The People United Will Never Be Defeated By The China Flu

The people and government of Japan are united, like the Senate and People of Rome, they are both fasces, individual parts together that are unbreakable, even in the fact of Chinese biological warfare.  Meanwhile the United States is panicking and approaching economic collapse deliberately engineered by the Party of Treason.  Your humble correspondent has been the victim of this conspiracy in two States, Hawaii and California, but your correspondent is tan, rested, and ready for fighting the panic. Both States are run by Democrat politicians and both under stay-at-home orders.  Interestingly, the Democrat Governor of Hawaii, David Ige, is of pure Japanese descent though Okinawan which many Japanese consider to not be real Japanese, but represents a return to the mean on IQ and, of course, cares nothing for anyone in Hawaii other than himself, unlike politicians in Japan who are all in for their people.  The difference being that there is on one dominant ethnic group by numbers in Japan, though Japanese ethnics in Hawaii dominate politics, but Hawaii has no one majority ethnic group.  Governor Ige is of such low IQ that he ordered all swimming pools in Hawaii to be close out of fear of the spread of the Chinese Virus.  Not bright enough to understand that modern pools are treated with chlorine that kills the Chinese Flu as well as other viruses and bacteria.  Also of note is that the Wuhan Flu virus does not survive exposure to external temperatures over 80 degrees, which any exposed surface in the tropics gets quickly heated to even with the cooling breezes of the trade winds in Hawaii.


But back to Japan, who will be one of the winners after Corona-Chan goes away at as the winter ends, as it does annually, the flu season is always in winter, disappearing in spring.


Japan has not suffered from Wu Flu for a number of reasons, but Abe Shōgun has decided to not destroy his own people and economy under the guise of fighting the moral equivalent of the flu season.

Japan was one of the first countries outside of China hit by the coronavirus and now it’s one of the least-affected among developed nations. That’s puzzling health experts.

Unlike China’s draconian isolation measures, the mass quarantine in much of Europe and big U.S. cities ordering people to shelter in place, Japan has imposed no lockdown. While there have been disruptions caused by school closures, life continues as normal for much of the population. Tokyo rush hour trains are still packed and restaurants remain open.

The looming question is whether Japan has dodged a bullet or is about to be hit. The government contends it has been aggressive in identifying clusters and containing the spread, which makes its overall and per capita number for infections among the lowest among developed economies. Critics argue Japan has been lax in testing, perhaps looking to keep the infection numbers low as it’s set to host the Olympics in Tokyo in July.

[A Coronavirus Explosion Was Expected in Japan. Where Is It?, By Gearoid Reidy
Bloomberg, March 19, 2020]

There is no mass unemployment or economic collapse in Japan.  Its people are acting judiciously by wearing masks, usually quite common in Japan as the Japanese people are always concerned with others, and always where masks when ill with even the common cold, not wanting to expose others to their germs.

And Japanese leaders have no qualms in exposing the perpetrators of the Wuhan Corona Virus.  The successor to the Sei-i Taishōgun, Taro Aso, Deputy Prime Minister, has confronted Red China directly for its attack on the world.

Japan on Saturday criticized the head of the World Health Organization, accusing him of being incapable of managing the coronavirus crisis.

Speaking at the House of Representatives in the capital Tokyo, Deputy Prime Minister Taro Asos slammed Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus for his “inadequate evaluation to address the coronavirus outbreak.”

He also noted the petition on signed by 635,000 people so far, demanding the resignation of Tedros.

[Japan Slams WHO Head Over Spread Of Coronavirus, by Ahmet Furkan Mercan,, March 28, 2020]

Japan also stated clearly that Tokyo and other major cities will not go on lock down, unlike failed cities like San Francisco and New York City.

Sadly though, my bolt hole for this disaster is now closed to me; Japan will be closing itself to foreigners until further notice, much like Tokugawa Ieyasu closed Japan to the West upon his elevation to Sei-i Taishōgun.

Leaders can act in the interests of their people and nation.  Japan does that.  Will the United States?  Certain governors are deliberately acting to destroy the economy for political purposes for no good reason.  The China Virus is nothing more than a bad strain of the flu.  There is no need for a shutdown.  Follow the lead of Japan, wear a mask, wash your hands, and expel the barbarians who bring disease.

One thought on “The People United Will Never Be Defeated By The China Flu

  1. “The China Virus is nothing more than a bad strain of the flu. There is no need for a shutdown. Follow the lead of Japan, wear a mask, wash your hands, and expel the barbarians who bring disease.”
    Wow, you are such a simp:

    Off coruse you would pretend that people who act like it is “just a bad strain of Flu” are more likly to die yes:


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