Another Mayorkas Amnesty For Illegal Aliens, The Workplace Amnesty

The Jewish Cuban Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Alexandro Mayorkas, has another ongoing amnesty for illegal aliens, this time for illegal aliens working in the United States. A myriad of policies have been implemented ostensibly to protect “America’s workers,” but in a perverse definition, “American” workers include illegal aliens. It slyly conflates being in America with being American, as if being in America makes one American. This should surprise no one, since Mayorkas and his anti-American ilk now ensconced in the DHS bureaucracy repeat the talking points that immigrants are more patriotic than Americans and that illegal aliens are just “undocumented Americans.”

Arrest The Criminal Alexandro Mayorkas

Immediately upon being confirmed as DHS Secretary, with plenty of Republican votes, Mayorkas stopped work-site enforcement against the employment of illegal aliens, essentially announcing an amnesty for aliens working illegally, then opened the floodgates at the border to enable two million plus illegal aliens to enter the workforce.

Furthermore, in an Orwellian Fact Sheet, Mayorkas claimed he was enforcing the laws of the United States in the workplace to protect workers, which was just a lie to cover up the largest of the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesties, one for all illegal aliens working in the United States.

To publicize this amnesty, Mayorkas ordered the production of this Fact Sheet by DHS, which reads like a Stalinist paean to himself and Joe Biden, crediting the two men with securing the workplace, unsaid was that it was securing the workplace for illegal aliens, not from illegal aliens. It is disturbing that official pronouncements of the government are now mere political screeds, rather than simple recitations of fact or policy, but that should be no surprise as Stalinism is the political policy of the Biden Regime.

While the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty exists for all illegal aliens, Mayorkas has taken these special steps to protect illegal aliens in the workplace, announcing new initiatives to protect or even reward illegal aliens stealing jobs from Americans.

Under President Biden’s leadership, this Administration has made historic investments in America’s workers, recognizing that the federal government plays a vital role in improving the condition and the standing of the men and women who power the American economy. As a result of the diligence and determination of the American people, and the President’s leadership, our nation’s economic recovery continues to be the strongest in the world. As one of the largest federal agencies, DHS believes that empowering workers and protecting their rights are critical for strengthening our democracy and bolstering our economic security. As Secretary Mayorkas said last year, “Our Department has a critical role in ensuring that our Nation’s workplaces comply with our laws.” Through efforts internal and external, and initiatives that span a broad mission set, DHS has spared no effort in upholding our commitment to working people.

Fact Sheet: DHS Is Empowering Workers And Protecting Rights At The Workplace, unattributed, DHS Fact Sheet, September 2, 2022

The “Fact Sheet” is, of course, nothing of the sort. There are no facts in it, only lies and misdirection. While it is true that DHS has a critical role in enforcing Federal law in the workplace, that role has been completely abandoned with the end of work-site enforcement by ICE SVU at Mayorkas’ orders. That is hardly exercising DHS’ critical role in enforcing Federal law in the workplace. Instead, it is official policy that Federal laws prohibiting employment of illegal aliens are not to be enforced, i.e. no raids of employers of illegal aliens. This is a de facto amnesty for both employers and their illegal alien employees. In no sense can that be called investing in “America’s workers,” or “ensuring that our Nation’s workplaces comply with our laws.” Employers and illegal aliens have been amnestied and rewarded for violating the laws prohibiting employment of illegal aliens.

Worse yet, not content with merely ignoring aliens working illegally, Mayorkas has decided to actively protect illegal aliens.

Support Labor Enforcement Agency Investigations: DHS has been supporting labor enforcement agency investigations by considering, on a case by case basis, victims and witnesses of labor exploitation for prosecutorial discretion.  DHS is streamlining, and will soon announce updates to its processes for strengthening its partnership with labor enforcement agencies to ensure that workers are protected and unscrupulous employers are held accountable. 

To the uninitiated this sounds reasonable, DHS will support the Department of Labor Wage And Hour Division (DOL WHD) in its investigations. Sounds reasonable, Federal agencies should cooperate in joint investigations. However, the true purpose of the cooperation between ICE SVU and DOL WHD is to protect illegal alien employees who are cheated of wages and overtime. It has been a long-time policy that ICE SVU does not take enforcement action when DOL WHD discovers illegal aliens and when illegal aliens go on strike or are engaged in forming a union. In reality, this is not cooperation between two Federal law enforcement agencies, but acquiescence by two Federal law enforcement agencies into criminal activity by both employers who employ illegal aliens and illegal aliens who are unlawfully employed. Sadly, there are even official Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) between DOL and DHS to make this collusion by DHS and DOL with illegal aliens and criminal activity by employers in writing.

It is even official policy of DHS to not enforce immigration laws in the workplace because they impact illegal alien workers.

End Mass Worksite Enforcement Operations: In 2021, ICE ended deployment of mass worksite enforcement operations, which sometimes led to the simultaneous arrest of hundreds of workers, as they misallocated resources while chilling worker participation in labor enforcement investigations.

It should be no concern of either DHS or DOL that illegal aliens are “chilled” in participation in labor enforcement investigations, as in any event, any money earned by an illegal alien is contraband that is subject to seizure by the government. Nor is it of any concern that an illegal alien is cheated of wages or overtime payments when it is illegal to both make such a payment and to receive such a payment of wages.

With ICE SVU prohibited from enforcing immigration law in the United States, ICE SVU has been changed to an adjunct of DOL WHD, actually initiating investigations in support of illegal aliens rather than arresting those illegal aliens.

Audits and Labor Exploitation Investigations: Together with the DHS Center for Countering Human Trafficking (CCHT), the Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Labor Exploitation team has also developed a counter-trafficking strategy involving new trainings and greater resources focused on labor exploitation cases.

To support illegal alien employment, ICE SVU has created a new unit, Labor Exploitation, not to go after employers of illegal aliens, but to go after employers of illegal aliens who pay substandard wages or don’t pay proper overtime. Essentially ICE SVU and Mayorkas are running a protection racket for employers of illegal aliens who follow wage and hour laws. This is lawlessness, as DHS is charged with enforcing immigration laws against all employers, not just those who cheat illegal aliens of wages.

This makes both Mayorkas and any bureaucrat at ICE SVU liable for criminal prosecution. Congress has not authorized any amnesty for illegal aliens, for illegal workers, or for employers of illegal aliens. Consequently Mayorkas and any DHS employee who participates in this scheme to aid and abet illegal aliens to remain in the United States are guilty of a violation of Title 8 United States Code, Section 1324, Bringing In And Harboring Certain Aliens. All ICE SVU agents and DOL employees take an oath of office to faithfully discharge their duties. Aiding illegal aliens to remain in the United States by failing to identify and arrest illegal aliens they encounter during wage and hour investigations is itself a crime.

Mayorkas himself, by directing that others violate the law, is himself violating the law. It is time to arrest Alexandro Mayorkas! The fun thing is that he can be prosecuted in any Federal district where these orders were implemented, not just Washington, DC. That should make for an easy conviction in 2025.

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