Don’t Be Fooled, Those Aren’t “Americans”

So, we are having a slow rolling Saigon panic over the evacuation of the Gay American Empire (GAE) outpost in Kabul, Afghanistan. Unlike the Saigon mess where there were few Americans to evacuate who were not real Americans and either Government employees or contractors, the situation in Kabul is quite different. In Saigon the issue was evacuating those Vietnamese who were in the old regime or were direct American assets, such as CIA sources, embassy local hires, Republic of Vietnam (RVN) military, etc. Note that there were no Special Immigrant Visas (SIV) for them, the evacuation and immigration procedure was on the fly, most were paroled in as there was no political asylum or refugee category in immigration law prior to 1980.

However, it appears that the majority of people being flown out of Kabul are not American, but Afghans with no immigration status and they are heading for your home town now to rape and pillage. And those were supposed to be the ones on our side.

Here is the tweet where the Department of State spokesman says that of 2,000 or more evacuees, only about 300 are “Americans.”

But back to the other issue. The “Americans.” Now, one is probably thinking Americans means Embassy staff and dependents. No, Kabul is a no-dependents assignment for all U.S. government employees, including the DOS. Those are either the first out or have designated seats for evacuation, with the Ambassador supposed to be the last out. But there are not too many of them and are part of the plan. Well, contractors then. No, contractors and government employees are on the protocol for evacuations and have assigned positions. Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) and charities, yes, there are some, but most are mostly staffed by local or third country nationals. So, not really our problem. Tourists? Businessmen? Perhaps a few. I new a cop I worked with on a case who did a motorcycle tour of Afghanistan and Pakistan, in the Taliban area. Their tour guide paid all the necessary bribes for protection and he and his group of Americans, South Americans, and Europeans had no problems. Are there some there, perhaps a few.

But the Americans everyone is concerned about aren’t really Americans, they are naturalized citizens of Afghan origin who despite their new citizenship and supposed loyalty, have returned to their true home to live. Mostly to keep their daughters away from the Only Fans culture, but most likely is because their purpose of obtaining citizenship was to obtain a passport of convenience, one of the most widely accepted for visa free travel in the world. This is not like Thailand after the tsunami where thousands of American tourists and natural born expatriates lived and needed assistance.

This is disloyalty and the treatment of the American passport like some sort of rag to be used when it is convenient and hidden away when not. Now, you say, Afghan nationality law says dual citizenship is illegal. Well, so are drug exports and corruption, but both of those are widespread. The reality is that prohibition is widely ignored and those Afghans who fraudulently obtained American citizenship, but remained loyal to Afghanistan in violation of their Oath of Naturalization are not in practice denied any benefit of Afghan citizenship, including an Afghan passport

Well, they are denied one benefit, serving in the Cabinet of Ministers.

Differences emerged on Thursday between Wolesi Jirga members over whether to reject or endorse cabinet nominees keeping dual nationality.

Some lower house members insisted they would not vote for dual citizens in accordance with the law, but others favoured granting the trust vote to such individuals.

Under Article 72 of the Constitution, a person being appointed as minister must have the citizenship of Afghanistan only.

However, the article adds if a person nominated for a ministerial post holds nationality of another country, the Wolesi Jirga has the right to reject or endorse his/her nomination.

The Wolesi Jirga had previously decided that dual nationals would not be approved because such people promoted the interests of the other country instead of Afghanistan.

Legislators Divided over Dual Nationality Issue, unattributed, Daily Outlook Afghanistan, January 24, 2015

So, what we have here is a great controversy over a group of “Americans” who have no loyalty or connection to the United States. They came here, most likely as refugees, saying they feared living in Afghanistan, then returned, did not give up their American citizenship, reobtained their Afghan passports, lived there for decades, then refused to fight against the Taliban, and now are demanding that we rescue them from a situation they voluntarily returned to.

Here is an interview of an “American” stuck in Kabul. His name is Haroon. Obviously his family did not come over on the Mayflower, or at any time in before about 10 years ago. Haroon is obviously a young man, and obviously learned English as an adult as he has a strong accent. Supposedly he went back to take care of his sick father in June of this year. So, a civil war is raging, the Taliban was rolling up provinces this whole year, but this moron decides to go to Afghanistan with his whole family to “take care of his father.” But now he wants to bring both sides of his family. The interview even suggests that his wife has no status, but has “papers.” It sounds like he went back to be with his wife and kids who he left in Afghanistan for whatever reason. This is not uncommon. Many from Islamic countries do this. They don’t want their wives and children exposed to the GAE culture. Usually the problem is that wife does not have papers, but since the husband is an American citizen, the kids, even if born overseas, have citizenship. But in an emergency, the wife and rest of the family are a burden, as they have no papers, and obtaining an immigrant visa is a long process. But the down shot is that Haroon’s American passport is only for his convenience. He is in no way loyal to the Historic American Nation. And it is a good chance he or his children will be come the next Omar Mateen, the Pulse Nightclub shooter who was the child of Afghan immigrants. Note that Mateen’s father was admitted as a refugee, but hated America. Afghans are a threat to America. And even if they get an American passport, they are not American in any measure other than legalistic.

And this does not even include the Afghans who will obtain citizenship in the future or have obtained citizenship based on SIVs who were in fact secret Taliban terrorists and informants. These are part of “Green-On-Blue” attacks where interpreters and other employees of American forces aided the Taliban.

I say no thanks to these disloyal “Americans.” They are aliens in everything but their passport of convenience. It is best to let them stew in the dish that they likely participated in, the most corrupt and incompetent government in modern history. Even the RVN lasted two years after the American pullout in 1973. We gave them a chance once, they stabbed us in the back. No second chance.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Be Fooled, Those Aren’t “Americans”

  1. I should’ve known better re: the “Americans.”

    We really must abolish dual citizenship. Also, all those Afghan men fleeing need to stay and fight for their country.


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