No-Match Letters Are Back, No Action By Ladyboy DACA

No-Match letters are back in the news again.  The Trump Administration, after a long delay undoubtedly caused by saboteurs like Lady DACA and John Kelley, has restarted the widely effective program of notifying employers of discrepancies in Social Security records that employers report regarding their employees to the Social Security Administration (SSA) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  While there are a few cases of criminals using fraudulently obtained or falsified Social Security Numbers (SSN) and names like in the last season of Breaking Bad where the anti-hero Walter White goes underground with a whole new identity, which usually includes a SSN, and the first season of Better Call Saul, where we see the hapless Jimmy McGill working, with a fraudulently obtained SSN, at a Cinnabon.  Such cases are unusual, but not unknown; but the other common errors that would cause a no-match letter are clerical errors and name changes, usually among women who marry.


Ladyboy DACA

But the real issue is illegal aliens working, either with a SSN that does not exist, usually made up by a manufacturer of counterfeit SSN cards, or the misuse of a real number given to another person or a mismatch between the name and number on the card.

These SSA records, together with immigration records and information from State driver’s license records, are used by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for the E-Verify Program.  But essentially E-Verify is a weaponized version of No-Match letters.  However, E-Verify is voluntary, while reporting employee records to the SSA and IRS are not.  And there, my immigration patriots, lies where the power of bureaucrat game lies.  And it is in the informal and secret area of bureaucrat game where illegal immigration can be most effectively fought.

But back to the No-Match letters.  They are back in the news, and the Treason Lobby, the Slave Power, and race hustlers are steaming mad.

The Trump administration is notifying tens of thousands of employers that the names of some of their employees do not match their Social Security numbers, a move that is forcing businesses across the country to brace for the loss of thousands of workers who lack legal status.

The Social Security Administration has mailed “no-match letters” to more than 570,000 employers since March, sending shock waves through the hospitality, construction and agriculture industries, which rely heavily on undocumented workers. The letters have left many employers conflicted, uncertain whether to take action that could result in losing workers or to risk fines down the road.

[Letters From Washington: Your Employees Could Be Undocumented, by Miriam Jordan, WaPo, May 16, 2019]

The Slave Power is most concerned, as they don’t like to respond to the No-Match letters, as it usually results in an employee quitting or legal jeopardy for the employer if no action is taken.  As always, profits are at stake, either having to pay a lawful worker more or the finding and training of a new illegal alien.

“There is a high level of anxiety over these no-match letters,’’ said Angelo Amador, regulatory counsel at the National Restaurant Association, which represents about one million food-service establishments. He said the association has been barraged with emails and phone calls from concerned companies.

Interestingly, the Slave Power has the most relevant question, what will Ladyboy DACA do:

“The timing is interesting, given the priority placed by this administration on immigration,” said Mr. Amador. “We are waiting to see whether this turns into immigration enforcement.”

Will Ladyboy DACA act?  That is the question.  It is clear that Ladyboy DACA doesn’t like interior enforcement and work-site enforcement, too much like immigration work for a Customs puke.

However, another Trump official is signaling increased interior enforcement is on the way.

The administration should also dramatically increase removals of people from the interior of the country, Morgan said — an effort he would oversee as head of ICE, which conducts raids away from the border.

“Democrats aren’t going to like it,” Morgan said, “but ramp up interior enforcement.”

[Trump Taps Mark Morgan, Former Obama Border Patrol Chief, To Head ICE, by Molly O’Toole, LAT, May 5, 2019]

Readers may note that I am not a Morgan fan, and I am not, but if Morgan has had a Pauline moment on the road to Damascus, who am I to not welcome a sinner into the fold?


Paul On The Road From Damascus

The real question is whether Morgan can stand up to Ladyboy DACA.  The Customs puke will stop at nothing to sabotage Morgan’s plans for immigration enforcement.   The coming months will be interesting.





5 thoughts on “No-Match Letters Are Back, No Action By Ladyboy DACA

  1. The SSA could easily become a political flashpoint, especially given the UBI / ‘reparations’ schemes popular with Democrats. Who better to mail the checks than the people who are already doing it?

    Put that together with this initiative to informally enforce immigration, and the SSA could be a real powerhouse in the next few years.


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