can order all occupants out of the vehicle. However, LadyboyDACA and subordinates at ICE are actively sabotaging immigration enforcement in the interior. LadyboyDACA should be fired.  But this is not the only case where criminals attempted to interfere with ICE arrests of illegal aliens, including a child molester in Oregon on the same day.

Federal immigration agents detained a man at the Clatsop County Courthouse in Astoria on Thursday after spraying people who were trying to escort him away.

Fabian Alberto Zamora-Rodriguez appeared in Circuit Court for a hearing related to felony charges that he encouraged child sexual abuse. Aware U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents were outside the second-floor courtroom, immigrant rights’ advocates and the man’s mother and partner tightly surrounded him as he tried to leave.

[ICE Detains Man At Astoria Courthouse, by Nicole Bales, The Astorian, July 18, 2019]

Note though ICE Deportation Officers used pepper spray this time, but there was no investigation and arrest of the criminals who attempted to help pedophile Fabian Zamora-Rodriguez escape despite the crime being caught on video.

Additional reasons for a lack of criminal prosecution for obstructing a Federal Officer is that the U.S. Attorney for Oregon, Billy Williams, refused to prosecute a Mexican judge who helped an illegal alien escape from her courtroom in Portland.

President Trump needs to fire LadyboyDACA and others who are sabotaging immigration enforcement and protecting criminals who interfere with the arrest of illegal aliens.  Things will only get worse as these criminals are successful or are not prosecuted.  Much more violence is on the horizon.  No surprise, since LadyboyDACA wants to see ICE officers killed in the line of duty.


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