Insubordination At USCIS, Close It Down

The #DeepState Resistance is openly moving against President Trump and his immigration policies.  In two recent articles in the #LyingPress #LugenPresse, two different USCIS employees at the Asylum, Refugee, and International Operations Directorate (ARIOD) of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced that they would openly sabotage the implementation of any immigration policy that decreased the numbers of illegal aliens brought into the United States as fraudulent asylees.

First, the anonymous traitor who stated she will break the laws of the United States to help illegal aliens.

She and her colleagues received no warning about the sweeping changes, which have already been challenged in court.

At least one asylum officer won’t enforce a new regulation that ended asylum protections for hundreds of thousands of Central Americans and other immigrants, calling the change “illegal” and “immoral.”

The asylum officer spoke with BuzzFeed News on Tuesday, detailing a chaotic rollout of sweeping, unprecedented changes to the asylum policies that she works with often. Like other Americans, she learned of the changes Monday morning via news reports.

“I was horrified,” she said. The officer added that she received no official word on the change until an email with guidance was sent Monday night from the head of US Citizenship and Immigration Services’ asylum division. The email was detailed to BuzzFeed News.

“I saw it right as I was coming to work,” she said. “We’re all aghast.”

Through a regulatory change, the US will end asylum protections for any individual who crosses through a third country but does not apply for protection there before reaching the US’s southern border. The ban will not just apply to Central Americans, but scores of other immigrants who are not Mexican and travel through Mexico to reach the US border. Advocates challenged the ban in federal court on Tuesday.

[An Asylum Officer Said She Won’t Enforce “Immoral” Asylum Standards At The US–Mexico Border, by Hamed Aleaziz, BuzzFeed, July 16, 2019]

Let us first deal with the basic claim of the piece by Aleaziz that there was something strange about a change in policy at USCIS.  New policies, this one in compliance with the law, are always announced to employees by email.  The announcement and instructions on how to implement it are always transmitted by email, as that is the only way to reach all employees simultaneously.  The tendentious and melodramatic virtue signaling by Aleaziz and the supposed employee are utterly irrelevant to the new policy.  It is, however, symbolic of the decline in journalism to simplistic cheer leading on political issues.  Nothing more than shouting “Orange man bad” at the sky.

Then we have the issue of a so-called journalist deliberately colluding with a criminal to sabotage the implementation of immigration law.  How did Aleaziz get in contact with this particular USCIS employee, most likely an Asylum Officer?  Clearly this was contrived, most likely the employee was long leaking information to Aleaziz.  Which makes this a criminal conspiracy to violate the laws of the United States.  Aleaziz is as much a criminal as the anonymous employee.  Aleaziz should be immedately placed before a Grand Jury to discover the identity of the anonymous employee.  If Aleaziz doesn’t talk, then he can stay in jail until he does.  There is no right to anonymous sources in the Constitution.  Other reporters have done time for this.  Time for Aleaziz to spend some time in jail until he talks.

This is, however, symptomatic of the employees at USCIS.  They think that they make policy, not the duly elected President of the United States.  USCIS employees, including Asylum Officers, just implement policy.  They have no authority to make independent legal judgments.  Their superiors make judgments as to a particular policies legality and Constitutionality.

That brings us to the second insubordinate employee, this one open about his criminal actions, Charles Tjersland Jr., an Asylum Officer out of Washington, DC.  He claims to be a Steward for American Federation of Government Employees, Local 1924, but he is not listed as a union steward.

Image result for Charles Tjersland Jr.

Deep State Criminal Charles Tjersland

For asylum officers like me, this spring was a demoralizing time. The Trump administration was rolling out the Migrant Protection Protocols, a policy that allowed immigrants to wait in the United States while we processed their cases — provided that they were likely to be harmed in Mexico. But the standards for demonstrating this are almost impossibly tough. When I went to San Ysidro, Calif., to conduct interviews for this program, I spoke with people whose heartbreaking stories, I knew, wouldn’t be good enough.

[I Became An Asylum Officer To Help People. Now I Put Them Back In Harm’s Way, By Charles Tjersland Jr., WaPo, July 19, 2019]

What the lying Tjersland does not tell you is that the so-called Migrant Protection Protocols do not allow for the return of third country aliens to Mexico, but that the law states that those aliens are to be returned to Mexico, and there is no legal test as to harm in Mexico.  The law requires that they be returned.  Such is the dishonesty of the cadre of employees in the ARIOD at USCIS.  Again, allow me to quote the law:

(d) Service custody. The Service will assume custody of any alien subject to detention under paragraph (b) or (c) of this section. In its discretion, the Service may require any alien who appears inadmissible and who arrives at a land border port-of-entry from Canada or Mexico, to remain in that country while awaiting a removal hearing. [emphasis added, ed.] Such alien shall be considered detained for a proceeding within the meaning of section 235(b) of the Act and may be ordered removed in absentia by an immigration judge if the alien fails to appear for the hearing,

[Code of Federal Regulations, Title 8, Immigration and Nationality, Section 235.3(d), Legal Information Institute, undated]

I warned President Trump of the problem with USCIS and their employees, who openly commit crimes to support terrorists.  USCIS employees are particularly involved in illegal sabotage of his immigration policies.  I had some suggestions how to bring them under control as well.  Those suggestions were not followed, and the result is continued insubordination.

And their political agenda is clear.  Sadly USCIS is recruiting Asylum Officers not from those with discernible skills in dealing with immigration fraud, but in lawless advocates for illegal aliens from the Treason Bar and the fraud that is asylum.  Note that 90% of those released by Charles Tjersland never show up for their hearings.

When I started working as an asylum officer more than 26 years ago, it seemed like a dream job. At the time, hundreds of thousands of Central Americans were fleeing horrific political repression by their governments, which had the backing of the United States. I was a law student in Washington, working at an aid center for recent immigrants. Most of my friends and colleagues were pretty skeptical of the federal government. But I thought that this could be a way to help people, while fighting for what I thought America should be: a beacon of freedom, offering refuge to those in need.

Tjersland needs to be fired immediately.  He is openly insubordinate and is openly lying about official government policy and procedures.  This is an actionable personnel offense and a violation of the Hatch Act, participation in partisan political activity while identifying oneself as a government employee.

Furthermore, Ken Cuccinelli, Acting Director of USCIS, needs to clean house at USCIS, especially in the ARIOD.  All Asylum Officers and Refugee Officers should immediately be reassigned for retraining, to include arrest and apprehension training, Officers should be issued and required to wear uniforms, and should be required to make arrests of aliens for false statements and fraud after asylum interviews that show fraud and deceit.  Furthermore, before returning to duty, Asylum and Refugee Officers should serve an assignment to the border, working at Ports-of-Entry and in Border Patrol Stations making arrests.  That would clean out many of the radical leftists in USCIS like Tjersland.  USCIS should also begin recruiting of Asylum and Refugee Officers from other than left wing activist groups.  Veterans and recruits who wash out of the physical agility test for Customs and Border Protection Officers and Border Patrol Agents should be hired for the less physically demanding job of Asylum and Refugee Officer.

Personnel is policy, time to make it so.

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