Who Is Responsible For The Atlanta Shooting At Chinese Brothels?

Robert Aaron Long is not responsible for the shooting of numerous mostly Chinese prostitutes. Mass immigration designed to destroy the Historic American Nation is. But who allowed this, not in the long term sense, but the responsible officials with the power and authority to do something? Long was a victim of the pornography industry, mostly Jewish, which deliberately targets men for financial gain and long-term political interests, as well as the mostly Chinese prostitution industry. Long was targeted by greed pornographers and prostitutes, addicted to sex by deliberate manipulation, just as Facebook and Twitter addict people to upcummies with their software. While there is not much the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) can do about pornography, well, at least not that made in the United States, though there are laws on the books that make interstate transportation of pornography a Federal offense, which itself hinges on some vague “community standard.” DHS does have the strong hand on prostitution in the United States. Some time ago I detailed how internet prostitution, mostly fueled by Asian immigrants, legal and illegal, grew under Bill Clinton and prospered under Jorge Bush, but was later shutdown by Barack Hussein Obama of all people. [Instead of Raids, Sweeps, and Checkpoints, We Get Fake Human Trafficking, by Federale, Federale Fifth Columnist, February 6, 2020]

However, the world’s oldest profession did not go away, it left the internet, except for flooding otherwise “legitimate” dating sites, for In Real Life (IRL), which is amazing in itself. The press, including Alt-Right sites, keeps referring to these “rub-and-tug” joints as “Asian” massage parlors, but are nothing more than brothels, and Chinese, not Asian, at that. While brothel review sites and advertisers wax poetic about the diversity of their prostitutes, usually referring to them as Thai, Asian, Japanese, or Korean, the predominate nationality of working girls is Chinese. Why, because the Chinese are greedy and have no honor since the Revolution. Sex to the Chinese is just a commodity, reinforced by the various Maoist campaigns against Confucianism and Christianity, but fundamentally a problem caused by a lack of Christianity. Like their compatriots in the porn industry, prostitution does not have the same public opprobrium in China as it does in the West. And China is poor, desperately poor, even more so today despite the nukes and skyscrapers. And one way out of poverty for Chinese women is coming to America to either work as a prostitute or as a madam.

This is not to say that other Asian nationalities are absent from the brothels. Vietnamese represent another significant percentage of owners and workers in the industry, centered around so-called massage parlors. The interesting fact is that those are not illegal aliens like the Chinese, but legal residents, naturalized American citizens, and native born Americans of Vietnamese ethnicities.

But back to the Chinese angle. For the Chinese, massage parlors are just another business venture that they participate in, be it restaurants, corner markets, dry-cleaning, etc. The Chinese have a system for these things, and entrepreneurial spirit you can say and massage parlors are just another business, but one that depends on a steady supply of illegal aliens, and many legal aliens as well. In fact, despite sections against the entry of prostitutes in the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, as amended, subsequent legislation, such as the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000 and subsequent reauthorization legislation effectively created a pipeline of so-called victims brought to the United States for prostitution, who then subsequently are rescued, then return to the business, well, because working on your back is easier than the 9-5 grind, and you get paid in cash and don’t pay taxes.

In fact, DHS spends more time and money “protecting” so-called “victims” of trafficking that on enforcing immigration law against the perpetrators and co-conspirators. The scheme goes like this. Chinese actor in America recruits young women in China, promises decent pay and living conditions in exchange for sex work. The girls also travel among different locations throughout the United States, many times working for different madams or other places owned by their madam. And it is almost always a madam, a mama-san. The girls learn the trade. If they get arrested, they then claim to have been trafficked, are awarded with a green card under the T-Visa system, basically a form of asylum for prostitutes, and, importantly, a self-supporting system, constantly being filled with new “victims” who are rewarded for their decision to become prostitutes. Those “victims” then tell their friends and associates back home how the system works, with little or no chance of being prosecuted or deported. The goal then of the “victims” is to join the victimizer, to become a madam, have her own business, and recruiting from a never ending pool of willing “victims” in China, a nation with 500 million poor women looking for an out.

But back to our real victim, Robert Long. Who enabled this system of fraud based on illegal immigration? Why our beloved ICE SVU (ICE Special Victims Unit), also known as Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), the nest of Customs pukes who took over and ended immigration enforcement in the interior of the United States under Jorge Bush. And who in ICE SVU office allowed metro Atlanta to be overrun with Chinese prostitutes? The responsible official is the Special Agent-in-Charge (SAC) of the Atlanta office. That official is supposed to enforce immigration law in the interior of the United States, in this case Atlanta itself, Georgia, and a few neighboring states. Now since 2003, there have been numerous ICE SVU SACs, but we’ll look at three of the most recent, on who’s watch Chinese brothels expanded and prospered without interference. And two of co-conspirators against Robert Long were part of the Dirty 19, who publicly attack President Trump for daring to enforce immigration law in the United States. [ICE SVU Insubordinate Leadership Attacks Trump, by Federale, VDare, June 29, 2018]

The first, and most responsible, is Customs puke Brock Nicholson, long-time ICE SVU Atlanta manager, over the years holding both the Deputy SAC and SAC positions since June 2006. Under his “leadership” immigration enforcement ended, Chinese illegals thrived, and we end up with mass murder.

Brock Nicolson, Legacy Customs Puke

Next is affirmative action hire and prominent member of the Dirty 19 Nick S. Annan. Annan followed up Nicholson and is a legacy Customs Special Agent.

Nick Annan, Affirmative Action Hire

What did Annan do to reverse the failure of his predecessor to enforce immigration law and strike at rampant prostitution in the Atlanta area? Absolutely nothing. ICE SVU was just a hostile takeover of the legacy INS by Customs pukes only concerned about protection the National Football League T-shirt sales.

Next up, with last chance to save lives and help poor Robert Long with his sex addiction problem was another notorious member of the Dirty 19, Katrina Berger. Berger is infamous for protecting illegal aliens from deportation even after they were arrested. Berger did nothing about Chinese prostitution in Atlanta, and she was the last chance to save the lives of those prostitutes and to help Long with his addiction. Berger is very enthusiastic about doing drug investigations, generally the responsibility of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), but she did not care to enforce laws relating to immigration that could have saved lives. Enough of ICE SVU poaching the work of other law enforcement agencies just to avoid arresting Chinese prostitutes.

Dirty 19 Co-conspirator Katrina Berger

Sadly, the Trump Administration was behind both Berger’s and Annan’s promotions and failed to require them to do their jobs and save lives by ending the Chinese prostitute invasion. Personnel is policy and Trump failed here. Likely because Ivanka Trump had to have her little cause of trafficking “victims.” Should we have a second round of Trump after this?

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