Sex Trafficking Is Fake And Gay

The DHS Sex Police are at it again, or still, or just avoiding doing immigration work.  Now ICE SVU is targeting Huggy Bear, or at least the Dallas version of that lovable Bay City scamp.  Yes, ICE SVU are targeting black pimps in the Big D.  Now one would think this might be some scam by Nigerian Prince or related to a Chinese brothel of sex slaves given ICE SVU involvement and the headline grabbing “sex trafficking” moniker.  However, it turned out to be just your run-of-the-mill street Black thug with a strong pimp hand.


Fictional Pimp Fictional Huggy Bear

Real Pimp Fictional Sex Trafficker Macknificent

A man accused of running a sex trafficking ring in north Fort Worth will face additional charges in federal court.

Tremont Blakemore — also known as Macknificent — coerced, threatened and forced women into performing sexual acts across the DFW area and in at least 11 other states, according to a criminal complaint filed Tuesday by the Department of Homeland Security.

[Accused Leader Of Fort Worth ‘Large-Scale’ Sex Trafficking Ring Faces Federal Charges, by Kaley Johnson and Nicole Manna, Fort Worth Star Telegram, September 11, 2019]

And he did have a strong pimp hand, which is pretty standard for pimping.

A 16-page complaint filed in the Northern District of Texas described a culture of paranoia, fear and physical and emotional abuse inside Blakemore’s alleged human trafficking network. Police have said that Blakemore has likely controlled upward of 100 women.

At least seven of those victims have been identified and interviewed by investigators, according to the criminal complaint. They had been trafficked from as early as 2011 to as recently of September 2018, when Blakemore was arrested by Dallas and Fort Worth police.

Blakemore required “absolute loyalty” from the women he trafficked, encouraging them to get tattoos bearing the “Macknificent” name, investigators said in the complaint. He did not let them be close friends with one another or talk to other men unless the man was a commercial sex customer.

The seven women who spoke to investigators said Blakemore used physical violence to coerce obedience, which included hitting them with objects and burning them with cigarettes. One woman said Blakemore threw her against an air conditioning unit after she said she wanted to leave the group. When she couldn’t stand up, the complaint says Blakemore started to kick her.

So, we get that Black pimps use violence to recruit and manage their stable of girls, but that ain’t sex trafficking.  Macknificent did not bring in girls from Asia or Mexico and chain them up so they could not flee.  All the girls in his stable were freely working the street, and obviously not being arrested by the local cops for prostitution.  That is how it works, girls can’t make money tied up, but only if they’re on the streets hooking.  That means they aren’t trafficking victims, but prostitutes, most likely feeding a drug habit. Of note is that the Federal sex trafficking statute, 18 U.S. Code § 2421A Promotion Or Facilitation Of Prostitution And Reckless Disregard Of Sex Trafficking Macknificent was charged with has as one of its essential elements of the crime interstate movement of the prostitutes.  So, no immigration violation for ICE SVU to be concerned about.

And it turns out he was not charged with trafficking in women, but for being a hard handed pimp.  Nothing to do with immigration or customs work, but ICE SVU had a real hard on to bust this American pimp pimping out American girls.  This despite the fact that Texas had an illegal alien population of 1.6 million as of 2016.  One would think that ICE SVU would concentrate on that, rather than a Huggy Bear that the local police should have arrested.

In more Sex Police news, ICE SVU was similarly involved in another local prostitution sting that they labeled as sex trafficking.

Authorities in North Carolina say an undercover operation has resulted in more than two dozen arrests of people suspected of human trafficking.

News outlets report the Alamance County Sheriff’s Office said on Monday that it conducted “Operation End of Summer” with assistance from three police departments, the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

The operation spanned three days last week. Officials said it was designed to investigate, identify and arrest individuals suspected of human trafficking, specifically through prostitution.

[Police Operation Leads to 27 Arrests for Human Trafficking, by Associated Press/US News & World Report, September 23, 2019]

Now, what was the result of ICE SVU‘s human trafficking operation?  Nothing but misdemeanor arrests of the working girls and one felony charge of soliciting prostitution, by which I think they mean the pimp soliciting work from girls, not a john.

The operation also resulted in 14 counts of misdemeanor soliciting prostitution, one count of felony soliciting prostitution on a second offense and nine counts of misdemeanor prostitution.

Note, no Federal charges of sex trafficking, but only State charges of pimping and hooking.  And North Carolina has 325,000 illegal aliens as of 2016.  Why wasn’t ICE SVU hooking up wets rather than cuffing and stuffing American hookers?  Why, because ICE SVU doesn’t want to do immigration enforcement.  It wants to be America’s Vice Squad.






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