Inside The Lawless Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty

The Biden Regime is lawless to the core. The recently announced policy of not arresting any illegal alien in the United States, unless a recent entrant illegal alien, serious felon, or national security threat, is an amnesty in itself. This policy means that all an illegal alien has to do is lay low for whatever “recent” means, which, of course, the Biden Regime has not defined, then not be convicted of any “serious” felony, and not be an open terrorist. Otherwise, all illegal aliens are free to work, use welfare, and bring relatives to the United States. This is just one aspect of the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty.

Aside from the no arrest policy, the Biden Regime is quietly bringing illegal aliens into the United States directly by use of the so-called parole policy. Millions of illegal aliens will be eventually eligible for this new family reunification benefit, but this is for family members of illegal aliens. The program is starting out slow, with those illegal aliens who entered during the Trump Administration the first group coming in. These are the deported parents, and eventually children, of illegal aliens who managed to illegally cross the border in the last four years.

This is under the guise of re-uniting families, but instead of deporting the illegal alien minors who managed to get in, and had been separated from their parents or other alien smugglers who were prosecuted and deported, the previously deported parents and guardians are being allowed to enter the United States, given employment authorization, and allowed to bring with them other relatives. Basically the Biden Regime has created new immigration categories through executive action, without any benefit of authorization in law. This is lawless and should be another article of impeachment come the 2022 midterm elections.

The latest amnesty scheme from the Biden Regime is using the parole authority in the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) to bypass limitations on immigration. There is no category to immigration for aliens who just want to live here and have a relative living here illegally. In fact, previously deported illegal aliens are ineligible to immigrate.

Parole is supposed to be permission to enter the United States temporarily, but since inclusion into the statute, has been widely abused, mostly as a substitution for any application for refugee status.

Immigration parole is official permission to remain temporarily in the United States. In the case of individuals outside the United States, it also permits entry into the country. Parole does not constitute formal admission under the U.S. immigration system. A parolee is still considered an applicant for admission and is required to leave the United States before the period of parole expires.

The original INA parole provision authorized the Attorney General, head of the Department of Justice (DOJ), to grant parole “for emergent reasons or for reasons deemed strictly in the public interest.”

The INA, as initially enacted, did not contain distinct provisions for the admission of
refugees; beginning in the 1950s, U.S. Administrations used the parole provision to bring in refugees.

Immigration Parole, unattributed, Congressional Research Service, October 15, 2020.

As an example of the use of parole instead of an refugee application is when in the late 1970s the Communist government of Vietnam began expelling politically unreliable citizens, those associated with the former regime and their families. There was no refugee statute at the time, so these refugees were paroled into the United States.

In 1980 though, Congress passed and the President signed the Refugee Act of 1980, that defined and created a process for refugees, for aliens outside the United States who faced political persecution, and asylum, for aliens inside the United States who face political persecution if deported. This created the legal categories of refugee and asylee, as well as the administrative process for adjudicating such applications.

However, it was soon discovered that the demand for refugee status exceeded the legal supply, meaning that more people wanted refugee status than were legally qualified. Consequently, hundreds of thousands of aliens, in the 1990s mostly Southeast Asians, came to the United States ostensibly as refugees, but were paroled in because they did not qualify as refugees. In most cases they had relatives here and just wanted a better life. Few or none were persecuted in any sense.

In the 1990s I was working at an international airport for the legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). On a daily basis planes loaded with refugees would land and would be processed. Only a handful that I interviewed actually qualified for refugee status, even those who were approved refugees, but official refugees were greatly outnumbered by parolees. Most had some sort of relative in the U.S. or were distantly related to an Amer-Asian, child or adult, a family that claimed to have raised an Amer-Asian child, or had purchased an Amer-Asian child off the streets of Vietnam or from an orphanage. Basically parole was for any alien the Clinton Administration wanted in the United States. That policy was extended to Russian Jews, Balkan war criminals, anyone claiming to be a victim of the civil wars in Central America, Chinese claiming to be the tank man, etc. It was massive and open fraud. All aided and abetted by the then nascent Refugee Industrial Complex, all led by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Catholic Social Services, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, Lutheran Immigrant and Refugee Service, and others.

Jan Ting, former Chief Counsel for the INS once remarked that 95% of refugees and asylees were fraudulent, from my personal experience it was closer to a 99% fraud rate. In eight years of processing Vietnamese refugees, I met one who had been in the Communist re-education camps. Most of the real refugees fled in the 70s, almost everyone else after than was a fraud, just economic migrants. And for Jewish refugees from the former Soviet Union, none were persecuted. Many of working age Jewish refugees were either criminals and welfare cheats here or went back to the Rodina despite a prohibition on a refugee returning to the jurisdiction of the government of which they were an alleged victim. And one cannot count how many Chinese claimed to be tank man. Well, lots more than one. I had a colleague from New York who personally encountered about half a dozen “tank men” at John F. Kennedy International Airport alone.

But parole has evolved. Under the Biden Regime, it has no longer a pretense of lawfulness, it is now nothing more than another immigration category that must be maxed out. And the most recent iteration is re-uniting illegal aliens in the United States with their previously deported relatives, mostly parents of minors that were smuggled in, either by those same parents, or some other person. Under the Biden Regime, parole has become the Illegal Alien Family And Smuggler Reunification Visa.

And no illegal immigration policy is complete without cheerleading from the Lying Press.

When U.S. immigration officials took away Maria Hernandez’s daughters at the U.S.-Mexico border and deported her in 2017, she feared she would never see them again…

On a Tuesday in January, four years after American authorities pried Maria Hernandez away from her daughters and deported her back to Honduras, she returned to the United States – this time with the blessing of the U.S. government.

Together At Last: A Migrant Family’s Arduous Path To Reunification, by By Mica Rosenberg, Reuters, January 31, 2022

So, we are informed that Hernandez’ children were taken from her. That is a lie. The lie that underlies the Biden Regimes’ lies about the Trump Administration policy of prosecuting and deporting illegal alien invaders.

No, Hernandez was given the option to be deported with her children. She decided to let her children remain. The only problem with this scenario is why did the Trump Administration allow the children to remain? The Hernandez’ children did not qualify for asylum, they were not covered by the Wilberforce Trafficking Act, the children were accompanied by a parent who could make legal decisions for them. There was no reason to allow the children to remain. The Hernandez children should have been deported with their mother. That, in fact, was always policy before the Obama Regime, which began the practice of allowing accompanied and unaccompanied minors to remain.

I can testify that any child accompanying a deportable alien were sent back home with that parent or guardian routinely until the Obama Regime. In fact, even if a minor is admissible, they are required to be deported if they have accompanied a deportable alien, either parent, guardian, or just traveling companion. So, the Trump Administration is partially to blame, but I suspect that this policy was foisted on President Trump because of sabotage by Lady DACA or others in the Deep State.

In fact, we even get an admission deep down in the article that Hernandez decided to leave without the children she claimed to love.

The trio had crossed into the United States in search of asylum. Once apprehended, Hernandez said, she was given an impossible choice: Leave the country, either with the girls or without them. Rattled by recent threats to Michelle from Honduran gangs, Hernandez decided the girls would be safer in the United States, she said.

So, the Lying Press first told us that children were being ripped from their parents. In reality, the children were being abandoned. And all as part of a plan to immigrate to the United States. Again, the Trump Administration should have had a policy of deporting families together.

But that does not justify the Biden Regime creating from executive fiat, much like the unconstitutional and illegal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Deferred Action for the Parents of Americans (DAPA) programs, a new immigration visa. Here the Biden Regime is creating a new immigration category, not using parole authority for temporary admission for a limited time.

President Joe Biden, a Democrat who took office in January 2021, called family separations a “human tragedy” and quickly formed a task force to reunify families. Deported parents, once found, would be given the option to return to the United States to rejoin their children, who mostly had stayed with U.S. relatives or sponsors.

It would have been much easier to use Expedited Removal to unify these separated families, but the Biden Regime is seeking to elect a new people by permanently resettling illegal aliens and their relatives in the United States.

The administration is “dedicated to finding every family and ensuring families have long-term stability in the United States,” said Michelle Brane, the head of the task force in a statement.

This includes adding new family members who attach themselves to previously deported illegal aliens.

Complicating her case was her petition to travel with her now 4-year-old grandson, Aron, who was in her care and would need his own passport and other permissions to leave Honduras.

By October 2021, she had filed applications for “humanitarian parole” for herself and her grandson to enter the United States, her lawyers said. Approval came weeks later, in December.

There we have it. Illegal alien brings minor children to the United States encouraged by other illegal alien family members already in the United States. Illegal alien decides to abandon her children, gets deported, then is given parole into the United States, bringing a third minor child, and then rewarded with employment authorization, a Social Security Number, housing, and welfare. All without any legal authority.

This is the lawless Biden Regime. Impeachment is not enough, criminal prosecution should be the goal. Arrest and prosecute Joe Biden.

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