The Sex Police Are Back

ICE SVU, while never fully under the control of the Trump Administration, has still reverted back to the bad old days of the Obama Regime, fully participating now in the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty. Without immigration enforcement, ICE SVU hasn’t much to do, so under the Obama Regime decided that they will be the nation’s sex police or a national vice squad. Generally ICE SVU agents are incompetent, so while there is quite a bit of drug trafficking out there to investigate as well, your average ICE SVU guy is not anywhere close in investigative skill and courage in comparison to the average Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Special Agent. DEA agents have the reputation as cowboys, but from my experience, they are skilled and feared by the Mexican drug cartels and their mainly illegal alien cartel members doing the dirty work of drug dealing and transportation in the United States. However, ICE SVU does not want anything to do with illegal aliens, hence the national vice squad self-assignment. Better to round up losers picking up street walkers than risk a shoot-out with cartel thugs.

Hence, ICE SVU is highlighting the prostitute victims of human trafficking, and going around, arresting johns and “rescuing” runaway teenagers who work as prostitutes. There is a myth out there that every prostitute out there, especially one who is a minor, with minor being generally a teenaged runaway, has been a victim of human trafficking. Human trafficking is the catch-all used to justify an ongoing amnesty for illegal aliens in the world’s oldest profession. This scheme was devised in the Obama Regime to benefit illegal aliens and to give work to ICE SVU. Basically the scam goes like this. ICE SVU works with local police departments and sheriff’s offices to arrest prostitutes, pimps, and johns. ICE SVU advertises its work as rescuing victims of human trafficking, especially if the prostitutes are minors. If the prostitutes are illegal aliens, ICE SVU immediately gets to work giving the prostitutes employment authorization, relief from deportation, and, eventually, a green card. ICE SVU and the locals also publicly announce the “rescue” of the prostitutes from the nefarious hands of their pimps, especially if the prostitutes are minors. Now, it is important to remember, these are “minors” not young children, but generally 14-17 American runaways. The adult prostitutes tend to be professionals from overseas, but since they are working for a pimp or madam, they are classified as victims trafficked to the United States. The locals and ICE SVU then put out a press release claiming the rescue of minors and adults as victims of a nefarious human trafficking organization. Usually the human trafficking organization is not akin to the Mexican drug cartels, but something more informal, a loose pattern of relationships between the often Chinese mamasans running brothels out of massage parlors who openly recruit in China, promising a path to U.S. citizenship through sex work. The girls eventually find a customer to marry or get arrested, either way they get a green card. All this is known to ICE SVU, but everyone goes through the motions. ICE SVU pretends to be doing work, the prostitutes get green cards, and the teenaged American runaways, well, they get “rescued” but eventually go back to the business, still having to compete with the illegal aliens brought in by the network of Chinese massage parlor mamasans.

Usually though, ICE SVU does not even get a trafficking arrest, but has to settle for busting the johns. And this is the case yet again.

An undercover investigation, aimed at addressing human trafficking in middle Tennessee, resulted in the arrest of 18 men accused of seeking sex from minors.

The more than two-day operation was conducted by Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Human Trafficking Unit, Spring Hill Police Department, FBI and the office of the 22nd Judicial District Attorney General.

Beginning on July 8, 2021, the operation focused on identifying and recovering potential human trafficking victims as well as identifying those seeking to engage in commercial sex acts with minors. Law enforcement placed several decoy advertisements on websites known to be linked to prostitution and commercial sex cases.

18 Men Arrested In Human Trafficking Investigation In Tennessee, unattributed, Breaking 911, July 12, 2021

Despite this investigation being led by ICE SVU, supposedly the investigative arm of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the only arrests for for soliciting, which, one may note, is not a federal offense. So much vaunted ICE SVU conducted a major operation, got no federal charges, but is decieving the public with a claim of arrests and rescue of minors.

Individuals charged and booked into the Maury County (Tennessee) Jail include:

Georgie George, 25, of Clarksville, Tennessee, charged with patronizing prostitution from a minor.
Marvin Sparkman, 29, of Columbia, Tennessee, charged with solicitation of a minor.
Steven McCanless, 26, of Culleoka, Tennessee, charged with the solicitation of a minor.
Ketankumar Patel, 53, of Columbia, Tennessee, charged with patronizing prostitution from a minor.
Ivan Ashley, 49, of Dania, Florida, charged with patronizing prostitution from a minor.
David Christopher May, 26, of Fayetteville, Tennessee, charged with solicitation of a minor.
Andrew Myung Kim, 38, of Franklin, Tennessee, charged with patronizing prostitution from a minor.
Bryce Lawson, 24, of Charles, Louisiana, charged with patronizing prostitution from a minor.
Jeremiah McSpaddin, 36, of Spring Hill, Tennessee, charged with solicitation of a minor.
Brian Mitchell, 50, of Thompson’s Station, Tennessee, charged with patronizing prostitution from a minor.
Nabi Rahman, 33, of Nashville, Tennessee, charged with patronizing prostitution from a minor.
Patrick Harris, 32, of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, charged with patronizing prostitution from a minor.
Matthew Brewer, 47, of Centerville, Tennessee, charged with solicitation of a minor.
Suleiman Musa Osman, 38, of Chattanooga, Tennessee, charged with patronizing prostitution from a minor.
Juan Gabriel Hernandez Eufracio, 36, of Huntsville, Alabama, charged with patronizing prostitution from a minor.
Pablo Godines Cervantes, 51, of Columbia, Tennessee, charged with patronizing prostitution from a minor.
Haojie Wang, 32, of Brentwood, Tennessee, charged with patronizing prostitution from a minor.
Luis Diaz-Mendez, 27, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, charged with patronizing prostitution from a minor.

Note that there are no charges of human trafficking and no information on the ages of the minors involved. That is instructive, as if some young children had been forced into prostitution or aliens enslaved in the sex business, there would have been other more significant charges other than solicitation. Not even an arrest of the pimp or madam. Most likely the girls involved were, as always, teenaged runaways. Likely most were just under age, under aged enough to be legally minors, but not young enough to get their ages published. Because if the girls had been young, that information would have been front and center of the story. But instead we get the tired old story of likely runaways. That is not quite the same story as young children kidnapped and forced into prostitution.

We even have facts to show the hype over human trafficking is fake. Before every major sporting event, the press is filled with human trafficking stories, but those stories never pan out. ICE SVU was even schooled publicly by the Dallas Police Department back in 2014 over human trafficking of minors for prostitution. [Dallas Police Department Schools ICE SVU Over “Sex Trafficking”, by Federale, VDare, April 28, 2014]

When ICE SVU doesn’t do its statutorily required work, it finds something else, but it must lie to create other work. While ICE arrests are down precipitously nationwide, ICE SVU looks to be the nation’s vice squad in small town America.

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