More ICE SVU Sex Police

There is a reason they call it the world’s oldest profession. What women offer during prostitution is sex. And men want sex. That is the way of the world. With the decline in marriage and growing obesity, men are seeking out prostitutes in record numbers. Only Fans only offers so much and it is a pale imitation of the real thing. A just and good government stamps out both pornography and prostitution, such as the National Socialist government did in the bad old days. A good government also promotes and preserves marriage, child bearing, and the family, much like the government of Hungary is doing, promoting marriage and fertility, not porn and prostitution.

Both porn and prostitution are at the heart moral problems. Those problems are based around women selling sex to men. It is not about women being forced into prostitution, though sadly there are cultural issues that are encouraging women to go into porn and prostitution. One of those issues is the fake Covid pandemic, the Jewish cultural elite attacking the Church, attacking marriage, attacking child-bearing, and attacking the family unit.

To cover themselves though, in a nod to traditional morality, and those trying to enforce traditional morality, the cultural elite has been lying about prostitution. This Jewish elite is trying to make the prostitute into the victim, rather than a co-conspirator at best that she is. We know the story of Adam and Eve. Eve is the sinner who listened to Satan and brought Adam down to her level. And so women continue, using the basic of human instincts, that to reproduce, for pecuniary gain. But the elite have a story line, the prostitute is not a perpetrator of a crime, she has not debased herself, she is a victim, a victim of evil White men forcing her into a life of degradation and sin. The Jews use this to manipulate traditional opponents of prostitution, make the prostitute a victim. And give it a new name, human trafficking, which sounds so much nicer than prostitution. As our Lord said, she is not a victim, but a sinner.

But some ill-educated among defenders of virtue have been tricked into the current scheme to legitimize prostitution and prostitutes by making them victims. The Attorney General of Missouri, Eric Schmitt, is one of those who have been fooled by his desire to protect women and children from vice, not realizing that women have chosen prostitution deliberately, as deliberately as opening an Only Fans account. He thinks he is recuing women and children, but the truth is that he is being fooled into supporting the bringing in and encouraging prostitution, as if any of the “rescued” prostitutes are illegal aliens, they get a free green card.

A human trafficking operation joined by 12 states has rescued 47 victims and arrested 102 persons, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt announced on Friday.

“Using both buyer-centric and victim-centric ‘sting’ human trafficking operations, Missouri and participating states were able to rescue 47 victims and sex workers and provide needed medical services to 41, and arrested 102 across the country in connection with human trafficking,” the Missouri Attorney General’s Office said in a statement.

According to the information provided by the Missouri Attorney General’s Office, the operation rescued victims and made arrests in 12 states.

47 Victims Rescued, 102 Arrested in Multi-State Human Trafficking Operation, by Allen Zhong, The Epoch Times, August 28, 2021 (h/t to a reader, author W.R. Flynn)

Of course, the detestable failures at ICE SVU are at the center of this nonsense with the Blue Campaign. Sadly ICE SVU is the prime culprit in remaking prostitutes from criminals to victims.

The [sic] Homeland Security Investigations and the FBI also joined the efforts.

In an interesting part of the story, the reporter either deliberately or accidentally admits that the prime motivation for victimizing, if you will, prostitutes, that they are minors, is that human trafficking of minors for the purpose of prostitution is rare.

According to data collected by the FBI, there were 1,883 human trafficking offenses reported in 2019, with 875 of the offenses cleared or closed, including 18 offenses that involved minor victims under the age of 18.

Only 18 offenses of trafficking minors for the whole year. That sounds like there is not much of a problem. And we know this because almost no one in the 102 arrests was charged with human trafficking and only two minors were “rescued.”

Kentucky: 21 adult victims rescued, 2 minor victims rescued, 46 arrests made

Only two were charged with crimes relating to minors, and only one for a human trafficking related offense. Otherwise the police determined that the prostitutes involved were not trafficked, but acting on their own volition, as their pimps would have been charged with trafficking offenses, but no such charges were listed, which one would expect out of a human trafficking investigation.

South Dakota previously conducted a week-long operation during the Sturgis Biker Rally, and arrested 9 individuals – 8 of those arrested were for Enticement of a Minor using the internet. 1 arrest was for Attempted Commercial Sex Trafficking of a minor.

Missouri-led Multi-State Human Trafficking Operation Rescues 47 Victims Including 2 Minors, and Leads to 102 Arrests Across 12 States, Press Release, Missouri Office of the Attorney General, August 27, 2021

And that is the most telling. On a press release we have only two mentions of a minor or trafficking related arrests out of 102 arrests. That means that all the arrests were either of johns arrested for soliciting a prostitute or of pimps for, well, pimping.

And Schmitt is quite proud of himself, he rescued 47 women from a life of sin.

Using both buyer-centric and victim-centric “sting” human trafficking operations, Missouri and participating states were able to rescue 47 victims and sex workers and provide needed medical services to 41, and arrested 102 across the country in connection with human trafficking. 

That is the new buzzword in vice investigations, “victim-centric.” It means that prostitution has essentially been decriminalized for the prostitutes, but not the pimps or johns. But, real cops know that all those women who have been “rescued” will be back on the streets or back in the massage parlors the next day. That is the way of the world. No one was rescued, not even the two minors, who were likely 17 year old runaways or something similar. They aren’t going back to their families. Likely they will get some temporary assistance, but those girls are not looking for a job at Walmart or Burger King. They know they make more money on their backs than at minimum wage.

And with our borders wide open, one would think ICE SVU would have real work to do, but no, we get the Sex Police.

Naïf Eric Schmitt

This is not to attack Eric Schmitt, who has done great work challenging the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty. He is naïve though. Prostitutes are not victims, they are criminals, and need the firm hand of the state to correct their crimes, and sins. Go back to defending the Second Amendment. That is being useful.

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