Hail, The Wicked LadyboyDACA Of The West Is Dead

Or, more succinctly,  LadyboyDACA has resigned and is out on xer ear.  Either forced to resign, most likely because of xer disloyalty and incompetence, Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Kevin McAleenan, is happily gone.  Ignobally, he resigned effective on a Friday night.  When most officials resign, they stay for a week or more to assist in a transition, but LadyboyDACA was forced out on the slowest news night of all.  For immigration patriots, this was a good ending to one of the most Deep State of Deep State saboteurs and Resistance leaders that sadly infiltrated the top political appointee cadre of the Trump Administration.  Personnel is policy, and President Trump could not pick a loyal and competent patriot to head DHS.  From John Kelly to Elaine Duke, to LadyDACA to LadyboyDACA, each head of DHS, confirmed or acting, was deliberately sabotaging immigration enforcement.



The most interesting aspect of LadyboyDACA’s end is the reaction of the open borders left in the press.  They hate anyone associated with Trump and plead for the Deep State coup d’etat that is ongoing, and then beg for a return to normalcy, which is government by the same Deep State, especially their tame Customs pukes at DHS in particular. But, of course, there is no forgiveness for proximity to Donald John Trump.  But they can’t get past that LadyboyDACA was a saboteur at heart, and they know it, but have to work hard to cover it up.

Kevin McAleenan passed as a moderate steward of D.H.S. in the context of Trump’s Washington, but by almost any other standard, his measures have wreaked havoc on the lives of migrants.

When Kevin McAleenan became the acting Secretary of Homeland Security, in April, a D.H.S. official, who knew McAleenan personally, told me, “I’m not sure how he can finesse things with this Administration.” Donald Trump had just fired Kirstjen Nielsen, a former official in the George W. Bush Administration, despite the fact that she had championed some of the Trump Administration’s harshest immigration policies, including family separation. McAleenan, who had served in the Obama Administration, was widely regarded as a Democrat. He publicly opposed Trump’s decision, earlier that spring, to cut aid to Central America, and was taking over the Department at a moment when more than a hundred thousand migrants were being apprehended at the border in a single month. On Friday, after six months in the post, McAleenan resigned, becoming one of the shortest-serving secretaries in the department’s history. And yet, according to three people with knowledge of McAleenan’s thinking, the Secretary had somehow managed to leave the Trump Administration mostly on his own terms. The reasoning behind the decision, one of them told me, “was sixty per cent because he had achieved the mission objectives, and forty per cent because he had to avoid being branded as Trump’s border cop.”

[Why Trump’s Fourth Secretary of Homeland Security Just Resigned, by Jonathan Blitzer, The New Yorker, October 11, 2019]

In reality, the only mission objective of LadyboyDACA was sabotage.  And the recent decline in illegal immigration over the last three months must only be examined in the light of the previous two years of LadyboyDACA, not only regarding his six months as head of DHS, but the previous year or more as head of the most important component in fighting illegal entry by aliens, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

The sudden increase in illegal immigration in 2018 was deliberately designed by LadyboyDACA and LadyDACA to thwart President Trump.  President Trump had two major defeats on immigration, caused by Paul Ryan’s refusal to include wall funding in the various continuing resolutions and budgets during the first two years of the Trump Administration.   The illegal alien advocates saw that and created the various Caravans Of Death To America By Demographic Displacement, all under the watch of LadyDACA and LadyboyDACA.  Neither LadyDACA or LadyboyDACA as Commissioner of CBP at that time, did anything.  In fact, everything they did exacerbated the problem, except the brief period of criminal prosecution of illegal border crossers, which LadyboyDACA now abjures.

One of McAleenan’s few regrets was his initial support for the zero-tolerance policy that gave rise to family separation. He co-wrote the memo recommending the policy to Nielsen, in the spring of 2018. He described his original rationale, in an interview he gave to the Washington Post. “How can we let these smugglers victimize these desperate families,” he said. “How can we let this flow continue to grow.” Family separation was supposed to have a deterrent effect. It didn’t work, and instead tortured thousands of families in the process. “When you see the impact in the six-week period on two thousand and five hundred or so families and understand the emotional pain for those children, it’s not worth it,” McAleenan would later say. “It’s the one part of this whole thing that I couldn’t ever be part of again.”

Combine that with the confession that LadyboyDACA had leaked to the press, he did not want to be known for doing his job.

The reasoning behind the decision, one of them told me, “was sixty per cent because he had achieved the mission objectives, and forty per cent because he had to avoid being branded as Trump’s border cop.”

There it is.  LadyboyDACA did not want to be known as a “border cop.”  That is seemingly strange for someone whose whole career ended with him as head of CBP, then as Acting DHS Secretary.  If one did not want to be known as a “border cop” why join DHS and CBP?  That is the raison d’etre of CBP and DHS.   CBP itself consists of all the “border cops,” the Customs and Border Protection Officers (CBPO) and Border Patrol Agents (BPA) who staff the two major sub-components of CBP, the Office of Field Operations (OFO) and U.S. Border Patrol (USBP), respectively.  Those officers and agents are the “border cops” making arrests at the border.

So, it was evident from the start that LadyboyDACA was a saboteur.  And nothing more telling than his open toleration of the contempt that many customs pukes in DHS had for President Trump and his immigration enforcement priorities.  LadyboyDACA encouraged his legacy Customs pukes in U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to openly sabotage interior immigration enforcement.  [ICE SVU Insubordinate Leadership Attacks Trump, by Federale, VDare, June 29, 2018]

The Lying Press knows LadyboyDACA was a saboteur, and we even get an honest but inadvertent statement of that from Blitzer at the end of his portrayal of LadyboyDACA.

Neither Cuccinelli nor Morgan has any grasp of policy, but they’re in their element as the President’s spokesmen—threatening mass roundups, boasting about enforcement operations, and unquestioningly parroting falsehoods from the White House. That is what Trump clearly wants, even more than the results he was able to get with McAleenan. We’ll never know all the outlandish policies McAleenan probably had to avert, redirect, or quietly defuse during his tenure at D.H.S. Now, without him there, we’re about to find out.

Ignore the calumny against Cuccinelli and Morgan, they do know policy, and that is what the open borders crowd fears, instead closely examine the last two sentences, “We’ll never know all the outlandish policies McAleenan probably had to avert, redirect, or quietly defuse during his tenure at D.H.S. Now, without him there, we’re about to find out.”  Blitzer open acknowledges that LadyboyDACA was a Deep State saboteur, sandbagging policies designed to increase immigration enforcement and end the demographic replacement of historic American nation.



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