Instead of Raids, Sweeps, and Checkpoints, We Get Fake Human Trafficking

In another expression of the pernicious influence of the Javanka team, the Trump Administration is again highlighting a non-problem, human trafficking.  Alternately called sex trafficking for a specific part of the general theme of the transportation of persons against their will either into the United States or within the United States for labor of some sort where the person trafficked is either unwilling or deceived, generally for slavery, peonage, or other force labor.  The major claim is that women and children are trafficked to provide sex for payment.  For the most part, this is a myth.  The main claim is that women, and to a lesser extent children, are forced into prostitution.  While this does occur, it is mainly the lowest of women who are involved, and mostly, or at least in the past, involved in heavy drug use.  Back in the 70s, the great age of stereotype of the black pimp, Huggy Bear from Starsky and Hutch,  it was heroin that was the gateway drug into prostitution.  Pimps would provide heroin, sometimes on credit, to women, then when the women were unable to pay, they were forced to work as street prostitutes in exchange for the drug and surrendering most of their ill gotten gains.  Pimps would also use violence or threats of violence to corral otherwise independent street prostitutes.  For the most part, the new drug that drives pimping and independent prostitution on the streets is methamphetamines.  Any street cop will tell you that is intimately tied with street prostitution.


Chief Instigator Of Fake And Gay Human Trafficking

With the rise of the internet, especially CraigsList and Redbook, prostitution went independent, breaking the monopoly of pimps and streetwalkers, though many in the world’s oldest profession worked for mostly madams in a, shall we call it a Floating World, of apartments and homes where they worked out of on contract.  It also expanded and contributed to the legitimization of prostitution.  From the late 90s to just a few short years ago, prostitution was an internet phenomenon.  However, legislation and enforcement under the Obama Regime ended online and independent prostitution.  The justification was that Redbook and CraigsList could not keep advertisements for women and children who were forced into prostitution off their sites.  However, few cases have ever been discovered where women or children have ever been exposed, much less prosecuted.

This is not to say that there are never any cases where the Federal government has prosecuted slavery or peonage.  Generally, a few cases are prosecuted each year, mostly involving personal slavery involving Third World immigrants holding some poor woman in domestic slavery, generally Africans or Gulf Arabs.  Now these advocates shall we say of human trafficking generally shoe horn into this cases of aliens who were brought to the United States for labor, but were not paid properly, not paid the minimum wage, worked in horrible conditions in violation of Federal and State labor standards, or lived in similarly horrible conditions, which were usually the same or better than where they came from.

I can tell the reader that from 28 years in immigration related law enforcement, the idea that aliens, usually women, are brought to the United States to be forced into prostitution is a fallacy.  It, and I will qualify this because there are outlier cases, does not exist.  However, prostitution by aliens does exist and it is widespread, and it involves aliens crossing State lines once they are here.  And they operate in many cases as itinerant prostitutes, going from city to city, massage parlor to low key house or apartment, to sell their wares.  And not just aliens, American women do this, as do aliens who have green cards and are naturalized as American citizens.  Asian women dominate this business and most were immigrants at some time.  And this should be no surprise as prostitution is generally not illegal nor has the same social stigma as in the West.  But this is generally alien smuggling, not human trafficking.  The difference being that there are no victims in alien smuggling, just co-conspirators, the alien and the smuggler.  The alien agrees on a payment, either up front or to be paid off after entry, and the smuggler gets the alien in successfully.

Here is generally how the CraigsList Redbook prostitution system worked:

Men cruised the hallway of an upscale Bellevue apartment building, checking their cellphones and scanning the unit numbers before pausing at a door that swung open even before they knocked.

A neighbor grew suspicious and alerted police, saying she believed the woman living down the hall was involved in sex work.

The men “are all ages and body sizes,” the tipster wrote in an April 2015 email to Bellevue police. They visit “at all hours of the day.”

The email set in motion an eight-month investigation that revealed South Korean prostitutes were working out of a dozen luxury Bellevue apartments. The young women, who often spoke limited English, were hired by an “agency” and worked in the apartment for several weeks before they moved on to other cities.

Using pseudonyms like “TomCat007,” “Captain America” and “Tahoe Ted,” the men posted thousands of sexually explicit reviews on a carefully curated, Seattle-based website called The Review Board. In great detail, they rated a woman’s performance, energy level and physical attributes, and offered recommendations as if they were reviewing restaurants. The website also accepted free advertisements from prostitutes.

Some likened The Review Board to Yelp, only for paid sex.

“Recommend? ‘If you are a red-blooded male, (by which I mean Yep.)’ ” wrote one reviewer.

“Hell to the yes,” wrote another. “I love tiny Asian girls. And Lomi is as tiny as they get.”

[Busted How Police Brought Down A Tech-Savvy Prostitution Network In Bellevue, by Lynn Thompson, Seattle Times, July 26, 2017]

The working girls involved in this are not coerced or forced into prostitution, they are not trafficked against their will, they are smuggled, nor were they fooled into doing what they are doing, they have made a free decision to get involved in this seamy business.  It is the libertarian world of freedom of choice and contracts for services all around.  They are brought here though, but not all involved in prostitution are aliens; arrests in so-called trafficking cases generally produce johns, pimps, and prostitutes who are American for the most part and working freely, and the children turn out to be teenage runaways.

But, sadly, Ivanka Trump is interested in this and we get a hyped up fake human trafficking.

Experts, a former victim, and some anti-trafficking groups said they are encouraged by the administration’s executive order aimed at eliminating human trafficking, describing it as a “historical collaboration” between federal agencies, and one of the “more comprehensive” actions taken by the White House to date.

The directive, signed into law by President Donald Trump on Jan. 31, sets into motion a wide range of actions. The order “on combating human trafficking and online child exploitation in the United States” broadly prioritizes “resources to vigorously prosecute offenders, to assist victims, and to provide prevention education to combat human trafficking and online sexual exploitation of children…”

In interviews with The Epoch Times, four anti-trafficking groups and other experts, some who attended the White House summit last week and who have worked with the administration on combating the problem, said the order rightly tackles a number of key areas needed to combat trafficking, as they relate to primary prevention methods.

[Trump Administration Ramps up Fight Against Human Trafficking, by Bowen Xiao, The Epoch Times, February 5, 2020]

But the facts say otherwise.  Despite the years of hype on human trafficking; ICE SVU has had publicity campaign on human trafficking for years, Blue Campaign, that is only showing the problem, or at least the criminal convictions, have been going down.

In fiscal 2016, there were 531 human trafficking prosecutions, Giglio added via email. In fiscal 2019, there were 343.

My observation on this is that most of the trafficking cases end up being women who crossed State lines to work as prostitutes, which is common, and a violation of the Mann Act if they are brought by another person, but local U.S. Attorney’s Offices see little value in arresting a madam who contracts out working girls who want a safe place to ply their trade.  And it is usually that, an older Asian woman has a network of girls who work, she lets the network know when she has an open spot and is generally honest about how business is going.  Girls fly in, work for a while, then go elsewhere or head home for some R & R or work locally,  then get back on the carousel.  Everyone involved is acting voluntarily, which makes bad cases at trial.  There is no coercion, no slavery, no threats, and no violence.

But what is missing is the emphasis.  This is not human trafficking, it is sexed up alien smuggling.  And why, because ICE SVU does not want to arrest the aliens involved, but wants to give the working girls green cards!  The real solution to the problem of human trafficking is to go back to when it was called alien smuggling and the pimps, madams, and prostitutes were all arrested, prosecuted, and deported.  Or, as the story claims, how to prevent such trafficking, build a wall with Mexico, frequent raids, sweeps, and checkpoints in areas where illegal aliens congregate, investigations by ICE SVU not into Christmas toys, but into prostitution, and better checks at the border on those entering on tourist visas.  That is how to prevent alien smuggling or human trafficking if you want to be politically correct.  Enforcement first, last, and always.

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