First Cavavaner Of Death To America Released Into United States

Black pills all round today: The first illegal alien Caravaner of Death To America By Demographic Displacement has been released into the United States, without even an ankle bracelet to track her down when he fails to appear at her upcoming immigration hearing.  And that’s a hearing, not Expedited Removal.  Thanks to Kirstjen Nielsen, the Caravaners won the face off at the border.  I wish she had resigned.

Gabriela Hernandez had to go on the road again, loading her pregnant self and two young sons onto bus after bus after bus…

When she steps off Greyhound bus #60592 on Monday, Hernandez does not recognize the woman waiting for her. But she has the same facial structure as her own mother. It is her aunt, who’d changed her diapers decades ago.
“I’m happy you’re here, finally. Welcome home,” her aunt says.

[Migrant Mom Gabriela Hernandez Just Got To California After Weeks In Caravan And Detention, by Leyla Santiago, CNN, May 14, 2018]

Hernandez was among the first caravaners who was allowed by Nielsen to enter the United States without any entry documents and make an application for asylum.  Why, because Nielsen is a #DeepState operative and Bush acolyte who supports illegal immigration.  Her loyalty is not to America or President Trump, but to the demographic transformation of the United States.

And the basis for Hernandez’ claim for asylum, an alleged death threat.

But this time is different. This time there is an end in sight for the family who’d fled Honduras after a gang threatened them with murder and who’d traveled thousands of miles across Mexico in search of safety.

Her claim cannot be verified, is facially ridiculous, and clearly fraudulent.  Moreover, a mere threat of violence from a non-state actor does not qualify one for asylum status in the United States.  Asylum is only available to those suffering persecution by a government, not for fear of common crime.  If being a victim of common crime was the basis for asylum, billions would qualify for that status.

In a gross display of incompetence by Nielsen, this fraudulent claim was not summarily rejected by Customs and Border Protection Officers at Hernandez’ initial interview at the San Ysidro Port-of-Entry where she appeared after being coached by the Treason Bar.  In cases involving aliens presenting themselves for entry to the United States and when arrested in the United States, that alien must present a credible fear of persecution.  Before an alien can be referred to an Asylum Officer for review of their claim at persecution and eventual hearing before an immigration judge of the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR), the alien must have a credible claim to fear of returning due to their country of citizenship or last habitual residence.  Hernandez did not meet that standard, and therefore she should not have been referred to a asylum interview, nor to the EOIR.

To compound the problem, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has been cowed into allowing illegal aliens like Hernandez to disappear into the illegal alien population.  ICE feared even ensuring her appearance in court by tracking her with an ankle bracelet.  There is no law or policy that prohibits placing an ankle bracelet on pregnant women, but ICE, under orders from Nielsen, effectively told Hernandez that ICE is not really interested if she appears in court.

Then on Saturday night, Hernandez was asked to sign a document that she would check in with immigration officials and present herself before a judge next week. Officials put an ankle monitor on her, but then removed it. “They took it off immediately when they realized I was pregnant,” she says.

And with that, she was released from the Karnes County Residential Center, southeast of San Antonio.

And worse, she was given a bus ticket to back to California.  It is basically ICE returning to completing the smuggling cycle into the United States.  Clearly her aunt paid for Hernandez’ trip to the United States, and to the more liberal immigration judges in California.

Immigration officers took her and her sons to a bus station. She didn’t have any money. A woman handed her a blanket, sandwiches for the kids and a piece of paper. The document explained in English that Gabriela only speaks Spanish and needs help with the itinerary that listed four bus routes beginning in El Paso and ending in Anaheim a day later.

“I found a lot of people who spoke Spanish and helped me,” Hernandez recalls.

And admittedly she is only here for more welfare:

Now, they are stepping off a bus onto American soil with dreams of a better life, one with education for the children and without violence. It’s a new stage in her journey but it’s still full of complex challenges.

Asylum claims are not for a better life, education, or living without violence.  Asylum is for those persecuted, not victims of common crime.  However, Nielsen is doing nothing about the fraud in asylum that she so loudly decries.  She was the saboteur that encouraged illegal aliens like Hernandez to game the system by making claims of asylum at Ports-of-Entry, just as Jeh Johnson and Janet Napolitano encouraged illegal aliens to come to the United States.

Time for President Trump to fire Nielsen and find a DHS Secretary that knows immigration law, proper enforcement, and supports his policies by word and deed.  President Trump has the pattern for imposing his will on the bureaucracy, time for him to do it.