Ignore The Tillis Treason, Title 42 Is A Fraud, The Solution Is Expedited Removal

But the latest Tillis Treason will preserve an unneeded method to deport illegal aliens in exchange for amnesty and citizenship for illegal aliens and new green cards and citizenship for H1-B and Documented Dreamers. VDare has much on the Traitor Tillis, RINOSlave Power, but his latest betrayal is couched in the terms of “saving” Title 42 authority to remove illegal aliens at the border without recourse to the courts and the Executive Office For Immigration Review (EOIR). It is useless in that Title 42 at the moment is only being used for Mexican and, for some strange reason, Venezuelan nationals, with the Venezuelans being told not to enter Mexico, but wait to be paroled into the United States. [Treason Lobby Tries To Pass Amnesties In Lame Duck, With Help From Traitor Sen. Tom Tillis (Chamber Of Commerce-NC), Washington Watcher II, VDare, December 6, 2022]

Sen. Thom Tillis, R-N.C., is warning that Border Patrol agents will “lose control of the border” if Title 42 is allowed to end in the coming weeks – just as he is floating an immigration compromise which would extend the Trump-era public health order in exchange for a pathway to citizenship for two million illegal immigrants.

Tillis spoke on “America’s Newsroom” on Thursday, as Title 42 – which allows for the rapid expulsion of migrants at the southern border due to the COVID-19 pandemic – is due to expire as a result of a court order on Dec. 21. Both Republicans and Democrats have warned about a coming increase in migrants once the order ends. The Biden administration has now appealed against the court order, but a decision will not be made in time for the Dec. 21 cutoff.

Tillis gave a grim warning as he highlighted efforts being made in the chamber to come to a bipartisan solution – and accused the administration of not having a solution for the crisis. The administration has said it has a plan in place, but lawmakers have dismissed it as insufficient.

Tillis, Eyeing Immigration Deal, Warns Border Patrol Will ‘Lose Control Of The Border’ If Title 42 Ends, by Adam Shaw, December 8, 2022

There is nothing in Title 42 that is needed to stop the zerg rush at the border. The case of the Venezuelans proves that. Their fraudulent asylum claims are being ignored and since their claims are not credible, then they can be removed by Expedited Removal (ER).

The fact is ER is sufficient to solve the problem at the border, given the political will to enforce it. However, the Open Borders crowd is already lobbying the Biden Regime to not use ER or detention to deal with the anticipated flood once Title 42 is officially ended, though we know only Mexicans and Venezuelans are subject to it, despite both being also subject to ER. Title 42 was only a solution to interference by the kritarchy, and a fantastic jujitsu move by President Trump.

A group of House Democrats are calling on the Biden administration to stop implementing “punitive and failed deterrence” immigration measures and instead recognize asylum as a human right.  

In a Dec. 9 letter to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas led by Democratic Reps. Jesús García (Ill.), Lou Correa (Calif.) and Adriano Espaillat (N.Y.) – collectively known as the “three amigos” for their efforts to include immigration provisions in Biden’s legislative agenda – 21 Democrats warned against replacing the Title 42 policy with other repressive practices.  

“We cannot continue to push U.S. asylum-processing obligations to other countries or expand the inherently flawed expedited removal process. It is imperative that we shift resources towards humane processing and away from punitive measures such as expedited removals, lateral repatriation flights, and immigration-related prosecutions,” wrote the lawmakers.

Democrats Tell Biden To Ditch ‘Punitive’ Immigration Measures, Rafael Bernal, The Hill/MSN, December 12, 2022

This is the tactic of the Open Borders Lobby, gin up an emergency, or use a real emergency, offer a false solution, amnesty and Title 42, then prohibit the only other strategy to solve the border emergency, Expedited Removal.

The Zerg Rush Is Real, The Solution Is Expedited Removal

It is bait-and-switch! Don’t fall for it.

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