Kritarchs Attack Behind China Flu Scare

The Wu Flu is the latest excuse for releasing illegal aliens from custody.  Already two kritarchs have ordered the release of certain groups of illegal aliens based not on the law, but on a particular view of how diseases should be managed in a custodial situation.

A federal judge ordered the immediate release of 10 immigrants in government custody on Tuesday, saying it would be “unconscionable and possibly barbaric” to keep the chronically ill detainees in jails where they could be exposed to the coronavirus.

The order issued by US District Judge John E. Jones III mandates the immediate release of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainees from three county facilities in Pennsylvania — York, Clinton, and Pike — and comes as advocates continue to argue that immigration officials should cut the detention population.

[ICE Must Release 10 Chronically Ill Immigrants After A Judge Said They’re Not Safe From The Coronavirus While In Custody, by Hamed Aleaziz, BuzzFeed, March 31, 2020]


Lawless Kritarch John E. Jones III

Kritarch Jones, a Bush I appointee, apparently did not go to law school, as his decision is one of moral preening, not the law.

“Should we fail to afford relief to Petitioners we will be a party to an unconscionable and possibly barbaric result,” Jones wrote in his order. “Our Constitution and laws apply equally to the most vulnerable among us, particularly when matters of public health are at issue. This is true even for those who have lost a measure of their freedom. If we are to remain the civilized society we hold ourselves out to be, it would be heartless and inhumane not to recognize Petitioners’ plight.”

Their plight is not that they are infected, or even close to being infected, but based on multiple suppositions that they are vulnerable, that if exposed they will be infected, that if infected they will die, and that if released they will not become infected.  There is nothing in immigration law about being released from custody based on a theoretical exposure to a flu virus.

It is time to put these lawless kritarchs in their place.  President Trump should do an Andrew Jackson, ignore the order and dare the kritarch to do anything about it.  Judges have no force behind them other than the Executive Branch.


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