Tae Johnson’s War On White America

Not just a war on White Americans, but America itself. The black affirmative action Acting Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), not just ICE SVU, the purported Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), but of both major components of ICE, including Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO), who are the only ICE employees actually making any arrests under the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty.

Tae Johnson Hates White Americans Or Feels Guilty About His Affirmative Action Career

Tae Johnson should know better, but instead he is the executioner of America for the Biden Regime. He is still only the Acting Director of ICE, which says how difficult it has been for the Biden Regime to find a political appointee to fill the position that could be confirmed by the Senate. The Democrats attacked President Trump for having so many acting officials at the heads of major Department of Homeland Security (DHS) components, but strangely no John Morton could be found to fill the ICE Director position. And, as said, Johnson should know better. His career was in the legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) and he apparently worked in a number of different positions in the legacy INS starting as a student intern. He was even Executive Associate Director of ERO. Which shows he knows what the issues are and, more importantly, how the enforcement agencies can defy the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty. Instead, Johnson, because he is black and has apparently long harbored anti-White and anti-American sympathies, became the John Morton of the Biden Regime.

So, why would a legacy INS official at ICE surrender to the illegal Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty? The legacy INS people at ICE generally hang together, especially in opposition to the Customs pukes who at one point dominated ICE. Clearly the Biden people promised him something, more likely he agreed to be the cat’s paw for either Customs puke Patrick J. Lechleitner, who is serving as the Senior Official Performing the Duties of the Deputy Director, which the title says he is not confirmable as ICE Director. More importantly, there is no other ICE official whom the Biden Regime trust to be an enforcer of the Biden amnesty. A clue is that Lechleitner serves as the “Senior Official Performing,” which means he is illegally serving in an acting position over the statutory one year maximum. This tells us he is both unconfirmable and that the Biden Regime does not trust any ICE official, other than Johnson, to be in senior management.

The other option is that Johnson is, again, the cat’s paw, for the Biden Regime representative at ICE, Jason Houser, the Chief of Staff of ICE, a political hack from the Democrat Party, with no experience in any type of law enforcement, much less Federal law enforcement, much less any experience in immigration law enforcement.

Note that in his LinkedIn profile, Houser claims extensive experience in political campaigns, but does not list particular positions, which suggests he has lots to hide there. Perhaps some involvement with the Hillary Russiagate fraud? He has no qualifications to be Chief of Staff, no relevant experience in law enforcement management, nor any experience in either Customs or Immigration law enforcement. And no, experience as a U.S. Navy intelligence officer, especially as a reservist, qualifies one for being the Chief of Staff for one of the largest Federal law enforcement agencies in the nation. Military intel officers are desk bound analysts, not door kickers making arrests. The two are very different professions with little or no relevance to each other.

Houser is there as a political enforcer, and Tae Johnson is the object of his enforcement, with Johnson either happily surrendering his manhood to a political hack or is the enthusiastic figurehead for busting the historic American nation.

He even looks like the Riddler from the 60s TV series.

Frank Gorshin or Jason Houser, You Decide
Political Enforcer Jason Houser

And we know this because Johnson is the typical black affirmative action hire, more concerned about racism than doing his job of arresting and deporting illegal aliens. And he appears to have the usual black hatred of White Americans.

A patriotic ICE agent and reader sent a revealing email from Johnson to all ICE employees about the relatively minor incident in Buffalo, which was not terrorism, but an obviously the actions of a seriously mentally ill man, with a history of killing animals which all psychological experts agree is the most significant sign of the development of a serious mental illness.

Here is the email, filled with all the platitudes of the radical left on terrorism implying that White Americans are somehow a threat to minorities.

The significance here in these emails is that Johnson does not acknowledge that blacks are victimizing Asians, something that most black Americans just refuse to acknowledge. But more importantly is what is missing, which is any mention of the terrorist attacks on Whites, no mention of the attack by an Arab on White Americans in a grocery store in Boulder, CO and, most importantly, the more recent black supremist attack on White Americans in Waukesha. Again, black Americans, especially those in the Federal bureaucracy just waive away the Waukesha attack, as Joe Biden did. It is as if the hate crime did not happen. Not just an active denial that it was a racist terrorist attack, but a complete refusal to acknowledge it happened. We even get the referral to “anti-semitism,” lower case in the original interestingly, as if there any real anti-semitism in the United States, other than blacks. Johnson did not mention these little problems with his theory of widespread anti-minority racism and terrorism. And, of course, he did not mention out-of-control super predators in the black community, especially Chiraq.

And my source notes that Johnson did not send out an email to ICE employees after Waukesha. No sympathies for White ICE employees who were pained by this openly racist hate crime. No offers of support and resources from ICE, no mention of the larger lessons of the hate directed against White Americans. Tae Johnson has no concerns for White victims of hate, and what he does not say speaks volumes.

So, Johnson may just be a cat’s paw for Houser, but he appears to have drunk the Kool-Aid on anti-White contempt and hatred, refusing to even acknowledge that Whites exist and are victims of racist hate crimes, mostly at the hands of blacks. That just hits too close to home for Johnson.

Let us also speak bluntly on affirmative action for blacks in the legacy INS and in DHS. There were usually few blacks in the INS other than clerk positions. Why, because the training at the INS academy was one of the most difficult in Federal law enforcement. Immigration and nationality law are very difficult areas of law, filled with minute detail and numerous exceptions and changes over the years. Additionally, all immigration officers had to complete a separate course of study of Spanish so as to be able to perform their assignment in the field without benefit of a translator. Frankly, few blacks could successfully complete that training. In my Immigration Officer Basic Training Course (IOBTC) there was only one black trainee, and he barely passed the legal course, but failed out the Spanish language training. At my duty station there were only four blacks were were legacy American, two others were black immigrants from Spanish speaking countries, Panama to be exact. The rest of the 100 or so were mostly White, Asian, and Hispanic, with Asians and Hispanics overrepresented in comparison to the demographics of even the heavily minority population of this major metropolitan area, but blacks were severely underrepresented. In fact, one black washed out, but they let him work as a clerk until he could be a retread at the academy, which on the second try he passed.

Therefore, blacks were few and far between in the INS, and similarly now in DHS, so the few that are there are on the fast-track affirmative action career path. Clearly Tae Johnson was not a high-flyer, but a beneficiary of affirmative action.

Blacks were part of the Triumvirate under the Clinton Administration reign of INS Commissioner Doris Meissner, who only promoted women, homosexuals, and blacks. They formed a little mafia until DHS was created, and most of the women and homosexuals went over to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), where they dominate to this day. So, the few blacks in ICE and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) became the dominant minority so far as affirmative action was concerned. Basically, under Jorge Bush, White and Hispanic men did all the work at ICE and CBP, but blacks got the easy promotions, as Tae Johnson’s career shows. The real question is why was he promoted and not a Hispanic, which is the largest group after Whites in DHS. Well, affirmative action. Just given numbers without affirmative action, there is no reason why Johnson was promoted other than affirmative action.

It is disappointing that Johnson betrayed his fellow legacy INS colleagues to become the fact of the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty. He could have worked with his fellow patriots to sabotage the Biden Amnesty, but his hatred for Whites, and Hispanics, prevailed. Sad.

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